China Beige Book shows rebound in Q2

30 June 2016, 06:45
Sherif Hasan

Some highlights from the latest 'China Beige Book' analysis on China's economy

  • Economy bounced in Q2 from the slowdown in the previous two quarters (Q4 of 2015 and Q1 of 2016 were the weakest in the history of the beige Book report)
  • Services and construction the bigger drivers of the bounce
  • Services revenue, hiring, capex, profits all improved from Q1, as did property 
  • All weaker were output, new domestic orders, receivables, payables
Looking ahead, the CBB warns on the fallout of Brexit:
  • a potentially serious downside risk to the Chinese economy
  • The vote itself has little impact on China
  • But global responses could pressure export-sensitive sectors and financial decision-makers
The China Beige Book uses methodology adapted from that used by the U.S. Federal Reserve's "Beige Book". It's a privately produced report.     
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