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MMM Kelner Channels

The EA strategy:

it is provided wirh built-in Keltner Channel indicator and a Moving Average to ensure the signals. Short and Long positions are treated separetely with different stop levels, lots volume, quantity of simultaneous pending positions and trailing stop loss distances;

You should purchase this EA because:

  1. it has been tested for a long time; 
  2. its indicator was deeply improved and optimized;
  3. the program is bugs free; 
  4. it is safe because its efficience is about 94% of assertiveness; 
  5. it is provided with Trailing Stop Loss technology;
  6. it has bad time to trade inputs to avoid trading between 2 bad hours of day;
  7. define the maximum spread value to trade. Some servers uses variable spread values;
  8. define the minimum equity percentage to allow trading and it protects your account balance.

Short Positions Inputs

  • Take profit for Short Positions;
  • Stop loss for Short Positions;
  • Lots volume for Short Positions;
  • Trailing stop loss for Short Positions;
  • Maximum number of simultaneous Short positions (-1 = free).

Long Positions Inputs

  • Take profit for Long Positions;
  • Stop loss for Long Positions;
  • Lots volume for Long Positions;
  • Trailing stop loss for Long Positions;
  • Maximum number of simultaneous Long positions (-1 = free).

EA Engine Inputs

  • Minimum equity percentage to allow new positions;
  • Maximum Spread to allow any Trade;
  • Magic Number;
  • The starting hour the EA will not trade (0..23h);
  • The ending hour the EA will not trade (0..23h);
  • Display EA messages.

Keltner Channel Indicator's inputs

  • Envelope Period;
  • Envelope Deviation;
  • Envelope MA Method;
  • Envelope Applied Price;
  • Envelopes SHIFT.

Moving Average's inputs

  • Long MA Period;
  • Long MA Method;
  • Long MA Applied Price;
  • Moving Averages SHIFT.

This EA is optimized for the asset EURUSD at timeframe M15 for the period btween 01/01/2019 and 12/31/2019. If you want to trade another asset or work at a different timeframe, I strongly recommend you to perform inputs optimization by using the platform's Strategy Tester utility. This way it will surely find the best input values for you automatically. Learn something about the Strategy Tester usage.
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