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Three CCI and BandSqueeze for MT5

The current Rise and Fall is judged from the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of the three cycles and displayed in a panel by color coding.

The second and third of the three cycles are changed according to the correction factor multiplied by the first cycle (minimum cycle).

In addition, each CCI is displayed with ATR (Average True Range) corrected for variation.

When two of the three CCI are complete, Trend_1 is displayed.

When all three are complete, Trend_2 is displayed.

// ---

Squeeze is displayed when the width of Bollinger Bands becomes extremely narrow.

By adjusting the Bands period and BandsDeviation (deviation), and the allowable deviations in the past maximum and minimum of bandwidth,

You can change the display of Squeeze intensity.

// ---

Up arrow and Down arrow are not displayed when Squeeze is occurring.

They are displayed according to the Trend_1 status at the end of Squeeze and Trend_2 status .

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