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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 5 - 45

Use trading robots and indicators to make Forex trading more profitable. Trading robots allow you to automate opening and closing deals, while indicators help you predict market behavior more accurately. The page features the catalog of MetaTrader 5 applications.
Dynamic regression channel MT5
Sergey Efimenko
The indicator draws a dynamically changing (redrawn as the price moves) regression channel for reference points. The channel calculation algorithm is based on calculating a Lagrange polynomial. The last part of the vertices specified by the corresponding parameter is redrawn. You can search for points in three different ways to choose from. The channel can be of 3 types: horizontal (1 reference point), inclined (2 reference points), or curved (3 or more reference points). Parameters: Limit bars
30 USD
Volume Breakout
Fernando Sanches
Um dos Melhores Indicadores de Volume, com a adição de uma Média Móvel para a ponderação de volume sobre a média de tempo. Se o Volume da Vela corrente for 'X%' maior que o Volume da Vela Anterior sobre a média móvel, teremos um sinal de aumento de volume. Podendo ser uma sinal de Inicio, Continuidade, Reversão ou esgotamento do Movimento. Totalmente configurável e todas as opções abertas, você pode colorir e setar TODOS os valores como achar mais confortável. O 'Volume Break' mostra as barr
50 USD
MTF MultiMeter5
Benefits: A new and innovative way of looking across multiple timeframes and multiple indicators on any chart. Provides instant multi-timeframe analysis of any market. i.e. forex currency pairs, cryptocurrency pairs, commodities, etc. It offers precise indications across multiple timeframes of volatility as measured by RSI, ADX and STOCH within one chart. Helps you determine high probability trading setups. See example strategy in comments. Can see bullish/bearish volatility building across mult
49 USD
BDB First Wiseman
Sergey Chepurnykh
Bearish/Bullish divergent bar . One of the signals of the "Trade Chaos" system of Bill Williams. (First wiseman) When bar moving away from the  "Alligator" indicator and there is divergence on the Awesome Oscillator indicator, it shows a potential point of movement change. It is based on the opening/closing of the bar, the position relative to the previous ones, the Alligator and AO. When trading, the entrance is at the breakthrough of the bar(short trade - low of bar, long trade high of bar)
30 USD
Description: Wave5 is an adviser that trades on the Eliot wave theory and Fibonacci levels. Currencies : EURUSD Timeframe: M15 Detailed description: The Wave5 Expert Advisor is trading on the EURUSD pair. A combination of several indicators is used to analyze the wave pattern. The decision to enter the transaction is made when the waves form up or down. Most effectively, the expert trades on the M15 period on the EURUSD pair. There is a minimal risk with a sufficiently high profit. Risk man
29 USD
Price Control
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Price Control indicator determines a short-term and long-term trend. The analysis is based on the selected timeframe. The indicator shows the points of opening deals for sale or purchase, and also indicates the direction of the trend at: Short term Long term The indicator not only signals an immediate purchase or sale. It indicates a short-term and long-term trend. The indicator allows you to examine in more detail the real and historical market trends!
55 USD
Tete Adate Adjete
An expert advisor working with 5 digit  broker and trading indices like BOOM & CRASH indexes. the expert is based on a simple trading strategy Safe parameter Risk in percentage 0 Maximum number if trades 3 Open positions if predicted profit 30 Maximum loss 4000 0 disable; >0: enable (in pips) 100 0 disable; >0: enable (in pips) 180 0 disable; >0: enable (stoploss must ne enabled too ) ( in pips ) 200000 Number of past bars100000 Order if Burg model as a fraction of pastBars 0.37 Enable Logarit
100 USD
Gap Professional MT5
Vadim Zotov
Professional innovative system for trading on a live account. Based on patterns of closing gaps in price movements. The ability to adapt to any market. Minimum deposit of $ 10. Features of the trading strategy In the graphs of the movement of currency pairs, gaps are often formed. Usually they occur after days off or holidays. This is due to a change in some fundamental factors of the markets during the absence of trading. Therefore, immediately after the opening of the market, one can observ
250 USD
Forex Driver
Ivan Simonika
Forex Driver is a great tool for detecting peaks and valleys on a chart. This indicator uses a modified peak and trough detection algorithm. This algorithm includes the Fractals indicator and the ZigZag indicator. This tool should be used to analyze peaks and valleys, as well as to detect patterns, or for other purposes. You can use this powerful tool for your own purposes at your own risk.
59 USD
Scalpers MA
Ivan Simonika
This bot is based on the analysis of adaptive moving averages. The expert is distinguished by stable signals, which can be used as accurate short-term signals. This is a semi-scalping system that analyzes the market using reliable indicators. Scalper is a system or not, depends on the parameters TakeProfit and StopLoss. Using this adviser, you need to understand that this bot requires optimization. The bot works both on netting accounts and on hedging accounts. But the settings must be optimize
89 USD
Shot Signal
Yaroslav Varankin
It indicates a trend reversal in the very beginning. It works well. The accuracy of the signals of this instrument to  80% Trading recommendations The signal is formulated on the current candle Enter the deal at the next Take Profit 20-30 pips Stoploss 3 options 1 Exit a trade with the opposite signal 2 Stoploss is installed immediately after the  signal  3 at the near maximum or minimum
250 USD
Plutus MT5
Trading Robotics GmbH
What is Plutus? It is a full-automated trading robot, including elements from the algo and quant-trading fields.  The algo-trading part includes multiple trading-strategies developed by Trading Robotics. Most of them contain combinations of some of the most popular indicators, like Bollinger Bands, RSI, ATR, MA, EMA. Some others contain unique developed indicators.  On the quant-trading part, Plutus makes statistical analysis of the market and it uses the power of Math to decide, if it is time
30 USD
Strategy Manager Plus
Erwann Pannerec
Strategy Manager is a  Multi-Time-Frame & Multi-Currency  Dashboard for  Metatrader 4 and 5. Thanks to a free, external graphical user interface, build your own strategy by combining any indicators and loading them into the dashboard to see the result ! In addition, you can precisely  set-up your Auto-trading & Notifications and use indicators for Stop-Loss, partial profit or limit. Filter your automatic trading & notifications with forex calendar and more. Open and Manage your orders directly w
84 USD
Ellizii RsiTrend mt5
Vitaly Dodonov
Ellizii RsiTrend mt5 Данный индикатор относится к трендовому типу. "Ellizii RsiTrend mt5" является модификацией RSI TrendMT5 . Особенности "Ellizii RsiTrend mt5": Работает со осциллятором RSI.  Осциллятор RSI пропущен через специальный фильтр, который "сжимает" амплитутду этого индикатора. В результате RSI реже оказывается в зонах перекупленности и перепроданности. Это уменьшает количество ложных сигналов о смене тренда. В индикатор встроена торговая стратегия, которая будет описана чуть ниже.
30 USD
Five Stars Trend MT5
Alexander Fedosov
The Five Stars Trend indicator evaluates the trend on selected trading instruments and timeframes in the form of a five-star rating, and also gives recommendations for entering and exiting the market. Key features of Five Stars Trend Allows you to flexibly customize your interface: background color, title, font size. Ability to manually set up to 10 own sets of trading instruments and timeframes. Set and edit the rating calculation system yourself. How to use the indicator and recommendations
45 USD
Bruces Price Predictor mt5
Bruce Webb
*Non-Repainting Indicator Bruce Webb Explains How To Use Bruce's Price Predictor In Detail And Free Forex Strategy  https://youtu.be/hfoB1tZZpTo Bruce's Price Predictor is an indicator that shows precise price reversals. A great arsenal to add to any chart.  Bruce's Price Predictor points price reversals with high degree of accuracy and it is great for scalping on the 1min time frame, Or swing trading on the 1hr time frame. Buy and sell arrows are shown on the chart as for entry signals. They do
50 USD
Nataliia Deshko
Description adviser NatalySix1. Automatic advisor based on 3 MA, also adjustable moving average method, you add adjustable commission, compared to the currency you use, tp points and step in case if it enters wrong position,  when changing buy or sell conditions, director closes all positions if he or she exceeds a certain level, for example 10 euros, use a director preferably with a lot that does not exceed 0.01, 0.02 a risky strategy to avoid daring to use with larger lots ,,  to decrease the
500 USD
Xetera Multi TP Manager for Vix75
XETERA MULTI TP MANAGER Xetera Multi TP Manager for Vix75 is an Expert Advisor specially designed for Volatility 75 Index on the Meta Trader 5 platform to manage trades even while you are away or asleep. Many Forex Signal Services out there use multiple take profit levels such as TP1, TP2, and TP3. The signal services give you multiple target levels to increase your profit, but the problem is you always need to monitor your trades and move the Stop Loss, trailing.   So, we fixed this issue by d
360 USD
Xetera Multi TP Manager for FX
XETERA MULTI TP MANAGER Xetera Multi TP Manager for FX is an Expert Advisor specially designed for Forex on the Meta Trader 5 platform to manage trades even while you are away or asleep. Many Forex Signal Services out there use multiple take profit levels such as TP1, TP2, and TP3. The signal services give you multiple target levels to increase your profit, but the problem is you always need to monitor your trades and move the Stop Loss, trailing.   So, we fixed this issue by developing our EA t
300 USD
Yellow mouse scalping MT5
Vasiliy Kolesov
Yellow mouse scalping   Yellow mouse scalping   is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for trading at night in a calm market. The strategy is night scalping. To find entry points, standard RSI and ATR indicators are used. The closing of transactions takes place according to the author's algorithm, which significantly improves the ability to control risks and security of the deposit. Thanks to a wide range of settings, each user can choose an acceptable risk / reward ratio. Risky martingale
399 USD
Profit Only MT5
Aleksandr Bebishev
Only profit! This is a smart grid trading robot.  It works on my original algorithm!  At  medium  risks, it shows more than 100%  profit  per year.  ( Tested exclusively on real ticks and real accounts ) This robot is created to receive income more than any bank offers. It trades automatically around the clock on any currency pair!   ( I do not recommend "exotic" currency pairs ) Adjustable   risks.  Adjustable position volume. Adjustable mesh pitch. Adjustable profit level. Not tied to a time f
1 000 USD
Forex Volumes
Marco Montemari
Forex is the most liquid market in the world. For this reason real volumes are not available. Some indicators use the number of ticks, in other cases the broker can supply volumes informations but they will be only data about that broker. Volumes are important becase they will form the price and volatility of the market. Using an algorithm this indicator can give you a very good approximation of the volumes for each candle. How to read the indicators? This version provides you many visualiza
67 USD
VWAP Stdev Bands
Diogo Martins De Souza
This indicator plots VWAP  with 4 Standard Deviation bands.  In finance, volume-weighted average price (VWAP) is the ratio of the value traded to total volume traded over a particular time horizon (usually one day). It is a measure of the average price at which a stock is traded over the trading horizon. VWAP is often used as a trading benchmark by investors who aim to be as passive as possible in their execution. Many pension funds, and some mutual funds, fall into this category. The aim of usi
30 USD
Pulsar EA MT5
Marta Gonzalez
Pulsar  it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pulsar    It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.        NO INPUT TO SELECT FOR THE TRADER   ALL AUTO MATED THIS SYSTEM IS ALWAIS IN THE MARKET IN THE TWO DIRECCTION MAKE WINING CYCLES   PULSAR . It is a 100% automatic sys
30 USD
True SSRC nrp MT5
Sergey Efimenko
The indicator displays (to choose from): Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, Pearson's linear correlation coefficient, Kendall's rank correlation coefficient, and Fechner's sign correlation coefficient. The result can be further smoothed in 4 standard ways. After closing the bar, the values are fixed and not redrawn. When using the Spearman calculation, we get a well-known SSRC, with the only difference that the true coefficient is calculated in the indicator, and smoothing is applied to t
30 USD
Evgeniy Machok
Fully automatic professional tool for trading metals and stock indices . The classic trading strategy of price levels breakout. Trading is carried out by pending orders taking into account the medium-term trend. Stop loss is always set. Dangerous strategies - grid, martingale, etc. - NOT used. Minimal number of parameters makes the use of this Expert Advisor accessible even for inexperienced users. Not sensitive to account type and execution speed. Telegram: https://t.me/realfo
140 USD
Daklak MT5
The Huy Phan
Daklak MT5  the new generation EA. The basic concept is trend following. The indicators included in this EA will detect the price level and the movement of the market that is high possibility trend will continue. The fixed stop loss are always set for each trade. This EA has smart money management. Users only need to determine the accepted loss for each trade, EA will calculate the lot size for each trade according to stop loss price. Therefore, this EA is very safe. This EA will open 2 trades
1 000 USD
Vwap MT5
Sant Clear Ali Costa
reference: "High Frequency Trading, A Pratical Guide to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems (Aldridge, Irene)" Characteristics The calculation of VWAP is in accordance with the literature. 4 types of VWAPs, daily, monthly, yearly, moving. Note: Daily is the most popular form, the calculation is performed from the beginning to the end of each trading session (Market benchmark). In the moving, the calculation is carried out from n periods past to the current period, as with the famou
60 USD
Exp Crassula
Aleksey Luppey
The Exp Crassula expert Advisor can start working with a minimum Deposit of $ 20. it is possible to enable automatic lot increase (calculated from the result of the last transaction.) The expert is working around the clock in fully automatic mode. The expert showed good results on the history of the EURUSD H1 pair. You can enable it on other timeframes and currency pairs by first testing and selecting the minimum size for the calculation in paragraphs parameter. it is recommended to use fr
100 USD
Volume bar chart
Artur Zas
A volume-based chart designed for use with exchange-traded instruments only (futures, stocks, etc.). Real volume data is needed for the chart to display. If no real volume data is present the chart will fallback to a "tick volume" bar chart. Tick volume mode can also be set using the indicator's settings. Real trade volume is used to calculate both live and historical bars. A new bar is formed only after a user-defined number of contracts are traded, aka volume! For example, on a 4000 volume
45 USD
Trend Trader EME
Trend Trader is an intelligent, fully automated EA. It's combining Institutional Levels (for stop loss and profit targets), and 3 indicators for buy and sell signal at same time. When 3 indicators agree with each other for trend, or changing trend, EA will open position, stop loss will be set on last low, or high, depending on direction, and targets profit are made on levels (on default settings, you can change it). Indicators its using are Expert Market Edge (custom made indicator  https://www.
29 990 USD
Real VWAP with standard deviations
Giovanni Romano
This indicator is coded for Metatrader 5 since it is currently the only Metatrader-platform that you can connect with real future data-feed (that it means real volume from future contract) if your broker gives it to you.  VWAP is a real professional indicator, and in this version you also have the standard-deviation lines calculated in the unique correct way. It may happen that you can find vwap with wrong standard deviation lines, that's why I made this indicator by myself.  The vwap and the d
40 USD
Level Trading Evolution MT5
Sergey Efimenko
The indicator plots support/resistance levels by reference points-extremes. Reference point search is available in 3 options. The level becomes irrelevant after a breakout or a set number of bars. The indicator allows you to build inclined or horizontal trend lines. Levels are divided by significance into 5 categories, depending on the number of confirmation points. The idea of the indicator algorithm is partly borrowed from the Level Trading system. Parameters: Limit bars  - the number of bar
30 USD
Ultimate Scalping MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
ULTIMATE SCALPING MT5   is an automated professional scalping Expert Advisor designed to work in the   FOREX market   . The strategy uses the relative strength index ( RSI ) and the average true range ( ATR ) in order to determine the best entry points into the market. Advisor is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The most volatile pairs are suitable for work: GBPUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD. 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/for
40 USD
ALLinID Multicurrency trend follower indicator
Long Chen
This indicator is designed for trend traders. You can get the signal just from the chart .Up arrow means you should go long and down arrow means you should go short! I recommand  you to follow these tips to achieve best performance with this indicator! 1,limit your risk to less than 10%  for every trade,don't be too aggresive. 2,use break even stratege once the real trend goes in your favor. profit to loss ratio should be more than 2:1. 3,stop out once the price reach  your stop limit.
999 USD
Defender of the Deposit
Alexey Viktorov
Советник локирует убыточную позицию или сетку с указанным Magic number и в дальнейшем пытается свести убыток к нулю, или минимуму. Продолжительность операции зависит от параметров советника и может продолжаться от нескольких дней до нескольких месяцев. Параметры советника и их назначение: What position is locked             Какого направления позицию или сетку позиций локируем. Buy или Sell. Magic number                           Magic number позиции которую локируем. Width lock                
100 USD
Jia Jia Chen
Forex market time indicators, including Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York 4 market times Considering server daylight saving time switching and daylight saving time switching in each market input ENUM_DST_ZONE InpServerDSTChangeRule = DST_ZONE_US; // Server-side daylight saving time switching rules According to New York or Europe input int InpBackDays = 100; // maximum draw days, for performance reasons input bool InpShowTextLabel = true; // display text label which market, current volatilit
30 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
Scaner indicator. Currency pairs never rise or fall in a straight line. Their rises and falls are alternated by pullbacks and turns. Each growth and each fall is reflected in your emotional state: hope is replaced by fear, and when it passes, hope reappears. The market uses your fear to prevent you from taking a strong position. At such times, you are most vulnerable. Everything will change if you use the Scaner indicator. The Scaner indicator was created to neutralize temporary pauses an
56 USD
Swing or Scalp Mt5
Jermaine Wedderburn
Continuous Coloured dot lines under and above price when conditions are met. Arrows Red and Green for entry Points.  User can change the colours of the arrows in the colour section of the indicator.  It is consider a great scalping tool on lower time-frames, while higher time frames will have fewer opportunities but trades will possibly last longer.  There is an input for Alert on or off.  This can be used effectively on M15/M30 Chart until up to H4 chart time.  It is best if the user has some
30 USD
BelkaMiner MT5
Dmitriy Shal
BelkaMiner is a fully automated breakout / momentum / reversal trading system (platform) based on Neural Networks and the most well-known clustering algorithm that is used for unsupervised Machine Learning and statistical data analysis ( Data Mining ). The EA allows you to build a machine learning -based trading system on any pair and timeframe; It's a real Data Miner  and  ML system , not just pretty words. You can fully control the learning process and change the data mining settings in your o
229 USD
ALM System
Szabo Bence
This trading system uses complex money management formulas to calculate the proper postiton size. Buystop and Sellstop orders are palced on particular levels. Why give a try to this Expert: - Simple - Don't need to optimize the input settings. - Consistent profit - See the backtest results below - Small drawdown - Risk is under control The backtest was carried out on GBPUSD, M1. This expert works well on GBPUSD with the default input settings. The backtest started from the 1st of January 201
120 USD
Patternium EU M30
299 USD
Delta Volume Tick MT5
Sergey Efimenko
The indicator analyzes the change in tick volumes relative to the previous bar taking into account prices and displays the result in the form of a four-color histogram. Two options for the used price and 4 standard types of smoothing the source data. Minimum values for calculation periods 2. Parameters Price mode - used price Oscillator period - calculation period Smoothing period - the period of smoothing the source data Smoothing method - smoothing method
30 USD
FIX Adaptor
The FIX Adaptor allows an external system to request prices from the Client Terminal and send trade requests into the Client Terminal using FIX Protocol messages. The FIX Adaptor will attempt to initiate one FIX connection at the given IP address and it will use this connection for both prices and trades. The prices will be subscribed or unsubscribed by the external system with MarketDataRequest messages (35=V) and price updates will be sent by the FIX Adaptor in the form of MarketDataSnapshotFu
100 USD
Predator MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
PREDATOR MT5   is a  # FOREX   advisor with an advanced adaptive strategy. It is assumed that if the price has been fluctuating in a narrow range for a long time, then orders of large players are collected there, and the price will bounce several times in the opposite direction from this level. Suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The # ADVISER   should be used on highly liquid currency pairs with a small spread and commission. 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https
40 USD
DMI Trend3
Norio Takahashi
This indicator improves the "DMI Trend" so that the trend signal reacts faster than before. ---The indicator allows you to simplify the interpretation of signals produced by the classical ADX indicator. The position of the hight bars of the histogram relative to zero and the histogram coloring indicate the direction of price movement determined by the intersection of DI+ / DI-. The position of the hight bars of the histogram relative to zero and the color indicate the strength of the pric
10 USD
Martha is an Expert Advisor (EA) that built based on grid method. The idea is place buy or sell simultaneously when they are negative, wait and take the profit when the price is going back or passed the TakeProfit value. So this EA requires user adjustment setting itself between OrderLots with balance are used in the account. If you set TakeProfit value is negative, so this EA will waiting profit until price going back to the first price where order has been taken. But the new order will be
10 USD
SR Doji EurUsd MT5
Catalin Zachiu
This expert uses suport and resistance in combination with ATR to place pending orders at those levels . For closing it uses Doji candle pattern or the closing at the end of the day . It is mainly built for the EUR/USD pair , M 15 Timeframe . Every position has Stop Loss and Take Profit , does not use grid , martingale or other dangerous trading methods . Test it with the Risk Percent parameter set to 4 and see what it can do. EUR/USD only - M 15  Timeframe .
30 USD
Zen MT5
Elena Kusheva
I slippage=0; - allowed slippage, 0 - not used   S cmt=""; - comment on orders   I Magic=20200131; - magic, the order ID of the EA   S WorkTime="00:00-24:00"; - the format is HH: MM-HH:MM, all day 0-24 or 00: 00-24:00   D fix_lot=0.01; / / fix lot - working lot   Order_tp D=100.0; //TP. I recommend – 10.0-take profit in points as for 4 characters! the EA automatically detects 5-character instruments and will increase the value 10 times automatically.   D order_sl=0.0; / / SL-stop loss in points
30 USD
SAR Scalper MT5
Hallo, Ihr könnt von M5 bis Woche die Zeit einstellen.  Support gibt es auch im Kanal unter https://t.me/forexWDScalper Fragen beantworte ich gerne hier oder unter torsten748@outlook.de Diesen EA gibt es auch für MT4, bitte schreibt mir.  AUDCAD  AUDCHF  AUDNZD  AUDJPY  AUDUSD  CADJPY CHFJPY EURCAD EURJPY EURNZD EURUSD NZDCAD NZDUSD NZDJPY USDJPY GBPUSD GBPJPY XAGUSD Schalter nur eine Richtung = true/false  mit der Einstellung könnt ihr die Swap Gebühren Handeln Max offene Paare = 1 Schalter Lon
250 USD
Booster for MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
BOOSTER FOR MT5 is a professional scalping advisor for daily work on the FOREX currency market. In trading, along with experience, traders usually come to understand that the levels of accumulation of stop orders, price and time play a significant role in the market. This FOREX Expert Advisor implements this strategy, and I hope that you will not only enjoy using this product, but also take part in its development - leaving your review with wishes here  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/459
40 USD
Genius Breakout MT5
Ozkan Kara
Genius Breakout indicator provides Entry Signal, StopLoss and TakeProfit levels by using special breakout pattern. If you like breakout systems, you may use the buy and sell signals for trading. It clearly shows where to Buy or Sell, where to place your StopLoss and TakeProfit levels. Resistance and Support Levels are calculated by special formula. I want your good reviews, please test it for free. I hope you will find it useful in your trading systems. Features Resistance   and   Support   Le
45 USD
Current Position Info Board 5
Andrej Nikitin
The informer provides information on the current state of open market positions. The visual presentation consists of two parts.  The left side contains the latest transactions executed on the account. Transactions are sorted by time. The right part shows the current state of the aggregate positions of the instruments. Sorting of positions is carried out in descending order of the margin load on the account. Updating and recalculating the status of positions is performed automatically and/or by
30 USD
Genius Power MT5
Ozkan Kara
Genius Power  indicator provides Entry Signal, StopLoss and TakeProfit levels by detecting trend direction. Its smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise. The indicator sends notification when new signal is produced. The indicator calculates trend, momentum and patterns for you and gives best entry points. It clearly shows where to Buy or Sell, where to place your StopLoss and TakeProfit levels. I want your good reviews, please test it for free. I hope you will find it useful i
45 USD
Genius Impulse MT5
Ozkan Kara
Genius Impulse  indicator provides Entry Signal, StopLoss and TakeProfit levels by using special impulse pattern. When the market has momentum, indicator search for impulse. Its smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise. The indicator sends notification when new signal is produced. Are you tired to use too many indicators? Please try Genius Impulse. It is easy to understand. The indicator calculates trend, momentum and patterns for you and gives best entry points. It clearly sh
45 USD
LuckyPip All in One MT5
Ozkan Kara
LuckyPip All in One indicator is a good solution for easy and fast analysis of a pair. It summarizes everything in only one window. Indicator has 5 different analysis sections. These are Price, High & Low, Trend, Hourly Volatility and Positions. Price Section There are 4 values. Symbol name Current Price Price Daily Change (in Points) Price Daily Change (in Percent) High & Low Section Daily and Monthly High-Low prices are updated in every new price. There are two lines indicating where the
45 USD
LuckyPip Trend MT5
Ozkan Kara
LuckyPip Trend indicator provides multi-currency trend. 8 currencies are used (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF and NZD). First, currencies' trends are calculated and then pairs' trend is calculated by using currencies' situations. The indicator provides open and close positions signals when reaching overbought or oversold levels. It has a smart algorithm that detects the trend changes and sends an alert for changing. Alert system is running when the trend has changed. If the trend reached the
45 USD
LuckyPip Power MT5
Ozkan Kara
LuckyPip Power indicator provides open and close signals by calculating all timeframes trend . It has smart algorithm that detects the trend. Alert system is running when the trend has changed. If the trend reached to end of phase, indicator will send immadiately notification or message to you for good exit point. Result is calculating by super algorithm. LongTerm Trend is calculated by H1,H4,D1 and W1 TimeFrames. ShortTerm Trend is calculated by M1,M5,M15,M30 Timeframes. Key Features Open and
45 USD
KARAS Currency Index MT5
Ozkan Kara
KARAS Currency Index shows eight currencies' trend power. (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, NZD). It is a real time currency strength meter with a real time histogram. Three trend terms are used in this indicator. (Long, Medium and Short Terms). Eight currencies are selected by their volumes in market and liquidity. New formula has developed for calculating their real value. Only one chart is enough to see six currencies' values. 17 pairs' power are seen easily by using this indicator. EURUSD,
45 USD
Ozkan Kara
The KARAS AutoRS provides Resistance and Support Levels automatically. You may use it for Breakout Strategy and Canal Strategy. Key Features No Repaint! Resistance and Support Levels are automatically drawn. Available for all TimeFrames. Suitable for Scalpers, Swing Traders, Day Trader, Short Term & Long Term Traders. You may use this indicator for all instruments. My other products  are here ----->  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ozkankara27/seller#products KARAS Currency Index MT5 Indicator
45 USD
Cesar Juan Flores Navarro
Se considera la secuencia de la serie Fibonacci (2,3,5,8,13) que sera multiplicado por un periodo (11 o 33 o 70 etc.), de las 5 lineas se sacara una sola que sera contendrá el máximo y mínimo de las 5, a esta linea se le aplicara un suavizador de 3....y a esta linea suavizada se le volverá a aplicar un suavizador de 3. obteniéndose 2 lineas suavizadas. A simple vista se ve las intersecciones que hacen las lineas que pueden ser usadas para comprar o vender. Cambien se puede usar con apoyo de otro
120 USD
Let s do it MT5
Marta Gonzalez
Let´s do it   - it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. Can used this EA whit 100$ in your account The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of  independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions  Let´s do it   It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.        It is a 100% automatic system, the system controls both the inputs and the batches, the operator just has to place the robot on t
30 USD
Rsi Decoder MT5
Philip Pankaj
Inspired from, Time is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying past price records you will be able to prove to yourself history does repeat and by knowing the past you can tell the future. There is a definite relation between price and time. -William Delbert Gann   RSI DECODER is a Price Action/Price Pattern detection Indicator which uses historical data to validate a current pattern or profile to predict the probability of future price close based on forecast
79 USD
DYJ Average Directional Movement Index MT5
Daying Cao
The  DYJ Average Directional Movement Index  is a unique High quality and easy to use and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features and   Average Directional Movement Index  indicators. The  DYJ ADX  recommends buying when +DI is higher than -DI, and selling when +DI sinks lower than -DI. MT5 real account video demo: https://youtu.be/McRzAkyP5I0 Other product:   https://www.mql5.com/en/users/cdymql4/seller#products   Input Parameters  ADX  settings
375 USD
Dynamoc SR Trend Channel
DYNAMIC SR TREND CHANNEL Dynamic SR Trend Channel is a simple indicator for trend detection as well as resistance/support levels on the current timeframe. It shows you areas where to expect possible change in trend direction and trend continuation. It works with any trading system (both price action and other trading system that use indicators) and is also very good for renko charting system as well. In an uptrend, the red line (main line) serves as the support and the blue line serves as the
50 USD
GRID for MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
GRID for MT5 is a convenient tool for those who trade a grid of orders, designed for quick and comfortable trading in the FOREX financial markets. GRID for MT5 has a customizable panel with all the necessary parameters. Suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It works with any brokers, including American brokers, requiring FIFO to close primarily previously opened transactions. The grid of orders can be either fixed - orders are opened with a fixed step, or have dynamic levels of op
50 USD
Indicator of the seconds a candle
Индикатор для отображения свеч размером меньше одной минуты, вплоть до размера в одну секунду, для детализированного просмотра графика . Имеется ряд необходимых настроек для удобной визуализации. Настройка размера хранения истории ценовых данных транслируемых инструментов. Размер видимых свеч. Настройка отображения неподвижности на курсах графика. Возможность отображения на различных торговых инструментах.  Удачной всем торговли.
20 USD
Pivot Trend Line Filtered MT5
Sergey Efimenko
The indicator displays a trend line, the calculation algorithm of which is similar to the algorithm for calculating daily pivot values. A disengageable three-mode filter helps remove the most of the false trend breakdowns. Three options for analyzing the source data allow you to get a near the price or a more smoothed line. Only “fixed” price data are used for calculation, therefore, after the bar is closed, the indicator values do not change or redraw on the history. Parameters Main period -
30 USD
DMI Trend and BBands PMO
Norio Takahashi
This EA makes trading decisions based on two unique indicator indicators. One is "DMI Trend", which uses ADX to see the direction and momentum of the trend. The other is "BBands PMO", which determines buying and selling from double smoothed rate of change (ROC), EMA, and Bollinger bands. In Hegde_false mode, you can fix trading lots, but in Hegde_true mode, you can automatically calculate the optimal lot size according to the funds you hold, and you can also trade in Addition and Cross order.
10 USD
BinaWin NoTouch
Juan Fernando Urrego Alvarez
BinaWin NoTouch is an indicator that sends an alert signal when the trade is in the right position to wait for the breakdown of a side market. It is specially designed to trade under the “No Touch” strategy of the Binary.Com platform with synthetic indexes N.10, N.25, N.50, N.75 and N.100 Similarly, trading can be done with the conventional CALL and PUT strategy of any Binary Options platform. Requirements to use the indicator: 1. Have an account at Binary.Com 2. Configure the Binary.
399 USD

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