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FairyFibo can generate as many as 70 different BUY signals and 70 different SELL signals solely based on Price Action and Fibonacci levels. The idea is to catch as many as Swing High's and Swing Low's but with the consideration of the current trend mind. This indicator can be also used for Binary Options Trading as most of the time price tends to follow the signal direction immediately. Most of the strategies are already optimized for different time frames and different market conditions. While in practical you will not need that many strategies to develop a profitable system. The idea for presenting all the possibilities here is for the reason that each market behaves differently and they have their own characteristics. In any case if you  found any strategy that is not performing well for a given market then you can always deselect those strategies. Before testing it in strategy tester make sure that you have atleast 90% quality data and no mismatched chart errors. Before going to trade live you should spend 4-5 weeks of time to get used to with the signals that you have selected for a specific market. If you are an experienced Price Action and Fibonacci trader then this is going to be your dream tool.

Product Home Page: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35339


Interactive Fibonacci Retracement and Extension tool

Interactive Regression Channel

Interactive Support and Resistance levels

Works on any market and any time frames.

Offers Profit target along side BUY/SELL signals

Good at catching Swing Highs and Swing Lows.

No repainting at all.

Absolute freedom to Activate/Deactivate signals 

Voice Alert for Fibonacci levels, Support and Resistance levels, Swing High, Swing Low, Regression Channel, and BUY and SELL signals

Email Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Mobile Notification for BUY and SELL signals

Flash Alert for Fibonacci levels, Support and Resistance levels, and Regression Channel

Smart Info Panel with significant Price Action information about the market

Lines Description:

Larger horizontal lines are Retracement levels. Green means uptrend. Red means downtrend.

Smaller horizontal lines are Extension levels. Green means uptrend. Red means downtrend.

Three parallel blue lines are Regression channel lines. Channel pointing upwards means uptrend, pointing downwards means down trend. Flat means range bound.

Small dotted lines are short term Support and Resistance lines.

If you would like to enter trade automatically based on the signals from this indicator then please check out this trading utility https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38539

If you would like to strengthen your Fibonacci analysis alongside moving average indicators the please try my free Moving average indicator https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46412


This product has been released only on MQL5.COM.  I do not sell this product on any other sites.

Produtos recomendados
QCW Fox Wave and Strength
Zbynek Liska
Strength and weakness of currencies : Shows the currency status at any time, values between 50 and -50 are neutral, everything outside indicates a trend change  Waves : Current state of waves, daily, weekly monthly and yearly Recommended volume for trading a specific number of waves Yearly High Low Drawn waves on which the market will react in advance, without redrawing Yearly candle with bonus levels used to display deviations  For more info contact me
30 000 USD
Smooth price for Monarch MT4
Konstantin Gruzdev
The Smooth Price technical indicator is used for plotting a smoothed line as close to the price of the financial instrument as possible, and serves to eliminate its noise components. The indicator is part of the Monarch trading system, but here it is presented as an independent technical analysis tool. The indicator is based on the cluster digital filter , which, unlike the ClusterSMA , is applied directly to the price time series. Smooth Price does not redraw (except the very last, zero bar) an
999 USD
Stop Loss Take Profit Drawer
Roy Meshulam
Introduction It is common practice for professional trades to hide their stop loss / take profit from their brokers. Either from keeping their strategy to the themselves or from the fear that their broker works against them. Using this indicator, the stop loss / take profit points will be drawn on the product chart using the bid price. So, you can see exactly when the price is hit and close it manually.  Usage Once attached to the chart, the indicator scans the open orders to attach lines fo
50 USD
Golden Chip
Daishon Cotman
GOLDEN CHIP TUTORIAL LINK BELOW! https://youtu.be/R69zucG3EnY Golden Chip provides Basic Market Structure, Fibonacci, supply and Demand Zones. Letting you identify when a sell off point is approaching or when a buy opportunity is arriving. The awesome thing about Golden Chip is that, you will see rejection levels or continuation before ANYBODY ! This indicator moves directly with price and lines up perfectly with the Chart. Some indicators would lag but NOT this one ! Golden Chip is amazing f
225 USD
Super Gator
Agustinus Biotamalo Lumbantoruan
This indi shows the following 1. Supertrend 2. Alligator (Not a regular alligator) 3. ZigZag 4. Moving Average 5. Trend Continuation/Mini correction Signal (plotted in X) (See screenshots in green background color 6. Early Signal Detection (See screenshots in green background color) You may treat Alligator as the lagging indicator The leading indicator is the supertrend. The zig zag is based on the leading indicator where it gets plotted when the leading indicator got broken to the opposite.
150 USD
Oleg Kolodiy
The DeltaForceTrader arrow indicator is designed based on the RSI indicator. The DeltaForceTrader indicator gives signals in any time period, great for investors. Along with the signal, DeltaForceTrader also provides a stop loss setting level. The indicator does not redraw. Gives excellent reversal signals. The indicator of smart combinations with the Renko chart, for oil, 90% of deals in + is generally the grail. The indicator is worth the money and even more.
999 USD
Harmonic Shark
Sergey Deev
The indicator detects and displays Shark harmonic pattern (see the screenshot). The pattern is plotted by the extreme values of the ZigZag indicator (included in the resources, no need to install). After detecting the pattern, the indicator notifies of that by a pop-up window, a mobile notification and an email. The indicator highlights the process of the pattern formation and not just the complete pattern. In the former case, it is displayed in the contour triangles. After the pattern is comple
30 USD
Trade Finder
Alireza Yadegar
Trade Finder is a Non-Repaint powerful indicator, suitable for both trending and non-trending conditions. it is a complete trading strategy that is checking multiple parameters at a same time and show the final result by a simple arrow. the strategy is based on bolinger and MAs with a special insight tool for recognizing the trending market from non-trending and act proportionally. Before purchasing try Demo, also you can text me on telegram @amirtrader if you need a 1 week Terial. Please Don't
399 USD
Alvin Garcia
This advisor enters the market at the opening of   London Market . It has a automatic function that give buy (arrow up green) and sell (arrow down red) signal when the indicator met high probabilities requirements.Once the signal is generated it is the trader discretions to start the order button and do trade manually. Stop loss are base on ATR. Recommended Take profit is 20pips.  The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners.  RENT: For 1 Month: 79 USD For 3 Month:
499 USD
MasterFx BuySellCorrection Macd
Nuno Revez
MasterFx BuySellCorrection Macd BSC é um indicador criado para fazer cálculos dos sinais de BUY e SELL informando quando o sinal começa e termina a TREND . Informa também quando existe uma CORRECTION relativa a esse anterior sinal BUY ou SELL . Após essa CORRECTION ele volta a indicar que essa CORRECTION terminou, voltando novamente á TREND efectiva. Este indicador pode ser usado em qualquer timeframe. Caracteristicas: Tipo de indicador: MACD Medias usadas: EMA5 - EMA 34 - SMA 5 Cruzamento d
500 USD
X3 Chart Pattern Scanner MT4
Young Ho Seo
Introduction to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the non-repainting and non-lagging indicator detecting X3 chart patterns including Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern, X3 patterns, and Japanese Candlestick patterns. Historical patterns match with signal patterns. Hence, you can readily develop the solid trading strategy in your chart. More importantly, this superb pattern scanner can detect the optimal pattern of its kind. In addition, you can switch on and off individua
280 USD
NinjaTrend Scalping Assistance
Kumiko Takeda
This indicator captures the trend. It conducts Zig-Zag and Fractal analysis and generates a sell signal when both analyses exceed a set level. The reason for not winning with FX is because “it does not capture the real trend” and because “the trend changes frequently”. Another reason is the continuous usage of the free of charge indicators despite it has many repaint functions. Therefore, this indicator solves these problems. It is very simple to use as green bar indicates that buying is the tre
1 000 USD
Fibonacci Retracement And Trend Lines
Vasyl Kulyk
Baseado em ondas indicadoras MACD com parâmetros padrão Aplica os níveis de Fibonacci às duas últimas ondas MACD, positivas e negativas, respectivamente, se no momento em que o indicador MACD fica sem onda negativa - a cor é verde, se no momento em que o indicador MACD fica sem onda positiva - a cor é vermelha. O critério de terminação Wave é dois ticks com um sinal MACD diferente. Aplica linhas de tendência nas últimas quatro ondas MACD. Funciona bem com o especialista  Figures MACD
30 USD
Day Pattern
Oleksandr Martsynyshen
Description: - D ay Pattern - an indicator that helps to identify patterns of price changes for the development of trading algorithms and strategies. For whom this tool? - For developers of trading strategies and algorithms. - Medium- and long-term traders. Time frames H1-W1. Features of the indicator: - There is a function of exporting indicator values to a file of the csv format. - Using the information panel, you can conduct an express analysis of trading tool. - The indicat
50 USD
PZ Swing Trading
Arturo Lopez Perez
Swing Trading é o primeiro indicador projetado para detectar oscilações na direção da tendência e possíveis oscilações de reversão. Ele usa a abordagem de negociação de linha de base, amplamente descrita na literatura de negociação. O indicador estuda vários vetores de preço e tempo para rastrear a direção da tendência agregada e detecta situações nas quais o mercado está sobrevendido ou sobrecomprado em excesso e pronto para corrigir. [ Guia de instalação | Guia de atualização | Solução de prob
249 USD
Mikhail Bilan
Indicator without redrawing Divergent MAX The DivirgentMAX indicator is a modification based on the MACD. The tool detects divergence based on OsMA and sends signals to buy or sell (buy|sell), taking into account the type of discrepancies detected. Important!!!! In the DivirgentMAX indicator, the optimal entry points are drawn using arrows in the indicator's basement. Divergence is also displayed graphically. In this modification of the MACD, the lag problem characteristic of its predecessor
1 700 USD
Chart Patterns Analyser
Sami Chebbi
Chart Patterns Detect 15 patterns (Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle, Rising Wedge, Falling Wedge, Bullish Flag, Bearish Flag, Bullish Rectangle, Bearish Rectangle Symmetrical triangle, Head and Shoulders, Inverted Head and Shoulders, Triple top, Triple Bottom, Double Top, Double Bottom) Use historical data to calculate the probability of each pattern to succeed (possibility to filter notification according to the chance of success) gives graphic indication about the invalidation level and
69 USD
Atlantic Diamond
Dmitriy Kashevich
и ндикатор хорошо подходит для определения    разворота или большого резкого рывка в одну  из сторон благодаря ему вы будете знать когда  такое произойдет он вас уведомит появлением  стрелки синего цвета на покупку красного на  продажу точность . данного индикатора более 80% протестируйте. Полное отсутствие перерисовки. Точность сигнала. точность данного инструмента можете увидеть в тестере Всем удaчных торгов By Lilyyy
259 USD
PZ Trend Trading
Arturo Lopez Perez
O Trend Trading é um indicador projetado para lucrar o máximo possível com as tendências que ocorrem no mercado, cronometrando retrocessos e rupturas. Ele encontra oportunidades de negociação analisando o que o preço está fazendo durante as tendências estabelecidas. [ Guia de instalação | Guia de atualização | Solução de problemas | FAQ | Todos os produtos ] Negocie mercados financeiros com confiança e eficiência Lucre com as tendências estabelecidas sem ser chicoteado Reconhecer retrocesso
299 USD
POWR Rise Coming
Trade Indicators LLC
This indicator is SO SIMPLE… when the green Rise Coming arrow appears, a price drop may be on the way! Plain and easy profits! As you receive more than one 'Rise Coming' text signal in a downtrend, it means momentum is building larger for a bull run. HOW TO USE 1. When the green "Rise Coming" text appears, a price jump may be on the way! This indicator Never Repaints! To get the best setting it's a matter of tweaking the indicator until it gives you the best results. Our recommendation, and what
197 USD
MRS indicator
Daifallah Alamri
MRS Indicator : Moving Relative Strength. Indicator developed by me to use custom Moving Average and characteristics of Relative Strength in one line. If you have any questions about the indicator, your comments are welcome. MRS features Works for all timeframes. 100% non-repaint indicator. Settings are changeable as a user needs. Recommend to use this product on smaller timeframes: M5, M15. Parameters Period RSI - number of bars to calculate a RSI value. Recommended values 5-55 Price RSI :
50 USD
WanaScalper MT4
Isaac Wanasolo
A scalping indicator based on mathematical patterns, which on average gives signals with relatively small SL, and also occasionally helps to catch big moves in the markets (more information in the video) This indicator has three main types of notifications: The first type warns of a possible/upcoming signal on the next bar The second type indicates the presence of a ready signal to enter the market/open a position The third type is for SL and TP levels - you will be notified every time price r
1 350 USD
Gamma Distribution
Yousufkhodja Sultonov
The EA is based on and fully complies with principles described in the article https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/250 , which are put into action in the indicator https://www.mql5.com/ru/code/10339 (in Russian). The EA opens and closes orders according to signals of the stated indicator on any time frame (TF) and gains advantage due to forecasting features of the indicator. Medium-term trading: from intraday trading to trading within several months. Tested on EURUSD. A corresponding trading positi
1 500 USD
Multicolor Trend
Viktoria Chernova
Multicolor Trend is a trend Forex indicator painting bars in certain colors. The indicator settings have one non-customizable parameter - period. Six user-defined colors for better visualization show a trend, its weakening, points of consolidation and possible trend formation. The indicator works on all timeframes. The product is best suited for working with highly volatile pairs.
200 USD
Harmonics Pro Indicator
Wild Software Pty Ltd
This indicator looks for Gartley, Bat, Butterfly and Crab patterns. It shows the patterns forming in real time with entry/exit points drawn on the chart. The success rates are based on the data in the timeframe you are currently viewing. If the price retraces to at least 0.382 of the C to D leg, it is a success. Otherwise, if the price hits the recommended stop loss, it is a failure.
200 USD
Rsi Macd Warden
Glaramara LLC
RSI.MACD Warden is an innovative indicator for MetaTrader 4 running a versatile algorithm aimed at identifying RSI , MACD and Stochastic divergences. This indicator looks back for a set number of bars and draws lines when a normal or hidden divergence is identified. The smaller the lookback period the faster is the indicator. A divergence line is plotted on the chart when an RSI divergence between A and B points is also confirmed by MACD and Stochastic divergences between the same points on the
99 USD
KT Renko Patterns MT4
KT Renko Patterns scans the Renko chart brick by brick to find some famous chart patterns that are frequently used by traders across the various financial markets. Compared to the time-based charts, patterns based trading is easier and more evident on Renko charts due to their uncluttered appearance. KT Renko Patterns features multiple Renko patterns, and many of these patterns are extensively explained in the book titled Profitable Trading with Renko Charts by Prashant Shah. Features Tra
220 USD
Vitaly Makarov
Old faithful Bollinger Bands. The algorithm of this indicator is based particularly on it. We have found the best bands settings and implemented them in the code. The algorithm also has a unique part which ensures the best use in trading. Recommended to use as a filter, for determining a trend and an exit point, and breakthrough of Highs and Lows. Adjust the indicator according to your needs. Indicator Parameters ChannelPeriod - channel period. Default value is 20. The higher the value, the mo
600 USD
Scalping Divergence
Ayoob Zaresheibani
Why use   Scalping Divergence? Non repainting Arrows. Can be integrated in Expert Advisors(has buffer). Has high accuracy. Has high reliability. Simple and easy to use. Popup Alerts. based on MACD and Moving Average. Great for novice traders as well as experienced traders. works on all time frame all kind of markets. and finally: Work with it to find out. Attention:   Do not forget capital and risk management because there is no guarantee for the future of price. Good luck.  
63 USD
Mikhail Bilan
The PatternMMB trading indicator finds the most common candlestick analysis patterns and provides trading recommendations based on them. The PatternMMB trading indicator is designed to search for candlestick patterns on the price chart and issue trading recommendations depending on the nature of the found candlestick pattern. It is also possible to send sound notifications when all or any of the selected patterns appear, with an explanation of the pattern and its interpretation. In addition, th
202 USD
Os compradores deste produto também adquirem
Abbas Narimousaei
best indicator and profitable   with scalp strateji and  Ternd  very best  . You can get more information about our products in our store. There are you’ll find the description of each advisor, history statements, youtube videos, screenshots, profit and drawdown statistics. We cited real screenshots from the strategy tester and other special software, from which you can see the profit, the number of successful deals, possible losses and other.
3 000 USD
Lines Channel Pro
Vitalyi Belyh
The Lines Channel Pro indicator determines the price reversals from the High / Low channel. Contains a built-in trend identifier and channel signal lines. Explanation of parameters. Use Channel trend filter - Enables the channel filter, inside which the input signals are calculated. Lines Period - Specifies the period for building the channel lines. Averaging Period - Averaging period of the lines, adjusts the balance between the signal line and the non-signal zone. Price Method Calculat
1 299 USD
The indicator of a professional trader
Ramiz Mavludov
Features All tools fit; Many strategies; Important levels, recommendations; Flexibility in settings for different instruments and intervals. Signals B, S - predict the direction of the movement of the candle at the beginning or when the candle closes. Recommended TF from H4 and above. Yellow dots are the recommended SL. Green squares are the recommended TP. Parameters SL  - The default is 6, I recommend choosing from 6 to 12. The higher this value, the lower the likelihood of SL triggering. T
1 500 USD
Andrey Spiridonov
BinaryUniversal is a signal indicator for binary options and Forex. In its work, the indicator uses a complex algorithm for generating signals. Before forming a signal, the indicator analyzes volatility, candlestick patterns, important support and resistance levels. The indicator has the ability to adjust the accuracy of the signals, which makes it possible to apply this indicator for both aggressive and conservative trading. The indicator is set in the usual way, it works on any time period and
1 200 USD
NOHO Pulse Professional
Guillermo Noval
Buy safe! Now you can backtest the demo file in renkos! The Pulse is an indicator with the purpose of increasing the probability of success in trading decision making scenarios. The indicator was made to be used in RENKO BARS. THE ALGORITHM DOES NOT WORK ON NORMAL TIME CANDLES.   We recommend the OVO's renkos ( https://ovo.cz/products/offline-charts-for-mt4/renko-bars/ ). The algorithm gives you market cycle, trend, entry, stop loss, break even and take profit.  It is NOT an "expert advisor",
8 000 USD
Stable BO M1
Mohamed Ahmed Sh Muhumed
Stable BO M1 is the latest product to trade binary options, the indicator has awesome satisfying winning ratio, with over 5 years of backtesting  The indicator allows you to trade binary options. The recommended timeframe is М1 and the expiration time is 1 Minute. The indicator works on any currency pairs. Trading time is critical and should be followed always trade from 18:00 GMT+3 to 22:00 GMT+3. A possible signal is specified as an arrow below or above a candle. You should wait until the cand
1 200 USD
SafeProfit Market Profile
Jonathas Silva
O SafeProfit Market Profile é o indicador de rastreamento mais avançado do Mercado de Forex. Ele foi desenvolvido para rastrear o perfil de mercado de cada sessão do dia: Asiática, Européia e Americana. Com este indicador você irá operar o Intraday sorrindo... sabendo exatamente para onde os Big Players estão posicionados e o momento exato para onde eles estão indo. O indicador é simples, rápido e objetivo rastreando no preço cada movimento dos Big Players. Saia da estatística dos 95% que só per
2 000 USD
Hunting news
This indicator is a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. News can be hunted using this indicator. This indicator is for daily trading and you have to make new settings to the indicator every day. First, we find the most important news by examining the calendar. Then we do it with buying or selling arrows. According to the importance of the news, the profit and loss limits can be determined. It is recommended to use this indicator for the most important news. In the absence of news
1 000 USD
Yriy Doronin
The indicator is created using a unique algorithm that has no analogues. Based on the calculations, the contract price itself and the percentages displayed in it are calculated, which are displayed in the indicator in the form of histograms in two drawing options, as well as in six options for displaying prices on a chart in various combinations, which allows you to accurately see the interest of all trading participants in the form of drawing levels support and resistance. Trading decisions can
8 000 USD
Primus Trading Engine
Philip Muga
Primus Trading Engine is a trading system that combines price action,ratio based indicators & custom indicators to create this leading indicator with a multi-timeframe approach to give you high probability trade setups for forex,CFD cash/futures,metals & binary option to assist in making predictions on what is MOST likely to happen in the market Main Chart Features Price Action Signal-Arrow displayed on a specific bar;NOT buy/sell arrow;DOES NOT repaint;Bullish arrow on a bullish bar,price is l
1 500 USD
Mikhail Bilan
Caros colegas comerciantes, instalar a versão demo para o testador não faz sentido. E foi planejado. Não verá você de teca história e прифита ou perda. Este indicador, o testador não tomará. Não vale a pena duvidar . Pontos mostram um forte sentido do movimento. Não funciona na máquina, você precisa manualmente abrir um negócio e fechar.O lucro, vê-se nos itens penso na imagem vão entender. Eu fecho a cada 150 a 200 pontos. A assinatura de um indicador pode ser pedido separadamente como previsõe
29 999.99 USD
Daily Trend Scalper
Remi Passanello
Daily Trend Scalper (DTS) This indicator is part of the   RPTrade Pro Solutions  systems. DTS  is a daily trend indicator using Price Action, Dynamic Support and Resistances. It's designed to be used by anyone, even the absolute beginner in trading can use it. NEVER repaints . Indications are given   from close to close . Designed to   be used alone , no other indicators are required. Gives you the trend and potential Take Profit at the beginning of the day. How does it work DTS   is using a
2 500 USD
David Theodore Caro-greene
Rebalance Overlay Technology (Rebolt) enables the trader to visualize the flow of money from one chart to another chart. Rebolt Delta (ReboltDelta) indicates the probable price change that will occur in the target chart based on changes in the source chart. ReboltDelta is designed for use in cooperation with Rebolt Probability. It is most common for the relationship between two symbols to be probable and for the degree of expected price change to be small. It is rare for the high probability of
1 415.69 USD
Limitless MT4
Dmitriy Kashevich
O MT4 ilimitado é um indicador universal que se adequa a todos os comerciantes iniciantes e experientes. funciona em todos os pares de moedas, criptomoedas, ações em bruto MT4 ilimitado - já configurado e não requer configuração adicional E agora a principal coisa Por que o MT4 ilimitado? 1 falta completa de redesenho 2 dois anos de testes pelos melhores especialistas em negociação 3 a precisão dos sinais corretos excede 80% 4 teve bom desempenho nas negociações durante os comun
1 399 USD
David Theodore Caro-greene
Rebalance Overlay Technology (Rebolt) enables the trader to visualize the flow of money from one chart to another chart. Rebolt Probability indicates the probability that money has flowed from one chart to another chart for a specified length of time over a number of intervals specified by the user. When Rebolt reads Cyan or Blue these are buying signs good for the length of time specified by the user or until a conflicting signal arises. When Rebolt reads Violet or Red there are selling signs
1 415.69 USD
Smart Gread Ultimate Edition
Serhii Bernatskyi
Smart Gread Ultimate Edition (SGUL) indicator - based on smart order grid strategy. Maximum customization and flexibility of strategies are the main features of this indicator. In the right corner there is a table with the number and volume of orders. List of adjustable parameters: K: 2.0 - Factor of the next order increase (if the price moves in the other direction). TP: 50 - The number of points at which the order is closed with a profit (minimum profit per 1 lot). Step: 80 -
9 999 USD
Binary Moon
Aleksandr Makarov
Binary Moon Binary Moon  - это индикатор для торговли бинарными опционами и внутридневной торговли. Индикатор не перерисовывается и не изменяет свои показания. Binary Moon предназначен для определения мест, в которых цена совершит разворот. Индикатор фиксирует как развороты, так и откаты тренда, что позволяет повысить эффективность его использования. При использовании индикатора значительно расширяются возможности анализа, на графике отлично видны не только места коррекции и разворотов, но и отс
2 000 USD
HaskayaFx Morning Star V01
Mehmet Bastem
This indicator is created by considering volume divergence with price that is outcome of Bollinger band and Envolpes indicators crossing. It won’t repaint.  It is providing 1 market and three pending orders.  If it is followed with patient, it is providing remarkable profit at the end.  This indicator will be on sale soon on expert advisor. Target is calculated for buy orders as follow 1. 50 pips standard 2. Top Bollinger band 3. Sell Signal Target is calculated for buy orders as follow 1. 50
2 799 USD
Haskayafx Super Horizontal Trend
Mehmet Bastem
This indicator is only working in M1 period.it is predicting end of horizantal trend by using envolepes indicator.   After takeprofit predicted, this indicator will open 4 orders as buy and sell.   One of the order is market type, others are limit type.   There are 25.5 and 70 pips range between these limit type orders.   After  market type order reach its target other limit orders will be deleted automatically.   Note that this system is not martingale, this system is creating limit order.   T
2 799 USD
Mehmet Bastem
This system never paints.   This system created by using Envolpes bands and reverse bar count.   This indicator is only working in M5 period.   This system is for long term and profitable.   Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional limit orders.   You can set a voice alarm or email notification.   You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller   Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 867 5076 or @Meh
2 799 USD
HaskayafxOrder BomberTFM5
Mehmet Bastem
 This system never paints.   This system uses 30 standard MT4 indicators.   This indicator is only working in M5 period.   This system is for long term and profitable.   Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional limit orders.   You can set a voice alarm or email notification.   You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller   Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 867 5076 or @MehmetBastem    on teleg
2 799 USD
Bastem PalanDoken Trend Systems
Mehmet Bastem
  You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller   Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 867 5076 or @MehmetBastem    on telegram application This indicator is used to determine the trend. Standard Osma indicator is used. It has the indicator warning system: beep, e-mail and has three types of alerts, including messages to mobile phone. It shows the best performance on the chart of 5 minutes. When the
2 799 USD
Indicador MTXPRO
Matheus Silva De Castro
2 500 USD
Trend Change
Mikhail Bilan
The Trend Change indicator allows you to use the moving average to indicate to the trader a change in the direction of the trend movement. This is a modified indicator, the advantage of which is the ability to keep up with rapid changes in price dynamics in the presence of excellent SMA smoothing over the period. I recommend the standard indicator settings. Apply on a timeframe not lower than M30 
4 333 USD
Arthur Singer
Este indicador utiliza vários algoritmos complexos para determinar com precisão a tendência. Todos os algoritmos se baseiam na Acção de Preços, por um lado não há perda de tempo, por exemplo, que a entrada é feita apenas no final da tendência e já se tem menos alguns pips, o que não acontece com este indicador. Por outro lado, isto é também muito mais seguro, porque o comércio internacional se baseia quase totalmente na acção dos preços.  O parâmetro de entrada "Number" é o número de condiçõe
1 200 USD
Ivan Simonika
One of the main definitions for monitoring the currency market is the trend. The Trin indicator is designed to display the trend in a visual form. Trend is a stable direction of price movement. To find it, the indicator uses calculations designed to smooth out sharp fluctuations that do not affect the overall picture of price movement. The trend can be increasing (bullish trend) and decreasing (bearish trend). In most cases, the trend is growing for a long time and drops sharply, but in all t
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Bastem Emirdag CFD Trend
Mehmet Bastem
  You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller   Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 867 5076 or @MehmetBastem    on telegram application This indicator is used to determine the trend. Standard Three Moving Average and ADX indicators are used. It has the indicator warning system (audio, e-mail) and three types of alerts, including messages to mobile phone. It shows the best performance on M5. When
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Bastem Emirdag Forex Trend
Mehmet Bastem
This indicator is used to determine the trend. Standard Three Moving Average and ADX indicators are used. It has the indicator warning system (audio, e-mail) and three types of alerts, including messages to mobile phone. It shows the best performance on M5. When the trend value reaches the value set, the warning system is activated. This indicator works only with Forex symbols. Inputs SoundAlarm = true - Sound Alert Sendmail=true - Send an e-mail in case of a buy or sell signal Sendnotificatio
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Haskayafx Barla Trend
Mehmet Bastem
  You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller   Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 867 5076 or @MehmetBastem    on telegram application This indicator is used to determine the trend. Standard MACD indicator is used. It has the indicator warning system: beep, e-mail and has three types of alerts, including messages to mobile phone. It shows the best performance on the chart of 5 minutes. When the
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Haskayafx XauUsd TFM5
Mehmet Bastem
https://youtu.be/t3SLLgcEEPM This indicator prepared by  using Moving Averages, Bollingers Bands .    This system can be used for 5M time frame and Gold Symbols (XAUUSD).     This system is for Long term and profitable.    Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional,    you can set a voice alarm or email notification    You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller    Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90
2 799 USD
alvarezbogar 2019.11.21 21:02 

No tiren su dinero con un indicador que no funciona y el mismo dueño lo tiene en periodo de prueba !

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Versão 27.0 2020.05.19
1. Improved Breakout Strategies
2. Improved Momentum Strategies
3. Improved TrendFollow Strategies
4. Improved Extension Strategies
Versão 26.0 2020.04.13
1. A new feature added so that the indicator can generate best probable long term Support and Resistance levels based on the Major Projections. These levels will be displayed as "MAJOR SUPPORT" and "MAJOR RESISTANCE". Very interesting Key levels to watch.

2. Four new strategies added: Reversal strategy8, Reversal strategy9, Reversal strategy10, Bouncer strategy
Versão 25.0 2020.03.09
1. Added two Divergence strategies
2. Improved all the Retracement strategies
3. More work on machine learning
4. Following information added to the info panel:
Major projection upper and lower range,
Moderate projection upper and lower range,
Minor projection upper and lower range,
Channel Range in Pips
Fibonacci Range in Pips
5. Improved info panel look and feel
Versão 24.0 2020.02.16
1. Individual settings added for all the mix strategies. Users now have even control on every available strategies

2. If some assets or markets BUY/SELL voice alert is not present in the indicator then the indicator will play "Scalping BUY position" for a BUY signal and "Scalping SELL position" for a sell signal.
Versão 23.0 2020.02.08
1. Individual settings added for FiboLevelVoiceAlert, ChannelVoiceAlert, SwingHighLowVoiceAlert and SupportAndResistanceVoiceAlert. Please note that there will always be BUYSELL voice alerts.

2. Improved following strategies: PullBack, TrendingMarketSwingHigh7 and TrendingMarketSwingLow

3. All strategies are made active with the default indicator setting.
Versão 22.0 2020.01.21
1. Improvement made on the following strategies:
TrendFollowStrategy 1,2,3
ReversalStrategy 5
ReversalStrategy 7
BreakoutStrategy 1,2

2. A new Strategy added called PullBackStrategy

3. Added settings to adjust stop loss and take profit values based on risk to reward ratios.

4. More work done on machine learning and overall optimisation
Versão 21.0 2019.12.08
1. Added couple of more Trend follow strategies
Versão 20.0 2019.11.27
New features..

1. Take profit value is being made available for FairyFibo Auto Trader so that the EA can directly fetch and use the take profit value during trading rather than calculate the value by itself.

2. A Stop loss value is also now shown for each strategies on the info panel. This same stop loss value can also be used with the auto trader also.

Check out the auto trader here..https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38539
Versão 19.0 2019.09.29
BUY SELL voice alerts added for following markets: XAGUSD, GBPJPY, GBPCHF, GBPAUD, AUDCAD, AUDJPY, AUDCHF
Versão 18.0 2019.07.27
1) Added sound files for following Crypto currencies : Litecoin. Etherium, Ripple
2) More on overall strategy optimizations. The whole optimization process is essentially leading the indicator towards building its own machine learning algorithm
Versão 17.1 2019.07.02
Putting Back version 16.1 as there is a unidentified critical problem happened that is not letting the indicator to draw the fibo levels and a lot of the other levels. The problem seems to be related to MT4 terminals with older or different versions.
Versão 17.0 2019.07.02
1) Added RSI Divergence
2) Added Candle patterns
3) Removed short term support and resistance as there are now Fibonacci projection that works better as support and resistance
4) A lot of the old strategies removed and added some new ones. The total number strategies are available by now are 31 BUY and 31 SELL signals.
Versão 16.1 2019.05.23
Improved memory related performances such as deleting old objects and keeping the chart clean and smooth.
Versão 16.0 2019.05.22
Added Fibonacci Price Projection Zone and settings related to it.
Versão 15.2 2019.05.10
Default settings are set in a way so that indicator generates minimum signals. In case you need more signals then enable more strategies.
Versão 15.1 2019.05.10
Added some sound files for FX crosses pairs
Versão 15.0 2019.05.09
1. Added new strategy for 100% Retracement
2. Added new info on the info panel for showing remaining time left for current candle close
3. Finalized Optimization
Versão 14.0 2019.05.08
1. Added one more Momentum Strategy
2. Added one more BreakOut Strategy
3. Added one more Reflection Strategy
4. Added two more Threshold Strategy
5. A fifth level of Optimization done.
Versão 13.0 2019.05.06
1. Added voice alerts for Regression channel
2. Added a new strategy related to Regression channel called "Threshold Strategy"
3. Added settings for Flash Alert

Attention: Only verified source for purchasing this product is here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35339 All other sites who claim to sell or giving source code of this product are just scammers.
Versão 12.0 2019.05.02
Enabled Email and Mobile Alert
Versão 11.1 2019.05.02
More sound files added for Forex majors and crosses pairs.
Versão 11.0 2019.05.02
Voice alert enabled for the following alerts:
1. All Fibonacci Retracement levels
2. All Fibonacci Extension levels
3. Support and Resistance levels
4. BUY/SELL alert
Versão 10.20 2019.05.01
Short term horizontal Support and Resistance line added and also a new strategy related to it called Reflection strategy.
Versão 10.10 2019.04.29
Added spread info to the info panel
Versão 10.0 2019.04.28
Following useful information added on the info panel:
1. Market Condition info
2.Daily Change info
3.Daily Range info
4. Upper Range info
5. Lower Range info
Versão 9.10 2019.04.26
Optimized Breakout strategy
Versão 9.0 2019.04.24
Two more breakout strategy added.
Versão 8.0 2019.04.22
Added number of bars information on the info panel so that users can easily identify how many bars/candles are available on chart.
Versão 7.0 2019.04.20
Third phase of optimization done
Versão 6.0 2019.04.20
Added an auto Regression Channel in order deliver a secondary support and resistance levels, as well as to visually identify the direction and strength of the current trend.
Versão 5.0 2019.04.19
Second phase of Optimization done.
Versão 4.0 2019.03.22
Added Strategies Related to Fibonacci 127.2% Extension and 141.4% Extension.
Versão 3.0 2019.03.15
Some strategies are meant to work better on larger time frames and some are not. Like wise some strategies are meant to work better on smaller time frames while some are not. Optimizing this whole scenario so that right strategies are in action on right time frame. However user still has the full control of disabling/enabling each specific signal.
Versão 2.4 2019.02.20
Added four new strategies and removed one some of the lees performing strategies. The new strategies are designed to follow the trend more dominantly. This in turn makes this system a well performed trend follow system. Signals are much better now.

Also removing options for enabling/disabling strategies. This is done in order to make the system more user friendly.
Versão 2.3 2019.02.10
Reversal strategies have been modified in order to reduce number of false signals on fibo level zero.
Versão 2.2 2019.02.01
Fixing issue...

IT DOES NOT REPAINT AT ALL. but the arrows can be placed differently on different markets specially the SELL signals. For example a sell signal can be shown below the actual price in many markets such as Bitcoin. It is because how mql4 places the Down arrows.

The logic is something like this:

Case: SELL - MQL4 places Down arrow and the arrow's tail is the current price. So please do not be surprised to see if a Sell signal is placed below the current price. I tried to fix it at some level by giving a offset point of 195 Points. This is equivalent to 19.5 PIPS in EURUSD. This offset point should cover the arrow length in FX Majors including XAUUSD.

Case: BUY - MQL4 places BUY arrow and the arrow's head is the current price. So for BUY arrow no problems.


Offset point has been taken off and now there is no protection on placing the Down arrows approximately at right price. This is due to peoples concern on repainting. In most markets the Sell signal will be shown below the price like a hanging arrow. Please also consider about the fact when spread gets widen arrow can be placed far from exact place.

And please stop looking at the arrows rather focus on the price shown on the info panel just below BUY SELL text.

FairyFibo' main goal is to predict the next move before the market shows a sign for going to that direction. FairyFibo does not care about
Versão 2.1 2019.01.31
Activating UseTwoHundredPercentExtension
Versão 2.0 2019.01.31
Auto chart shift added. Also when indicator is removed the chart will go back to no chart shift mode.