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Dashboard Parabolic SAR Mt4

Excellent dashboard for analytics.

The panel helps to analyze the values of the Parabolic SAR indicator and its signals.

With this panel you can:
  • watch the current signal from Parabolic SAR on all timeframes;
  • watch the current signal from Parabolic SAR for different symbols;
  • watch the current Parabolic SAR value;
  • several types of signals for analytics.

Values in a table cell:

  • value of Parabolic SAR

Signal type:

  • Parabolic SAR crosses Price
  • Parabolic SAR upper/lower Price

Work option:
  • all symbols added to the "Market Watch";
  • only the current character;
  • characters from the list.

  • if the background of the cell is "blue", then this is a buy signal
  • if the cell background is "red", then this is a sell signal

  • type_symbols - selection of a work option: ALL SYMBOLS MARKET WATCH - all symbols from the "Market Watch"; ONLY CURRENT SYMBOL - only the current symbol; INPUT SYMBOLS - symbols from the list;
  • input_symbols - a list of symbols to work with (used if the work option is INPUT SYMBOLS);
  • Parameters of indicator

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