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FairyFibo can generate as many as 6 different BUY signals and 64 different SELL signals solely based on Price Action and Fibonacci levels. The idea is to catch as many as Swing High's and Swing Low's but with the consideration of the current trend mind. It does not uses any other indicators while making decisions for signals. Most of the strategies are already optimized for different time frames and different market conditions. While in practical you will not need that many strategies to develop a profitable system. The idea for presenting all the possibilities here is for the reason that each market behaves differently and they have their own characteristics. In any case if you  found any strategy that is not performing well for a given market then you can always deselect those strategies. The number of bars require to generate quality signals are between 45 to 100 candles. Although these are just recommendations but you are highly encouraged to try it on any number of bars/candles on any time frames. If you have a better understanding of the market you are trading then this experience will come in handy to help you decide to select number of candles to make visible on the chart. Before testing it in strategy tester make sure that you have atleast 90% quality data and no mismatched chart errors. Before going to trade live you should spend 4-5 weeks of time to get used to with the signals that you have selected for a specific market. If you are an experience Price Action and Fibonacci trader then this is going to be your dream tool.


Interactive Fibonacci Retracement and Extension tool

Interactive Regression Channel

Interactive Support and Resistance levels

Works on any market and any time frames.

Offers Profit target along side BUY/SELL signals

Good at catching Swing Highs and Swing Lows.

No repainting at all.

Absolute freedom to Activate/Deactivate signals 

Voice Alert for Fibonacci levels, Support and Resistance levels, Regression Channel, and BUY and SELL signals

Email Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Mobile Notification for BUY and SELL signals

Flash Alert for Fibonacci levels, Support and Resistance levels, and Regression Channel

Smart Info Panel with significant Price Action information about the market

I say Its the best market analysis tool on planet earth!! If you want to test and build a profitable strategy then you can do it by using the auto trader I created only for FairyFibo signals. Download the demo version from here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38539 and follow the instruction there.

Lines Description:

Larger horizontal lines are Retracement levels. Green means uptrend. Red means downtrend.

Smaller horizontal lines are Extension levels. Green means uptrend. Red means downtrend.

Three parallel blue lines are Regression channel lines. Channel pointing upwards means uptrend, pointing downwards means down trend. Flat means range bound.

Small dotted lines are short term Support and Resistance lines.


This product has been released on Metaquotes exclusively. Buying this product other than Metaqoutes Software Corp. is highly discouraged. If you see my products on other sites then for sure those are scam sites!!!

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Версия 16.1 2019.05.23
Improved memory related performances such as deleting old objects and keeping the chart clean and smooth.
Версия 16.0 2019.05.22
Added Fibonacci Price Projection Zone and settings related to it.
Версия 15.2 2019.05.10
Default settings are set in a way so that indicator generates minimum signals. In case you need more signals then enable more strategies.
Версия 15.1 2019.05.10
Added some sound files for FX crosses pairs
Версия 15.0 2019.05.09
1. Added new strategy for 100% Retracement
2. Added new info on the info panel for showing remaining time left for current candle close
3. Finalized Optimization
Версия 14.0 2019.05.08
1. Added one more Momentum Strategy
2. Added one more BreakOut Strategy
3. Added one more Reflection Strategy
4. Added two more Threshold Strategy
5. A fifth level of Optimization done.
Версия 13.0 2019.05.06
1. Added voice alerts for Regression channel
2. Added a new strategy related to Regression channel called "Threshold Strategy"
3. Added settings for Flash Alert

Attention: Only verified source for purchasing this product is here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35339 All other sites who claim to sell or giving source code of this product are just scammers.
Версия 12.0 2019.05.02
Enabled Email and Mobile Alert
Версия 11.1 2019.05.02
More sound files added for Forex majors and crosses pairs.
Версия 11.0 2019.05.02
Voice alert enabled for the following alerts:
1. All Fibonacci Retracement levels
2. All Fibonacci Extension levels
3. Support and Resistance levels
4. BUY/SELL alert
Версия 10.20 2019.05.01
Short term horizontal Support and Resistance line added and also a new strategy related to it called Reflection strategy.
Версия 10.10 2019.04.29
Added spread info to the info panel
Версия 10.0 2019.04.28
Following useful information added on the info panel:
1. Market Condition info
2.Daily Change info
3.Daily Range info
4. Upper Range info
5. Lower Range info
Версия 9.10 2019.04.26
Optimized Breakout strategy
Версия 9.0 2019.04.24
Two more breakout strategy added.
Версия 8.0 2019.04.22
Added number of bars information on the info panel so that users can easily identify how many bars/candles are available on chart.
Версия 7.0 2019.04.20
Third phase of optimization done
Версия 6.0 2019.04.20
Added an auto Regression Channel in order deliver a secondary support and resistance levels, as well as to visually identify the direction and strength of the current trend.
Версия 5.0 2019.04.19
Second phase of Optimization done.
Версия 4.0 2019.03.22
Added Strategies Related to Fibonacci 127.2% Extension and 141.4% Extension.
Версия 3.0 2019.03.15
Some strategies are meant to work better on larger time frames and some are not. Like wise some strategies are meant to work better on smaller time frames while some are not. Optimizing this whole scenario so that right strategies are in action on right time frame. However user still has the full control of disabling/enabling each specific signal.
Версия 2.4 2019.02.20
Added four new strategies and removed one some of the lees performing strategies. The new strategies are designed to follow the trend more dominantly. This in turn makes this system a well performed trend follow system. Signals are much better now.

Also removing options for enabling/disabling strategies. This is done in order to make the system more user friendly.
Версия 2.3 2019.02.10
Reversal strategies have been modified in order to reduce number of false signals on fibo level zero.
Версия 2.2 2019.02.01
Fixing issue...

IT DOES NOT REPAINT AT ALL. but the arrows can be placed differently on different markets specially the SELL signals. For example a sell signal can be shown below the actual price in many markets such as Bitcoin. It is because how mql4 places the Down arrows.

The logic is something like this:

Case: SELL - MQL4 places Down arrow and the arrow's tail is the current price. So please do not be surprised to see if a Sell signal is placed below the current price. I tried to fix it at some level by giving a offset point of 195 Points. This is equivalent to 19.5 PIPS in EURUSD. This offset point should cover the arrow length in FX Majors including XAUUSD.

Case: BUY - MQL4 places BUY arrow and the arrow's head is the current price. So for BUY arrow no problems.


Offset point has been taken off and now there is no protection on placing the Down arrows approximately at right price. This is due to peoples concern on repainting. In most markets the Sell signal will be shown below the price like a hanging arrow. Please also consider about the fact when spread gets widen arrow can be placed far from exact place.

And please stop looking at the arrows rather focus on the price shown on the info panel just below BUY SELL text.

FairyFibo' main goal is to predict the next move before the market shows a sign for going to that direction. FairyFibo does not care about
Версия 2.1 2019.01.31
Activating UseTwoHundredPercentExtension
Версия 2.0 2019.01.31
Auto chart shift added. Also when indicator is removed the chart will go back to no chart shift mode.