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These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase.

$1700 - the price is frozen until January 24 - this is the last day for the current price
$2600 - next price

Friends! Someone is trying to draw attention to their products with all sorts of promotions, discounts, Black Fridays, etc., someone with super-profitable tests... I just show how the product works on real ECN accounts with real market conditions. I will only say one thing: look not at the size of the discount, but at what real results the system is showing. PriceTracker is a working (with verified real results) fully automated trading system. I know what PriceTracker is capable of, so starting December 1, 2021, I opened direct investments to all my accounts (PAMM Account). Now anyone can invest their funds directly into an investment account under my management.

Very important! When testing PriceTracker, you see the results for only one instrument and the current drawdown only for the tested instrument. That is, in the tester you will not see the main algorithm underlying the PriceTracker system - this is the equilibrium / diversification phase, the so-called compensation / containment of the floating drawdown of one or several instruments due to growth and profit taking on others. This is achieved by using simultaneously 15 different currency pairs with different trading logics.

LIVE Signals:


Trade is independent, each currency pair is not related to any other and monitors the movement and all trade only in its own currency. This leads to the answer to the most common question: ( I look at your signal and see that there is a constant floating drawdown, why? ) - Everything is very simple and obvious: trading is carried out simultaneously for 15 currency pairs and PriceTracker is almost always in the active phase for different instruments and therefore a floating drawdown is always present and this is normal! That is, if deals are closed for some pairs, then there are always currencies for which there are open deals - and this is displayed as a floating drawdown. The PriceTracker algorithm is built in such a way that account diversification is achieved through the use of different logics and different strategies for all 15 currency pairs, where the equilibrium / diversification phase is also taken into account - this is when a floating drawdown is fully compensated by growth from other currencies and vice versa. That is, at the time of the drawdown, the account is constantly growing.

PriceTracker does not use indicators and can work with absolutely any financial instrument. We all know - that the classics of any trade are the Support and Resistance lines, after breaking through or rebounding from which financial instruments begin to move intensively, and most trading systems are built on this. There is no difficulty in PriceTracker, you just choose the boundaries, within which the advisor determines the Support and Resistance lines and, depending on the chosen Logic, interacts with this data and determines the necessary points to enter the market. Parameters responsible for the boundaries for the calculation:


PriceTracker is a unique system that allows you to achieve huge goals with moderate risks. Today the advisor participates in several challenge projects: ___ 1000% per year ___, to which anyone can join. I want to celebrate! PriceTracker can trade in a wide variety of styles, from aggressive to ultra-conservative. Just download and install the .set files you need for your style:

I am open to communication and always ready to help with all the settings and the choice of the optimal parameters, taking into account your wishes and the conditions of your broker.
If you have never used advisors before, I will show and teach you how to use them. Moreover, I can personally install and configure everything on your PC remotely.

Comentarios 2
Arben Bilalaj
Arben Bilalaj 2021.12.01 18:30 

On November 22 i decided to run EA price tracker EA at my real account with balance $500. As today(just one week) im up $200. i will say this, i tried many EA,s before but nothing comes close to Price Tracker. if ur a serios tradrer and want to see account growing Price Tracker is the #1. Thank you Stanislau for this great EA!

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Daytime Equilibrium is a completely safe EA, does not use martingale, does not use hedging, all orders are protected by stop loss Take Profit - take profit   Take Profit - hide the take profit setting Stop Loss - stop loss Fixed lot - a fixed lot that will be used in trading Using margin,% - selection of the type of trade, fixed lot or percentage of free margin Percentage of margin for trading - percentage of free margin for trading Trail 1 - true / false Trailing stop 1 - trailing value Traw
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Представляем вашему вниманию новый форекс советник CeleritasForex. Вариант советника торгующего по тренду, подойдет для более продвинутого трейдера, так как имеет небольшое количество настроек позволяющих использовать наиболее прибыльные стратегии трейдинга на выбор пользователя.Кроме этого предоставляется возможность отрегулировать такие параметры как проскальзывание, риск торговли, размер максимального спреда и размер стоп ордеров.Торговый робот открывает позиции при достижении ценой уровней п
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C-19 Scalper EA is work on all Major and Minor pairs with M1 timeframe. This is not any arbitrage or HFT trading strategy, Its pure trend following scalping algorithm. This EA will work only on low spread ECN brokers. So make sure you are using one of that.  Time Frame - M1 Pairs - Use 20 Major and Minor pairs Broker - ECN Raw or Low spread broker Minimum Deposit - $100 Parameters - All fixed to all size of accounts C-19 Scalper Successfully worked on Tickmill broker.  Tickmill Broker account mo
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The Finance Craft bot is suitable for everyone who was looking for a universal scalpel but cannot dwell on a specific product, because in all of them it notices flaws or does not understand the trading strategy. For those who fall into this category of searchers, there is good news - this bot is for you! In the description presented below, only essential information will be provided, and nothing superfluous. The first important point is that the bot works on both Netting and Hedging account typ
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Советник выставляет ордера по времени,для его существует 2 настройки (М,М2).При убыточных сделках срабатывает локирование ордеров,что помогает существенно сократить просадку.Советник адаптирован для работы с малыми депозитами(от 1$ ,если это позволено брокером).Он так же будет интересен ,тем трейдерам которые зарабатывают не только на сделках,но и за счет ребейтов,так как совершает большое количество сделок(в среднем  около 50 в день.  Slippage   = 3;           //  Slippage  Lot        = 0.1;   
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Use it on ECN Account Demo acc:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/722570 I can change: - Start Lots Size: Now: Balance 30$ - 0.01 lot) - TIme to open order: Now Open GMT: 0-2, 5-15, 22-24 - Trailing stop. - May be add indicator: RSI, BB, ADX ... Only use on IB ECN Stoplevel less 2 point Spread less 6 point Balance very small 30usd * Features - A small Stoploss for every trade, - Janpan  Candle Sticks, Special Artificial Intelligence (AI) * Setting - Start Lots Size = 0.01 for 30$:  - Min
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In order to understand the work of a bot Watchword, first of all, you need to understand what parameters it has. Therefore, I believe that a detailed description of the parameters will be the best description of the bot. Since it will give the user an understanding of what he is dealing with and will allow him to decide, this bot is suitable for his trading style and will allow his broker to work with the help of this bot. Be sure to set Fake Robot On = false Basic parameters, a number of key p
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Important Note: the Selling Price of this EA will increase by 10% once 10 units are sold. Get Yours Now! Introduction True to its name... the Money Printing Machine (MPM) EA will make money in Uptrend, Downtrend, Ranging markets. The High-frequency trading algorithm will even allow for profiteering from forex rebates brokers i.e. RebateKingFX, PayBackFX, CashBackForex etc. Prices move in money markets and MPM is designed to capture and profit from these movements. MPM does not rely on ind
1 000 USD
Робот Wolf Stream имеет в своей основе особенность "видеть" график так, как его видит человек. Именно поэтому он точно считывает настроение игроков. Страхи и надежды у толпы формируются в текущей момент, в текущих ситуациях. Робот реагирует на них и действует оптимальным образом для каждой из ситуаций.  Торговля в реальном времени принесла 103% прирост с 26 июля 2021 года (3.5 месяца) На рынке есть множество фаз, которые по характеру своему в корне отличаются друг от друга. Поэтому необходим инд
350 USD
This indicator shows not just a line of the price balance, but also forecasts it for the specified number of bars ahead. That is, the level of the probable balance of the price reflects on the chart in the future. The level of balancing is set by the Balance parameter, that is, it can be drawn at any level. Forecasting the future with the Shift parameter. The indicator reflects information in a visual form. Do not forget that the approach to trading should be comprehensive, to enter the market r
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Экспертная система  Victori  работает используя принцип ограниченного Мартингейла. Пользователь задает максимум шагов и стоп-лосс, таким образом система становится безопасной. Экспертная система настроена для работы с EUR/USD , с другими парами работать не рекомендуется. Таймфрейм M1 , больше не рекомендуется. Работает с депозитом от 1000$ и лотом 0.01, но лучше иметь депозит 10000$ и лот 0.1, в данном варианте лучше будет срабатывать Мартингейл. Для докупания ордеров используется временной тайм
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Expert Advisor Phoenix Way is simple and easy to use - just attach it with default settings on EURUSD H1. The EA works on any currency pair or instrument. This intraday EA trades trends typical of liquid markets such as Forex. The EA uses precise filtering of entries and an advanced intelligent price tracking algorithm to maximize winrate and maximize risk control. For long term use only. Suitable for both advanced buyers and beginners. Doesn't require any special knowledge to work. Th
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Deshpande Mahesh Narayanrao
EAMAKFIN  „ MAKFIN Algorithmic Trading Robot Software „ EAMAKFIN (ExpertAdvisor MAKFIN) Takes Market Data, Runs Algorithms, Generates Trades, Runs Algorithms again. Closes Trades, All Automatic. Performance for August 2021 Profit: 15% Please refer to the screenshots. „ As of 1MAR2021, We have 30 users in 6 countries „ JAPAN „ US „ AUSTRALIA „ SINGAPORE „ DUBAI INDIA „ We have User Rollouts with these Brokers in 4 Countries „ JAPAN: Rakuten, Oanda „ US: Forex.com, Oanda „ AUSTRALIA: Pepper
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Anastasiia Bulatova
Стратегия CCI: Концепция CCI — это неограниченный осциллятор с показателем 100+, который обычно считается перекупленным, а любое значение 100 — указывает на перепроданность. Для этой стратегии мы будем использовать эти уровни в качестве триггерных точек и изменить интерпретацию CCI. Мы будем покупать валютную пару, если она достигает нового максимума выше 100, и продавать, если она делает новый минимум ниже 100. В этой стратегии мы ищем новые пики или всплески, которые могут привести валютную па
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Эксперт Argonaut biz разработан для торговли основными валютными парами. Скальпинг в данном эксперте может использоваться: как стратегия скальпирования. для выхода на заданный уровень средств, с опережением уровня начальных свободных средств.  Закрытие сделок происходит с использованием трейлинга. Начальный уровень свободных средств фиксируется экспертом после открытия первого ордера, и обновляется при отсутствии ордеров. Специальный алгоритм расчета сигналов для входа в сделки открывает возмо
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Master IA Power es un EA de alta complejidad matematica que se adapta a los cambios del precio y velocidad, calculando si es conveniente colocar ordenes al mercado. Cuando envia las ordenes, va testeando los lotes convenientes para recoger beneficios estables y consistentes. Y no duda en salir rapidamente del mercado si calcula que no es rentable seguir permaneciendo en el mercado. Master IA Power busca continuamente establecer un equilibrio entre el Balance y la Equidad, sin desviarse de aport
3 669 USD
ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $99! After that, the price will be raised to $149. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and a bonus! Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tuanthang/seller Advanced Bollinger bands is a trading robot for the trading on forex. This is a Bollinger bands system combine with RSI that designed to trade completely automated. The EA has been subjected to stress tests f
99 USD
Advisor Comet 4.0 universal. Terminal MT4. Cuentas ECN, preferiblemente con un margen fijo. hombro de 1-50 y 200 a 1-400 y 1-500 En este caso, esta es la versión moderada. NO martinita y NO promediado NO cuadrícula. Scalping, medio plazo, largo plazo. Auto MM. Establecer un stop al abrir pedidos. Transferencia a sin pérdida + trailing stop. Pares EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CHF, El margen se comprobó hasta 150 pips en el quinto dígito. Depósito desde 100 centavos. H
3 000 USD
K线突破小时均线为开仓,只开1单(开了多就不开空,开了空就不开多,指首单),N点锁仓,加仓为倍数,加仓只在开仓,锁仓原点位,加仓N次,盈利为N点(指总体单子的盈利),开盘时间,停盘时间(停盘不开首单,停盘前的单子继续运行),平仓过程中不得补仓,止损N美金。 再说一遍开仓为0.01,倍数1.5,锁仓就为0.02,又回到开仓位就是0.03了,又回到锁仓位就是0.05,依次类推下去的, 你注意这点哟,平仓后按指标开仓,不是平仓了又开,写成平仓后根据下根K线开仓 你以前写的是平了马上开,没有按指标来开仓,多平了马上空,空平了马上多,这样K线开仓没有发挥作用 只有一第当中第一单你以前写的按K线开仓,后面就不是了,多空,空多按这规律在开仓了
3 000 USD
Aleksandr Nadein
The adviser works on the indicator, the martingale is used in the strategist, and when you turn it on, you can disable it in the settings. Recommended pair USDCHF extern int             Sl     =  0;         //  SL extern int             Tp     =  50;        //  TP extern int             Tral   =  10;        //  Trailing 1 pp extern int            magic   =  3456346;   //  Magic extern double          lot    =  0.01;      //  Lot extern bool     ilan_martin   =  true;      //  true or false
100 USD
Gemini EA
Peter Roy Sorenson
3.33 (3)
NEW VERSION of Gemini:   Changes with signal combinations, SL/TP values and amount of pairs and TF’s available.   Please make sure you download V 1.1 and ONLY use set files for each pair and TF given!   Signal has been updated with this new version. Gemini  is a complex Expert Advisor that uses Awesome Oscillator closing bar price, ATR Ranges and Bar Pattern combinations for opening trades with managing and closing trades based on Bollinger Band Width Ratio’s.   Though the algorithms are consta
Chakra MT4
The Huy Phan
1 (1)
Chakra MT4 is a trending following EA. This EA uses a custom indicators to detect entry signal. The fixed stop loss and take profit are always set for each trade. This EA has smart money management. Users only need to determine the accepted loss for each trade, EA will calculate the lot size for each trade according to stop loss price. Therefore, this EA is very safe. This EA is very easy to use and can apply for many currency pairs. Recommended time frame is  H1. Recommended pairs:  EURUSD,
1 000 USD
Serepok MT4  is a trending following EA. This EA uses a custom indicators to detect entry signal. The fixed stop loss and take profit are always set for each trade. This EA has smart money management. Users only need to determine the accepted loss for each trade, EA will calculate the lot size for each trade according to stop loss price. Therefore, this EA is very safe. This EA is very easy to use and can apply for many currency pairs. Recommended time frame is  H1. Note: 1. Please do back te
1 000 USD
Un asesor muy rentable.(ver rentabilidad y reducción máxima). Hecho a medida para la compañía. ¡VENTA PROHIBIDA!!!!! ------------------------------------------------- Reglas: Operar solo en EURUSD. stop - false. Bar-0.0025 _ altura de la barra para iniciar la apertura de la orden. cuanto mayor sea la barra, menor será el riesgo y menor será la rentabilidad.(mínimo 0.0015) LotTrend-0.01 _ para el comercio tranquilo.(100 $ - min depósito) Profit_all-3.0 _ cierre de todas l
1 500 USD
MADCryptoUpMT4 is an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader terminal that allows you to deploy a simple grid strategy. Signal -  MADCryptoUp   <- The signal is deployed in MetaTrader5 but the logic of the EA is the same Strategy The EA generates a BUY STOP and a BUY LIMIT on the chosen levels closer to the current price. This happens in the case there is no order or position active in that level already. Take-Profit is the level above. This strategy is good for symbols that tend to grow, like crypto
200 USD
Alexander Koptsev
Рад приветствовать Вас на странице моего продукта. Auditor- это Мультивалютная торговая система Предназначена для торговли основными валютными парами. Auditor является полностью  автоматическим экспертом способным самостоятельно анализировать рынок и принимать торговые  решения. Преимущества: Каждая сделка снабжена стоп - лоссом и тейк профитом. Использует только отложенные ордера, что изначально снижает степень рисков через задержки и проскальзывания. Каждый отложенный ордер соблюдает время эк
3 000 USD
Sergei Moskalenko
Советник Shaft использует стратегию скальпирования. Разработан для торговли на основных валютных парах. Особенности работы эксперта: советник торгует отложенными ордерами встроены функции контроля расширения спреда и ограничения проскальзывания благодаря высокой производительности, советник легко оптимизируется и может быть установлен одновременно на любое количество символов для простоты управления, интегрированные в советник сложные многоуровневые операции оптимизированы и выведены в форме
3 000 USD
Chukwudi Joshua Obiekwe
5 (1)
REMAIN 3 COPIES ONLY 9 COPIES TO BE SOLD OUT ON OUR FIRST LAUNCHING OF GraphSeriesEA!!!. After that price of  -----> GRAPHSERIESEA <----- WILL BE $1200 NOTE: if you have bought GraphSeriesEA notify us ,we have fastest growing community of users worldwide and we helps you grow; both on information you need on your journey of successful trading (Very Important!!!) GraphSeriesEA : is more advanced system like BuySellSeriesEA, but difference is it doesn't keep positions,it closes all b
800 USD
Prezzo START! 390 USD ( per le prime 10 copie) successivamente verrà aumentato del 50% ogni 10 copie vendute per preservare la strategia dallo sfruttamento di massa! Questo EA sfrutta la tecnica dell'hedging aprendo simultaneamente posizioni Buy e Sell a distanza aumentando la dimensione del Lotto per far si che i Take Profit di entrambi siano sempre vicini al prezzo attuale. E' uno strumento molto potente che crea dei profitti altissimi. La dimensione del lotto iniziale è di 0.01, le posizio
1 299 USD
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Obtenga más información, como preguntas frecuentes, informes de backtest y consejos para la configuración correcta de DST/GMT   en nuestro FAQ público de SIEA Envía una captura de pantalla de tu compra, y obtendrás los archivos del set para SIEA ZEN y SIEA MAX . Así que tendrás 3 SIEAs en 1. MT4 no es capaz de ejecutar estrategias multisímbolo en su probador de estrategias. Recomendamos utilizar las   versiones de SIEA MT5   para ejecutar backtest multisímbolos realistas. Las claves
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Boosting performance is allowed , Please contact me after purchase about how to get free version of indicator and daily analysis . Upgraded 4.0 to all pairs also good to use . if you want to improve your   manual trading skills   , YOLO is a good tool for you to train your manual trade , if your decision is not too horrible , YOLO will help you TP , and you can start your next decision  PM me after purchase for free version of indicator  Instruction : Here Signal monitor :   Here   Th
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Instruction you need  TripleH Price up : Price will be going up. Last 2 copies for this price , next price will be 2088. Target back to 3888 . BackTest which can not see the full functions which all pairs are communicating among each others . Please watch signals : SignalMinitor   Our Ea Style :  We do not offer any trial version  We do not trust any backtest result  Please only use one EA in the same account  No .set file to make a fully Dynamic strategy to fit different brokers and cur
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Aura Black Edition
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Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money managment used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of multi
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This is a fully automatic forex robot optimized for EURUSD M30. It can trade on both sides at the same time. It uses a dynamic grid and a sophisticated martingale system. It has separate money management for first trade and for martingale trades. This system is not slip sensitive and will work well for all brokers. Settings Start and end of trading Trading TimeFrame Use RSI filter RSI settings ::::::: Money management Lots – starting lot Autolot balance – automatic calculation of the initial lo
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Candle Banker
Elizaveta Erokhina
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Active investments Most investment funds and banks are engaged in passive investments - they buy assets and wait for them to rise in price. While Expert Advisor Candle Banker EA performs trading. This significantly increases a user's profit. Earns even during the crisis! For the adviser Candle Banker EA it does not matter what state the world economy is in. Our investment robot makes a profit at any time!! This way, you will increase your capital during any crisis! Your money will stay with
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Universe EA
Natalyia Nikitina
5 (1)
Universe EA is a fully automated expert advisor based on cluster and candle analysis. The Expert Advisor contains a self-adaptive market algorithm that uses price action candlestick patterns. The system uses the main market patterns in trading, Forex-the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. The advantages of this Expert Advisor are that it will never lose if you have a good deposit, as this is a classic Expert Advisor. After the purchase, write to us by email, we
9 987 USD
GerFX Density Scalper
Exler Consulting GmbH
4.43 (7)
IMPORTANT: Please contact me after buying or renting for the correct key paramter.  Before you buy a night scalper please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses).  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cannot be transferred to live trading. 3) Any mean reversion can get caught on the wrong side of a fast movements due to unexpected new
2 000 USD
Sergei Moskalenko
Inductor  - это полностью автоматизированный эксперт, разработанный  для торговли инструментами Forex. Торговый алгоритм советника учитывает текущее состояние рынка, проскальзывания, расширение спреда и изменения волатильности выбранных инструментов. Может использоваться на VPS и на персональном компьютере. Для достижения максимальной производительности рекомендуется использовать брокеров с ECN-счетами. Inductor способен работать с любым стартовым капиталом. Предусмотрена возможность менять
3 800 USD
This trading robot analyzes market conditions in detail in the current time and in the recent past. It uses advanced methods of measuring volatility and spread. At the right time, it places several pending orders in the trend with short expiration. Every trade is secured by a small StopLoss. Lowest fees and slippage ensure best results. The distance of pending order and StopLoss distance must not be limited by the broker! Settings Magic – EA identification number Comment - Text commentary for
3 400 USD
В конце недели выйдет исправленная 6-я версия. По раннему доступу пишите в личку - будет хорошая скидка. Для торговли и тестирования установите эти настройки - https://disk.yandex.ru/d/WaDIDTZmIJFAAQ Автоматически торгующий советник, в нем заложен генетический алгоритм саморазвития советника, в ходе торговли накопляет информацию о рынке и результатах торговли, и рассчитывает дальнейшее развитие рынка. И постепенно развивает генетический алгоритм адаптируясь на рынка. При получении сигнала
1 790 USD
Traders Toolbox es una herramienta todo en uno (deje un comentario) Características: 19 Señales individuales : cada una de estas señales está sesgada en una configuración de estilo de red neuronal para constituir el resultado final / general. Cada señal tiene su propia configuración que se puede personalizar u optimizar si es necesario.   En integral Screen Display - Seis paneles broche de distancia Con la amplia información y consejos de herramientas. (haga clic en el borde del panel para de
5 000 USD
TRADING STRATEGY ON THE BASIS OF HEDGING WITH CORRELATION (Made in Germany) You can join our "Buy and Hedge" telegram group to discuss and see our clients result: ( https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEZ0Omt2tu2_WSwLdQ) Please do not try to test the Adviser in MT4 strategy tester. It is not possible, because it is multi-currency EA. We have repeatedly encountered various strategies based on hedging, but in practice, in their pure form, they were all doomed to failure.  With high volatility in the For
2 000 USD
5 (3)
We started upgrading again . Now keep observing the new signals from last version .  We do not believe in any result in Demo/Backtest result , This is our style to create our product on LIVE only .  So it takes some times to the next version  Only Work on XAUUSD now !!! FiveElements works on 5 parts -> Drawing Mode (Half Auto) : Users can draw objects on the chart (At the moment only Lines Object) with Special logic to open orders after Pull Back  OnStreet Mode : which users can also trade on
2 299 USD
Hughes EA
Tsagli Hughes Tsatsu
This EA takes trades based on the 4hr time frame as an intraday trading strategy with respect to the lining up or confluence of the other time frames.. This robot works well on all asset classes listed on MetaTrader 4 or MT5 platform. The Strategy is a high probability one as it seeks to depend on other time frames for considerable momentum to trend so beautifully.   There is no Martingale. It executes one trade at a time. It's a true trend EA and you will love the results.. Cheers The input par
1 999 USD
===== PROMO AÑO 2022 HASTA FINAL MES 3.999$ o Primeras 10 Licencias  ================== PRECIO STANDARD 4.999$ PPtraderEA42 es un EA desarrollado sobre la base de años de experiencia PROFESIONAL Se basa en el INDICADOR original y se ejecuta en lotaje de interes compuesto, lo que te dará EXCELENTES resultados, como podras ver al hacer Backtesting. El DEPÓSITO mínimo y recomendado es de solo $ 100 USD Es una estrategia de RIESGO, pero si eres PACIENTE, las ganancias vendrán EA suministr
3 999 USD
From 2021-09-19 this EA includes 9 SmartForexExpert EAs: SFE Night Scalper SFE Stealth SFE Asian SFE Trend SFE Indices SFE Gold SFE Bitcoin SFE Alpha SFE PA Dyn   (not published yet)   Live Performance https://smartforexexpert.azurewebsites.net/ A big effort has made to include the different EAs in 1 mt5 file, and keeping the low demand of the computer resources. The EA runs very smoothly and only take care of his own trades, can be used with other EAs. The EA only need 1 M5
4 500 USD
Andrey Spiridonov
Broker Broker is a self-taught advisor. The algorithm of this adviser is constantly adjusting to the trading dynamics of the market. Advisor has a minimum number of parameters, which facilitates the work of beginners in the foreign exchange market. Advisor Benefits works on any time period works with any trade symbol no parameters that need optimization on each transaction, the adviser learns and adjusts to the current trading situation Advisor Parameters lot_persent = 10 - the volume of a tra
2 400 USD
El súper lingote le brinda una gran consistencia desde el corto hasta el largo plazo. Tiene un rendimiento único con años comprobados de pruebas. maximiza la gran oportunidad con una reducción mínima. El Super Bullion Telsa es el robot hermano del Main Super Bullion. Este es un asesor experto creado simplemente para resultados comprobables. Un súper robot plug and Play que se ha desarrollado cuidadosamente para todas las condiciones del mercado. ¡Quedan 15 copias! Cómpralo ahora al mejor precio
1 899 USD
Vladislav Filippov
For the expert to work correctly, do not forget to upload the files to the directory of the agreement (... AppData \ Roaming \ MetaQuotes \ Terminal \ Common \ Files) Alfascal is a new model of a fully automated trading neuro-system, working on short timeframes. This system, which is based on a specialized neural network, is able to provide continuous training, transform the chaotic realities of the market into a specific system that can improve the quality of open transactions and absorb mos
5 000 USD
Be Safe Pro Updated latest version DD is below 20%    **Back Test in IC Markets,  EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD  Time Frame M15**  *USDCAD 1H * *AUDUSD H2*    **Supports Nifty / Bank Nifty / Stocks / Futures / Options / MCX    **Mobile Notifications and Telegram Updates Instant**    **BE SAFE EA includes 9 Powerful Trend Indicators**    **80% Accuracy Super Strong BUY and SELL Signal entry**    **EA takes Super Strong BUY or SELL order, after 9 indicator confirmation in one bar** Super Stron
1 999 USD
Area 51 EA generates signals on different strategies. Has different money management strategies and dynamic lot size function. When a position is opened, it is equipped with a take profit and a stop loss. If the position becomes profitable, a dynamic stop loss based on the specified values (TrailingStep and DistanceStep) will be set for it and constantly trailed. This allows you to always close positions in profit.  If you want, that your manual opened positions will be handled by the EA, so you
1 899 USD
Parameters General Trade Settings Money Management  Lot : Fixed (can change) Strategies  - M1-D1 Strategies it is fixed with MA, Bollinger band, Candlestick Levels Close Functions  - M1-D1 Strategies Close by Money Profit  - Close Total Open Profit, Close Total Open Profit Short, Close Total Open Profit Long, Close Profit/Loss Today MagicNumber  - individual magic number. The EA will only manage position of the chart symbol with this magic number. NextOpenTradeAfterSeconds  - 30 Minutes is de
2 894 USD
BE SAFE Scanner EA with indicator 24*7 Real account monitoring with deposit 3000$. Updated latest version DD is below 30% https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/598896    **Back Test in IC Markets,  EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD  Time Frame M30**  *USDCAD 1H * *AUDUSD H2*    **BE SAFE Scanner includes 9 Powerful Trend Indicators**    **99% Accuracy Super Strong BUY and SELL Signal entry**    **EA takes Super Strong BUY or SELL order, after 9 indicator confirmation in one bar** Super Strong BUY and SE
1 999 USD
Nguyen Phuong Hoang
Zoom MAX AI Before you buy all of my products please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Please do not over believe in backtesting result . No one can 100% predict the future . 2) The best setting is default, but you can find the best by yourself each special conditions 3) Sometimes a confliction of market can cause the account a short period of Drawdown , Please get ready for it and wait for profit. 4) Super Trade AI are dependent on good brokerage conditions, like low spread and
6 000 USD
This Expert Advisor works with 10 hidden indicators. The strategy searches for support and resistance levels and measures volatility of the market. All of this is done by a complex algorithm and calculation for the best entry point. The EA is FIFO-compliant if hedging is disabled. It works with almost all brokers and does not need the most powerful VPS. It can also work on your desktop but it is not the best thing to do. Settings This EA was developed at first for use on M1 and those pairs: EU
2 750 USD
This is a fully automated trading robot for trading GOLD and Forex. It combines many algorithms and functions to execute trades and manage positions.  Recommendations Broker:  https://www.exness.com/a/s1drqgmd Account type: Zero spread, Raw spread Deposit: at least 5000$; Leverage: from 1:100 to 1:2000 VPS is required Parameters Use the preset is best fit for 3 digits account Happy trading!
5 000 USD
Nikolaos Bekos
The Avato is one of our standalone tools. (A Signal based on it will also be provided on Mt4 Market in the future). It is designed around a combined form of hedging and martingale techniques and uses sophisticated algorithms and filters to place the trades. It uses Stop loss and Take profit levels while Lot size is calculated automatically following the according multiplier settings. We consider it a toolbox for every seasoned trader. Made with Gold market in mind, it can be tested in other inst
5 000 USD
Note : the spread value,  the broker's slippage and the VPS speed affect the Expert Advisor trading results. Recommendations: gold with spread up to 3, USDJPY with spread up to 1.7, EURUSD with spread up to 1.5. Results will be better with better conditions. The Ping value between VPS and the broker server should be below 10 ms. In addition, the smaller the broker's stop-level requirement, the better; 0 is the best. The Expert Advisor is based on a breakthrough system and carefully controls all
2 400 USD
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PriceTracker MT5
Stanislau Siatsko
5 (1)
These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase. $1700 - the price is frozen   until January 24   - this is the last day for the current price $2600 - next price Friends! Someone is trying to draw attention to their products with all sorts of promotions, discounts, Black Fridays, etc., someone with super-profitable tests... I just show how the product works on real ECN accounts with real market condit
1 700 USD
These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase. $945 - the price is frozen   until January 17   - this is the last day for the current price $1700 - next price LIVE Signals:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1102471 Attention: this is a multicurrency EA, which trades by several pairs from one chart!  Therefore, in order to avoid duplicate trades, it is necessary to attach EA only to one chart, ---> all
945 USD
These are limited sales. We do not have a goal to attract a large number of customers, so the price of PriceTracker will constantly increase. $945 - the price is frozen   until January 17   - this is the last day for the current price $1700 - next price LIVE Signals:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1102471 Attention: this is a multicurrency EA, which trades by several pairs from one chart!  Therefore, in order to avoid duplicate trades, it is necessary to attach EA only to one chart, ---> all
945 USD
ebel 2021.12.23 22:22 

This is a very dangerous EA. I am a long time trader who runs a lot of EAs, some of them my own. I set up the EA on the 15 pairs as recommended by the author and selected the specific Strategy3_Logic1 set for each pair, leaving the risk at 1. The EA ran ok for a while, opening and closing a single pair and then opened several pairs at the same time and went manic, opening and closing orders frantically. The first time it happened I thought I had done something wrong so I switched off autotraing to prevent any further damage and went through each pair to ensure I had the right setfile for each. The next day I switched it back on and exactly the same thing happened. It drained my account of 92 GBP in around 30secs. Luckily I was watching and could switch off autotrading to prevent further losses. I sent the day's trades to the author who said that it was impossible and that I must have had other EAs running. This was definitely the only EA I had running on the account with only the 15 pairs recommended. The author then requested my logfile and the setting for AUDCAD which I sent. He then responded that I had changed the setiings. I had not changed the settings and in fact it is impossible to change any settings (other then the risk value) if you select the author's setfiles. Please be very, very careful. If I hadn't been watching, it could have emptied my entire account.

Stanislau Siatsko
Respuesta del desarrollador Stanislau Siatsko 2021.12.24 17:01
Once again, when using the recommended sets installed as described in the instructions, everything you describe is simply impossible! I just can't understand why and, most importantly, whom are you trying to deceive?
I know by heart how the parameters of each set of each currency pair look like, and I see that they have been changed:
CHOOSE_redy_made_PRESET must be (false)
Used_SetFile - does not match the selected currency pair. This EA works for hundreds of traders around the world in different account and different brokers with different trading conditions and no one has such a problem. Do you wonder why? And I described to you in great detail what could lead to your problem: "Judging by your screenshots, you did not use the set files that I provide for each currency pair when using all 15 currency pairs on one account at the same time. I see that you changed the settings and chose the necessary strategy yourself in the ( CHOOSE_redy_made_PRESET) parameter.
If you use all 15 currency pairs, and in general, if you use several advisors on one account, then each transaction must be assigned an individual number (Magic Number). I provide a set files, where in each set, for each currency pair, a different MagicNumber is prescribed and transactions from different currency pairs do not overlap in any way and each EA on each chart manages its own transactions.
If a trader decides to use some of his own settings, this means that he will also control (set) all MagicNumbers for each currency pair, each type of order, exactly those that he needs. That is, he himself chooses and sets those MagicNumbers that he needs, these are parameters (Symbol_1_MagicNumber_Buy_1 and Symbol_1_MagicNumber_Sell_1).
Thus, since you did not use the recommended sets for each currency pair, you used the same MagicNumber for all transactions of all currency pairs, and this is indeed a very serious problem. Since all calculations are individual for each currency pair (time of the last trade, price calculations of the last open trade, calculations of the difference between trades, calculations of the total profit of all trades, and much, much more), it is used taking into account the MagicNumber of each trade. In your case all transactions, all currency pairs used the same MagicNumber, which led to complete confusion and confusion, which probably led to the actions you described on your account.
I can only be sure of what I provide and recommend, but I cannot predict and know what and what settings the user will set / change, how many advisors (and which ones) he will use in his trading. " Moreover, for any difficulties, problems, absolutely any user (be it a beginner or an experienced trader), I always understand / try to identify where and what is the reason. I disassemble and suggest what needs to be done. I, also, probably the only one of all the developers, absolutely free of charge, provide a service for the personal installation of EA (with pre-agreed settings / risks) to client accounts. But for some reason, instead of understanding the reason, to figure it out, you just leave a negative review... I really don't understand...
Arben Bilalaj
Arben Bilalaj 2021.12.01 18:30 

On November 22 i decided to run EA price tracker EA at my real account with balance $500. As today(just one week) im up $200. i will say this, i tried many EA,s before but nothing comes close to Price Tracker. if ur a serios tradrer and want to see account growing Price Tracker is the #1. Thank you Stanislau for this great EA!

Respuesta al comentario
Versión 5.3 2022.01.16
1. Implemented several levels of protection in the trading algorithm for even safer trading.
2. Improved and modernized algorithm for calculating Support and Resistance lines.
3. The algorithm has been upgraded, in which deals are added with a long floating drawdown.
4. The step between transactions has been adapted for each currency pair separately, depending on the strength / volatility of the currency.
5. A parameter has been added that allows you to select a day, a time interval at which the adviser will not open trades. (Day / Time interval - do not open deals). For example, you do not want the EA to open trades on Friday from 14:00 to 16:00. To do this, set the following parameters:
...........Day_of_week_OFF = 5
...........START_Hour_OFF = 14
...........END_Hour_OFF = 16
6. It is now set by default that the calculation of the lot is carried out according to the deposit currency
Lot_size_by_Deposit_Currency = true
7. When using built-in presets (parameter CHOOSE_redy_made_PRESET), in order to avoid mistakes/inexperience of a trader, an individual MagicNumber is registered for each preset.

ATTENTION! Do not update PriceTracker if you use Strategy-3 for trading. At the moment, for the new version 5.3, sets for Strategy-3 are being tested and optimized and will be ready in the coming days.
Versión 4.2 2021.10.05
Adjusted default settings.
The update is optional, the EA itself has not changed, and all built-in presets and set files remain the same.
Versión 4.1 2021.10.04
This is a powerful update of the entire trading system, and all presets, opening up new approaches to trading in general.

1. Added separate conditions for calculating support and resistance lines for different trends. Individual conditions are used for different types of orders.
2. The most powerful diversification of risks is used - 15 different currency pairs have been added at once ---> these are 45 logical trading schemes for only one strategy. Now PriceTracker can trade 2 different strategies ---> these are 90 different logical options.
3. All 90 presets are already integrated into the settings, which simplifies the setup and use of the EA. All you need is to select a ready-made preset, this is the parameter:
..... CHOOSE_redy_made_PRESET
set a comfortable risk level for you, this is a parameter:
..... Risk_value
4. There are presented 2 packages of (optimal) sets (15 in each), which were selected through thorough testing in real time on real ticks in real trading conditions, and which we personally use in real trading. Used to trade on 2 separate accounts.
5. Upon request, we provide a ready-made template for the client's requirements. You do not need to individually open all 15 charts and configure PriceTracker for each currency pair. You just use a ready-made template, where everything is already done for you.
Versión 3.5 2021.07.15
All ready-made sets are integrated directly into the code, today there are already 25 of them in different styles and logics of trading. Now you do not need to download and install the set file in the settings. All you need to do is select a ready-made preset, this is a parameter:
..... CHOOSE_redy_made_PRESET
set a comfortable level of risk for you, this is a parameter:
..... Risk_value