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TrendFollowMT is a fully automated trading system which is using large time frame to determine the trend and use small time frame to find the entry point.

Once the trend changed to opposite side, the system will wait for another entry point to recover with bigger lot size.

Moreover, the target profit will be moved up when more position had been opened. The aim is to cover the cost of waiting time and risk.

Trend filter: ADX and zzFibo (suggest time frame: H4)

Entry: RSI and Pin bar (use current time frame, suggest time frame: H1)

Addition position:  RSI (suggest time frame: H4) and Pin bar(suggest time frame: D1)


  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

  • Martingale System is at high risk.

Free version: Link


  • magicNum - Magic Number
  • comment - Comment for the trade
  • maxslippage - Maximum Slippage
  • maxSpread - Maximum Spread allow to trade
  • mTP - Target Profit in Money
  • mSL - Stop loss in Money
  • initial lot size - initial lot size
  • lot Multiplier - lot size multiplier when add other position, if 2, initial lot = 0.01, the lot size of first additional position = 0.02, lot size of  second additional position = 0.04
  • maxOrder - Maximum position number
  • TrendFilter TimeFrame
  • Enable TrendFilter - ADX 
  • ADX Period
  • Enable TrendFilter - zzFibo
  • zzFibo look back period
  • RSI Entry 
  • RSI period(Entry)
  • Pin Bar Entry
  • Tail(Entry) size - between 0.01 - 0.99
  • RSI Add Position
  • PinBar Add Position TimeFrame
  • RSI period(Add Order)
  • PinBar Add Position
  • PinBar Add Position TimeFrame
  • Tail(Add Order) size  - between 0.01 - 0.99

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