Every trader would want to get a big profit from the trading done

17 April 2018, 05:16
Candra Sugiarto
Myinvestas.com   - Every trader would want to get a big profit from the trading done. For beginner traders, looking for the most profitable pair of course becomes a very important activity. This will certainly affect the profits to be gained. Beginner traders need to know which currency pair is best to trade. Associated with currency pairs, following reviews on how to determine currency pair trend. When talking about trends, there are various responses provided by the trader. Some traders there who counter the trend or make a position against the trend. Some treat trends as friends. Which one should we follow? Better, trends we treat as friends. Why? Because at the time of trading by following the trend, then the price movement will become larger when compared to us against the trend. Beginner traders as well as professional traders like trading when there is a strong trend and in the direction of the price because the transaction they do will be easier. Therefore, it is not uncommon for professional traders to find a strong trend to make a profit. Before getting to the discussion on how to determine currency pair trend, please note that trader only need to click buy button to open position when market move up and happened strong trend. Traders do not have to think about strategies to open positions. When the market moves down, traders only need to sell transactions. Easy is not it?
Following the trend can indeed make a profit. However, following the trend is not as easy as saying it. There are several things that need to be analyzed. There are actually no specific rules for analyzing trends. Professional traders usually create a support line on their favored chart pair. For a valid and clear trend to happen easily, draw a line of approximately 100 to 200 candles. At the moment the price continues the trend, the achievement of the support or resistance price is accompanied by no return of the price at the previous trend point. At the moment of a strong downtrend, the price will directly break the next support point and will not break the resistance point. The price will not break the support point and will directly break the resistance point when the market is starting a trend reversal and the decline is over.
Due to the absence of specific rules in determining currency pair trends, experience is crucial for analysis of support and resistance points. We recommend that traders learn first the occurrence of support and resistance points. There are so many currency pairs. If counted-count there are more than 30 different pairs. A trader must find out which currency has a strong trend. By following a strong trend then the profit ratio can be much higher than loss.
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