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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 232

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator calculate pivot points (Pivot point, Resistance1, Resistance2, Resistance3, Support1, Support2, Support3) using classical formula but instead of using static data (previous day data) uses x bars that keep updating as new bar is made. It has the next inputs: periods: Amount of periods (bars) to calculate pivot points. Every level can be customized in terms of style, width, colour. Note: As this indicator keep constantly updating as new bar forms it repaints past data when you u
15 USD
Verdure InfoBASE
Olawale Adenagbe
Verdure InfoBASE Verdure InfoBASE is a utility that provides detail information about Trading Server, MT4 Terminal, Trading Account, Symbols, Date and Time and MQL5 Community. Furthermore, it provides useful price statistics about any Forex currency pair and open positions. As a trader, certain information are very key in making trading decisions but these information are not readily available on MT4 Terminal without going through many clicks of the mouse to fetch these information or doing some
20 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The indicator draws high and low zones based on Bollinger Bands calculated over x number of bars. It has the next inputs: periods: Number of periods to make calculation of zones. Deviation1: Number of deviations to plot the first high and low lines. Deviation2: Number of deviations to plot the second high and low lines. The indicator can be customized: # Color Width Style 0 Red 1 0 1 Yellow 1 0 2 Blue 1 0 3 Green 1 0 4 Green 3 ----- 5 Red 3 ----- 6 Green 3 ----- 7 Green 3 ----- Note: The bigger
15 USD
In the stock market technical analysis, support and resistance is a concept that the movement of the price of a security will tend to stop and reverse at certain predetermined price levels. Support and resistance levels can be identified on any timeframe. However, the most significant ones are found on the higher time frames, such as daily, weekly, and monthly. This indicator using the weekly OHLC data to identify the relevant levels. This is a support and resistance indicator.
20 USD
RP 21 Indicator
Raffaele Paglietti
5 (1)
The indicator finds entry and exit points based on a few combination of things. If an entry is detected, the indicator shows and Arrow, either pointing down for Short and up for Long positions. When a exit is detected, the indicator will display a Cross at the right point. The Indicator bases its entries on: Average Volumes Calculation Parabolic SAR Relative Strength Index Relative Vigor Index Candles Size Range And the exits on: Stochastic Oscillator Price Direction I welcome anyone that wants
15 USD
Fractal ZigZag
Vladimir Gribachev
The EA uses multiple indicators, "Fractals" and "ZigZag". The trades are opened when the fractals are formed on the maximum and minimum levels of the ZigZag indicator. For position trailing the EA uses a trailing stop loss with protective reverse pending order for the case if the price reverses. The stop loss with the reverse pending order are moved to the price at the distance of stop loss value until the stop loss of the open order reaches the breakeven level. After that the pending order is r
75 USD
Simple Bot
Vladimir Gribachev
The Expert Advisor is based on the principle of the price movement with no roll-backs. If the filter gives permission and the price moves a specified distance, point by point in the same direction, then a trade is opened. As the filters the EA uses multiple indicators, "Fractals" and "ZigZag", tading is allowed when the fractals are formed on the maximum and minimum levels of the ZigZag indicator. The EA has a minimum of settings. The EA uses a trailing stop loss with protective reverse pending
75 USD
The "DeM AreaBalance" indicator displays the deviation of the weighted state of the standard "DeMarker" indicator on the specified area, on a specified number of bars, set by the "DRAWs" parameter. Input Parameters: DRAWs = 128; DeM_Period = 14; AREA = 100 . Trading should be performed based on the strong chart reversals.
30 USD
The "CCI AreaBalance" indicator displays the deviation of the weighted state of the standard "CCI" indicator on the specified area, on a specified number of bars, set by the "DRAWs" parameter. Input Parameters: DRAWs = 128; CCI_Period = 14; CCI_Price = "Close price"; AREA = 100 . Trading should be performed based on the strong chart reversals.
30 USD
The "RSI AreaBalance" indicator displays the deviation of the weighted state of the standard "RSI" indicator on the specified area, on a specified number of bars, set by the "DRAWs" parameter. Input Parameters: DRAWs = 128; RSI_Period = 14; RSI_Price = "Close price"; AREA = 100 . Trading should be performed based on the strong chart reversals.
30 USD
This indicator analyzes how efficient is the current market movement based on the true high-low ratio of a certain number of bars. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] The ratio is the effectiveness of the market movement A ratio below 1 means the market is going nowhere A ratio above 1 means the market is starting to show directionality A ratio above 2 means the market is showing effective movement A ratio above 3 means the market moved too much: it will
30 USD
Dmitry Shutov
1 (1)
The Expert Advisor works based on the original algorithm and does not use the standard indicators. The entry points are preferred to be left undisclosed. This would lead to the creation of a huge number of similar EAs and its strategy would no longer be relevant. Upon the detection of an entry point the EA opens a market order with the volume of Lots . The StopLoss and TakeProfit are placed automatically for every order. Multiple buy and sell market orders may be opened. The EA implements the ab
20 USD
Compass Demark
Denis Miroshnichenko
1 (1)
Compass_Dem is one of the signal indicators created especially for the fans of the DeMark strategy. The indicator uses the TD lines of DeMark, plots TD points, draws lines and calculates their values and targets with high precision. This indicator will be a useful addition to any trading strategy, and will suit traders of any level. The indicator parameters: Language_English - Change the language of the information panel (English by default) Template             - Built-in terminal template (e
30 USD
Aleksej Shcherbak
The Expert Advisor opens trades during rapid changes in the volume and price movements. The EA is based on the INDSILUNIWERSAL indicator on the five-minute chart. Trades are closed when the stops trigger, or at a certain time specified in the 'closingtime' parameter, or if there are large volumes in the opposite direction. The EA is configured to work on the GBPUSD pair. To work on a different pair, it is recommended to perform the optimization on two pairs of parameters by turns: Multiplier - r
30 USD
Pivot Point Reversal x2 indicator shows entry and exit points based on candle patterns. The indicator consists of: the signal pattern, confirming pattern (fractal channel breakout), exit signal (based on extremely long candles), signals filtration (by signal occurrence time, Moving Average, predominance, daily interval and reversal zones). There are data buffers making it possible to use the indicator within EAs. First, the indicator looks for reversal patterns consisting of 3-7 candles. After t
99 USD
Evgeny Dobroskok
5 (1)
RealTrader is a trading management tool for experienced traders and a great investment in your professionalism. With the RealTrader panel, you always have the right to be wrong thanks to convenient management of multiple deals. Simply move one line on the chart, and Take Profit of all appropriate deals will be set on a desired level immediately, so that you can always know your potential profit on the level throughout the entire amount of deals. Also, the special field allows you to set a desire
125 USD
This is a all-in-one indicator with great proprietary forecast feature. Indicator calculates trading direction and forecast levels for the current chart and for the higher and lower charts. Best opportunity for trading is when all trade signals are in line in the direction of the forecast based on the lower chart (see screenshot). The indicator also includes all traditional stuff: Trend indicator (current chart and higher & lower charts) Reversal signal (based on Williams Percent Range - WPR) Di
150 USD
Alexey Surkov
4 (1)
The indicator displays entry signals based on RSI location in overbought/oversold zones on all the timeframes beginning from the current one up to the highest (MN). If RSI is less than Zone but more than (100-Zone), the appropriate indicator value is filled for the timeframe: M1 - from 0 to 10 (sell) or from 0 to -10 (buy); M5 - from 10 to 20 (sell) or from -10 to -20 (buy); M15 - from 20 to 30 (sell) or from -20 to -30 (buy); M30 - from 30 to 40 (sell) or from -30 to -40 (buy); H1 - from 40 to
40.99 USD
Chartist Professional
Fxpod International Pte Ltd
Note : this is not an automatic trading Expert Advisor. It works in semi-automatic mode based on traders drawing. You can call it a line trader EA. Background Sitting in front of your screen and watching the market going up and down is not the way of trading. Trading is creating a trading plan and executing it. It seems easy but we are normal humans, sometimes it will be difficult to keep waiting since we do not know when some particular condition is met. On the other hand, the main problem is
10 USD
The EA uses the signals of the Ichimoku indicator from multiple timeframes simultaneously. For a trade entry, from 1 to 5 different timeframes can be adjusted. It is not always necessary for all the indicators to show buy (or sell) to enter the trade. The number of the required signal for the entry can be configured. Also, to improve trading, other indicators are used, as well as the search for divergences. It is recommended to use the EA on the currency pairs with high volatility (for example E
25 USD
Fractal Energy Burst
Andrei Makalski
1 (1)
FractalLab creates innovative, high quality and affordable trading tools. Our tools designed to help you make decisions, so go ahead and try our fully functional demo version for MT4 (free). Please test the indicator prior to purchasing to determine if it works for you. We want your good reviews, so hurry up and test it for free... Features Clear BUY and SELL signals. It uses complex calculations that were first developed in Matlab and later moved to MQL Alerts (Visual, Audio, Email, Notificat
100 USD
Chartist Moving Average
Fxpod International Pte Ltd
5 (1)
A modified Moving Average Indicator It is only a Moving Average indicator, the only different is it will show Chartist line on the moving average level. Can work with Chartist Expert Advisor, trader can use this Indicator to open Buy immediately once market touch the Moving Average line by determine the Moving Average line name as Chartist Buy . Trader will also able to open Sell immediately once market touch the Moving Average line by determine the Moving Average line name as Chartist Sell .
Chartist Parabolic SAR
Fxpod International Pte Ltd
5 (1)
A modified Parabolic SAR Indicator It is only a Parabolic SAR indicator, the only different is it will show Chartist line on the Parabolic SAR level. Can work with Chartist Expert Advisor, trader can use this Indicator to open Buy immediately once market touch the Parabolic SAR line by determine the Parabolic SAR line name as Chartist Buy . Trader will also able to open Sell immediately once market touch the Parabolic SAR line by determine the Parabolic SAR line name as Chartist Sell . Paramet
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
This indicator draws 2 different averages based on highest high and lowest low of x amount of bars that can be set as you prefer. Also it paints the space between these averages in 2 different colours depending which average is higher than the other. It has the next inputs: periods: Number of bars to calculate first average. periods1: Number of bars to calculate second average. Both averages can be customized in colour, style, width. Space painted between the averages just can be customized in c
15 USD
Pound Aussie EA
Radik Gilyazov
Pound Aussie EA Description This is a complex and highly customizable Expert Advisor designed specifically for the GBPAUD symbol. Positions are opened by the signals of the original indicators with consideration of the volatility over a certain time interval and the support/resistance levels for the maximum accuracy of the market entries. Adaptive algorithm for maintaining orders. Features Working currency pair/timeframe: GBPAUD M5. Uses market orders. Slippage, spread or commission don't matt
151 USD
Bruselda Islamaj
THE SYSTEM The CatForex is an expert advisor to detect trend or reverse trend to place orders. This system is built based on consideration of the safety of the capital. Performs a limited number of transactions having large success rate. HOW TO USE Expert works well in EURUSD pair and M1 time frame. Please choose a broker with low commission and tight spread. PARAMETERS MagicNumber - Special ID for each order (if that = 0, expert generate automatic an ID). MaxSpread - Max accepted spread (i
500 USD
Rune stone
Dmitry Shutov
The analysis of this Expert Advisor is based on the theory that the market must accumulate certain "step volume" when moving from point X to point Y. Simply put, if the rates go 100 points up, then it must pass a total of 2000 points up and down. The EA opens one buy and one sell market order. It places StopLoss for each order. The orders counterbalance each other so the account balance cannot go into a large drawdown. The EA analyzes the market, moves the StopLoss of each order if the "step vol
20 USD
Intraday M5
Aliaksandr Sych
The EA trades based on the Bollinger Bands indicator by the channel boundaries. There is a limitation on adding in case the price goes against you. EA monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/172233 Limitation on the number of orders. There is also lot and addition multipliers. The EA takes the parameters from the М5 regardless of the timeframe. Lost = 0.01; — first order volume Multiplier = 2; — Lot multiplier (if the price goes the other way) TakeProfit = 10; — Profit Step = 15; — Order addi
30 USD
AutoOrderModify Pro is a supporting tool for all Manual and System Forex Traders. It works perfectly for situations like: "I'm lazy to calculate StopLoss and TakeProfit every time I open a position". "I want to control all of my manual trades and/or by EAs with Trailing/Break even". "It's annoying to calculate all of opened positions for averaging". Anyone who is interested in this tool, please try the freeware “ AutoOrderModify Free ” first. The freeware version doesn’t’ have some functions lik
25 USD
FxMachine Expert Advisor is a scalping EA based on unique algorithm and some MetaTrader 4 standard indicators. This EA can be used on all pairs with low spread and low stop level. Best Pairs to trades with this EA are on EURUSD and USDJPY pairs. The recommended chart timeframe is M5. The recommended Account Leverage is 1:500. Further details will be provided in the Comments tab. Requirements A Low Spread and Low Stoplevel broker is Highly Recommended A reliable VPS is mandatory to avoid missin
2 000 USD
AJ Signal
Amaury Canario Junior
AJ Signal indicator uses advanced adaptive strategies for Forex market with 90+ percent of precision! You can use it with your own Expert Advisor or even to trade manually by using the alerts. It's quite easy to attach it on your EA. Just read the buffer 0 and 1 to catch the BUY and SELL signals. You can use the default setting to trades with the following pairs: Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Usd/Chf and Eur/Gbp. If you wish to trade with Usd/Jpy, just change the maxVolatility parameters to 0.03. The checkT
347 USD
The whole market in one click! Do you value your time? Is ease of use important for you? Are you still looking for the symbol you want or do you have 100 charts open in one terminal? Forget that! Do everything in a single click, on one chart! Advantages: Quick navigation on all the symbols and timeframes you want in a single chart window; Instant transfer to the required chart in one click; All the necessary symbols and timeframes are clearly and compactly grouped on one chart; Two navigation
30 USD
Movement Index was first proposed by Steve Breeze and described in his book "The Commitments of Traders Bible: How To Profit from Insider Market Intelligence". It quickly gained popularity among the traders who analyze the CFTC reports, and became a classic and a unique tool in many aspects, which can be used for finding rapid changes, leading to an imbalance of positions between the market participants. The indicator displays the change in the relative position of the participants as a histogra
30 USD
Yuxin Long
The Breaker is based on the breakdown of the most important support and resistance levels. This trace reversion EA does the analysis using D1 timeframes only. You can use Breaker EA on all pairs, but my recommendation is to use this EA on pairs with low spread and low stop level. Please use this EA on forex of 5-digit and GOLD (XAUUSD) of 2-digit and USDJPY of 3-digit. The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection and slippage control with complete statistics output on the information p
500 USD
Ultimate Trend Master
Francis Belanger
4 (2)
This Expert Advisor works with 10 hidden indicators. The strategy searches for support and resistance levels and measures volatility of the market. All of this is done by a complex algorithm and calculation for the best entry point. The EA is FIFO-compliant if hedging is disabled. It works with almost all brokers and does not need the most powerful VPS. It can also work on your desktop but it is not the best thing to do. Settings This EA was developed at first for use on M1 and those pairs: EU
2 750 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
This indicator draws range channel (High-Low) with 8 customizable levels based on percentages of the range. It has the next inputs: periods: Number of bars used in calculation for the range. A-H: 1st-8th levels based on percentage of range (set it at 0 if you do not want to see this level). showupper: True/False ("True" to see the highest high price "False" to hide it). showlower: True/False ("True" to see the lowest low price "False" to hide it). showfirst: True/False ("True" to see 1st level p
15 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
This Expert Advisor moves the stop loss at X% of the range over specified number of bars. It has the next parameters: BarsNum : Number of bars to calculate the range. PipDistance : Distance in pips to place the stop loss above/below X% of the range(Put 0 if you want exactly at X%). Percentage : Amount of percentage of range to place the stop loss. Once the expert is attached to a chart it will show the next inputs at the top left corner: LTS : Stop loss price of buy orders. STS : Stop loss price
15 USD
Copy Trader MT4
Denis Luchinkin
3 (2)
Copy Trader is a convenient and fast order copier for MetaTrader4. The EA performs the copying of orders from the server terminal to one or several client terminals. It monitors opening/closing, StopLoss and TakeProfit, and also pending orders. It uses a magic number for its orders, which allows to open other orders in the client terminal both manually and using other experts; It has a minimum of settings. Install the Expert Advisor in two terminals: Choose MODE - SERVER on the terminal to copy
30 USD
FEATURES GENE SWING FOREX LEVELS is an indicator used to calculate the support and resistance points in all time frame using the hidden proportions inside the first swing up after a down trend or the first swing down after an up trend. PARAMETERS First click on low and second click on high ; Starting from length of swing, 4 levels are mathematically defined; There are 4 different levels: Resistance from Low; Support from Low; Resistance from High; Support from High; Length of swing is in
400 USD
Harmonics Pro Indicator
Wild Software Pty Ltd
2 (1)
This indicator looks for Gartley, Bat, Butterfly and Crab patterns. It shows the patterns forming in real time with entry/exit points drawn on the chart. The success rates are based on the data in the timeframe you are currently viewing. If the price retraces to at least 0.382 of the C to D leg, it is a success. Otherwise, if the price hits the recommended stop loss, it is a failure.
200 USD
Expert Advisor that is designed for 10 minute Binary Options trades. The expert constantly analyses at least four different indicators and builds up a confidence score to trade. Analysis occurs on at least the RSI, CCI, Stochastic indicator, and Bollinger Bands. Expert is highly accurate on very volatile currencies and commodities especially. The user is able to set: The expiry time out length Thresholds for trading confidence level Multipliers for specific indicators Investment amounts As the m
100 USD
This is a very smart breakout indicator which detects high probability breakouts. This indicator is compatible with all timeframes and symbols. It can be used to confirm trades. Features It works on every single timeframe without fine tuning Losing signals are highlighted and accounted It implements email/sound/push/visual alerts Best traded on the H1, H4, D1, and W1 charts. The indicator is non-repainting and non backpainting Support and Resistance levels can confirm the trades Settings Mor
69 USD
CCI 100 13 MT4
Sergey Gritsay
A very simple trading strategy based on the Commodity Channel Index indicator with two periods. The movement trend is confirmed using the period 100. The market entry points are determined using the period 13. The EA includes a simple risk manager. Also, a panel displayed on the chart with the EA is included for some indication. Input parameters: Type_Balanse - basis for lot calculation as a percentage, Balance , Equity or FreeMargin . Risk - risk percentage per trade. If this parameter is set t
100 USD
Easy Martingale
Alexander Nikolaev
The EA uses the martingale principle - it increases the lot after an unsuccessful trade. But unlike other experts based on this principle, the Easy Martingale increases the lot 4 times at most, so that the drawdown does not become critical for your deposit. With that, after 1 unsuccessful trade the entry conditions are tightened, just as after the 2nd failure. Also, each trade has a fixed stop loss, and it is recommended to set it close. Sometimes, it is better to lose a little 3 times, but then
15 USD
Made in Egypt is a Scalping EA that gathers its data from several sources such as Highest Highs and Lowest Lows within specified period of time set by the expert itself, moving averages values, and other built-in indicators on several time frames starting from M1 through M30 to make a trading decision based on collected data. Then it follows up on opened position to modify, close or hedge against unfavorable movement until certain amount of profit is achieved then it closes all open orders. P
500 USD
Torsten Hempel
This panel shows you how fast the markets move by displaying the last Bid and Ask ticks. Using the spread, you can see if it is time to earn money... for you or the broker. This indicator returns nothing but the panel. So it is not useful for Expert Advisors. However, it is a great tool for manual trading or developing trading strategies. You can adjust how many ticks you want to see. The panel suits up accordingly. For incoming ticks the background is white and gets darker with time. After 30 s
10 USD
This is an efficient tool for traders using price action. Now, you can watch tens of charts without the need to sit at your computer for too long. Nothing is missed. The indicator is based on searching patterns - pullback, reversal and break patterns. It searches patterns on supports, resistances and trend lines. SCRINEO Price Action is for experienced traders able to evaluate the signal the right way (according to their own experiences). The signal does not mean entry automatically! I personall
399 USD
The fully automated trading system "RESONANCE EA" is based on the original method of determining the support/resistance levels using the Bollinger Bands indicator. This EA was designed specifically for the H1 timeframe of the GBPUSD currency pair, but it can be used on any trading instrument at discretion, provided the parameters are adjusted and optimization on history data is performed. If certain conditions are met, the EA calculates the estimated level of position entry and sends the limit o
555 USD
The most simple and easy to use Partial Close Expert. The main idea of this Expert is to apply partial close to your positions. Expert will automatically find your open market positions and apply partial close according to your settings. Attach Partial Close Expert, Press "p" on your keyboard , change the settings and you are ready to go. You can use demo version from here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/30481 You can use MetaTrader 5 version from here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/pro
199 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
This indicator draws range channel (High-Low) with 5 intermediate levels based on Fibonacci (38.2, 23.6, 50, 61.8). It has the next inputs: periods: Number of bars used to calculate the channel. showupper: True/False ("True" to show the highest high price "False" to hide it). showlower: True/False ("True" to show the lowest low price "False" to hide it). showfirst: True/False ("True" to show 1st level price "False" to hide it). showsecond: True/False ("True" to show 2nd level price "False" to hi
10 USD
Maxim Kuznetsov
The indicator shows the relative movement and price range from -100 to 100. Thus, you can define overbought/oversold areas, trend and reverse movements, as well as flats. Sort out signals, improve your strategy, compare the movements of various symbols, or plot graphical models according to the wave pattern. The indicator provides you with unlimited possibilities! General The indicator is displayed in a separate window as three lines: HI metric and LO metric show the price "shadow", the range
40 USD
This indicator captures the trend. It conducts Zig-Zag and Fractal analysis and generates a sell signal when both analyses exceed a set level. The reason for not winning with FX is because “it does not capture the real trend” and because “the trend changes frequently”. Another reason is the continuous usage of the free of charge indicators despite it has many repaint functions. Therefore, this indicator solves these problems. It is very simple to use as green bar indicates that buying is the tre
1 000 USD
AVT Stochastic EA
Andrey Tatarinov
5 (3)
The Expert Advisor opens orders using Stochastic Oscillator . All parameters can be customized and optimized. The EA features three strategies for working with the oscillator: Open deals when the main indicator reaches oversold/overbought levels. Open deals when the main line forms a reversal pattern within oversold/overbought areas. Open deals when the main and signal lines intersect within oversold/overbought areas. The number of buy and sell orders opened simultaneously is set separately. Thi
59.99 USD
Insider Trading
Vladimir Gribachev
Arbitrage-news trading EA. Works at a user-defined deviation from the price during the news release (optional). The trade is opened when the fast broker gets ahead of the slow one by the specified amount of points. The trades are opened by the direction of the fast broker price movement, works both during the news release and without the news filter. The news filter automatically determines the time zone and the currency the news is released on. To enable the news filter you need to do the follo
75 USD
Draw Agent
Omar Alkassar
Draw Agent is designed as beautiful and innovative way to create and manage all your chart analysis, scribbles, notes and more. This tool is designed to make sure that everything you draw will be saved whenever you change the symbol. When you go back to the chart, all the drawings will reappear. You can draw on the chart with either a pen or a brush. You can change color and size, and also you can draw on the background or foreground of the chart. You will be able to delete the last thing you dr
99 USD
AnotherSymbol displays the relative movement of another symbol on the current chart as candlesticks, High/Low or Close lines. The plotted chart is aligned to the selected Moving Average and scaled by the standard deviation. When sing this data representation the trader should focus not on the absolute values, but on the behavior of the price relative to the Bollinger bands. Another Symbol provides additional opportunities in the pair strategies and cross rates trading. Main Parameters SYMBOL -
40 USD
AutoOrderModifyEA Pro is a supporting tool for all Manual and System Forex Traders. It works perfectly for situations like: "I have a nice EA that lacks the Trailing and/or Break Even". "I'm lazy to calculate SL and TP every time I open a position". "I want to control all of my manual trades and/or by EAs with Trailing/Break even". "It's annoying to calculate all of opened positions for averaging". Major functions Automated TakeProfit and StopLoss - Just open the positions you wish! Automated
38 USD
This indicator calculates how much has a symbol moved in relative terms to find trending or flat markets. It displays what percentage of the latest price range is directional.  [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] A value of zero means the market is absolutely flat A value of 100 means the market is totally trending The blue line means the price range is healthy The red line means the price range is narrow The moving average is the flat market index (FMI)
49 USD
MTF MovingAverages
Anatoliy Lukanin
5 (1)
The indicator is able to display 3 moving averages from the available timeframes on the main chart. For precise entries, it is convenient to observe the price approaching the Moving Average on the higher timeframes H1-H4-D1-W1-MN from the smaller timeframes M1-M5-M15. By adding a Moving Average from the other timeframes, it is possible to see the overall "picture" of where the price is located relative to the Moving Averages of different timeframes at the current moment, which allows to better e
50 USD
BG Grid
Boris Gulikov
4.38 (8)
The BG Grid is a new generation grid EA. It can also be used for trading single orders without a grid and lot increase. It is most efficient on cross pairs on the М30 and Н1 timeframes. AUDCAD M30, GBPCAD M30, NZDCAD H1, GBPCHF H1. This is a counter-trend EA and it enters the market at the time of a possible correction of the trend. Entries are based on the standard MT4 indicators. As any other grid EA, during a drawdown, the BG Grid places an order grid and eventually closes it in net profit by
300 USD
Tomas Vanek
The Expert Advisor tool has been developed for EURUSD H1 based on PSAR indicator, High, Low and pending orders. The stop loss is based on ATR indicator. It has been backtested on more than 11-year long tick data with 99% quality of modeling. The enclosed screenshots demonstrate the complexity and coverage of the test by Monte Carlo analysis with 200 simulation. The Expert Advisor features Cluster Analysis. A broker with a small spread and slippage is recommended for better performance. There is
30 USD
This is an expert that searches for entries based on a Williams % indicator. Shows on screen alerts for back signals analysis. Inputs: Bars to search: Number of bars to search in the past. Refresh (in minutes): Frequency between each search. Bull signals text color: Bull signals text/line color. Bear signals text color: Bear signals text/line color. Show signal lines: Draw vertical lines on entries found. Sound alert: Sound on new entries. Platform alert: Alert on MetaTrader 4 platform on new en
60 USD
The indicator shows the relative correlation of 7 major currency pairs for the selected period. The value of each pair is calculated independently from the others and is compared to the extremums of the selected period. Averaging (4 types) is used for filtering the indicator values. For the reversal of the values of the inverse ratio pairs, for example when comparing the movements of EURUSD and USDCHF, the indicator uses the corresponding parameters for each pair (Revers calculation mode). To co
30 USD
Nikita Zubarov
The indicator detects the potential reversal points. For the GBPUSD.M5 currency pair Can only be used on the GBPUSD currency pair with the M5 timeframe! The signal is formed above the bar after it closes. Signal types: Red arrow - The potential point of price turning Downwards. Green arrow - The potential point of price turning Upwards. Settings: History - the number of bars in history to form a signal.
25 USD
Sergey Naymushin
The Expert Advisor trades a grid of orders with an adjustable distance (the step input) between Buy and Sell orders. TakeProfit and StopLoss are set for orders. Losing trades are closed by StopLoss along the market movement. Accumulated profitable orders are closed by a signal to close Buy_Stop and Sell_Stop pending orders. They move in parallel to the market movement and trigger before a sharp price change followed by a reverse motion. TrailingStop is used for the orders to get the maximum resu
100 USD
Strategy is based on candlestick analysis. As you can see the following report of back-test, in the past few years, its performance is almost in perfect. This EA not only close orders by stop loss and take profit, but also make the perfect adjustment rapidly in a short period in adverse circumstance. Buying or Selling on dips Orders are closed by stop loss and take profit or by some special signals (For example, sometimes it closes the position by golden ratio) It only works with USDJPY M15 and
500 USD
R2 oscilator MT4
Jose Miguel Soriano
5 (1)
R2 (R-squared) represents the square of the correlation coefficient between current prices and deducted from the linear regression. It is the statistical measure of how well the regression line is adjusted to the actual data, and therefore it measures the strength of the prevailing trend without distinguishing between ascending and descending one. The R2 value varies between 0 and 1, therefore it is an oscillator of bands that can show signs of saturation (overbought / oversold). The more the va
15 USD
If instead of calculating the value of the linear regression line (LRMA indicator), we calculate the value of its slope, we get LRS or linear regression slope indicator. Since the slope is positive when prices rise, zero when they are in range and negative when they are lowered, LRS provides us the data on the price trend. Parameters Symbol (empty = current symbol): working pair, for example, EURUSD. Period calculation: number of previous bars, to which the calculation is applied. Signal perio
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Advanced Power Trend
Sergey Efimenko
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Unique "scalping" trend indicator with the feature of multi-layered smoothing of the resulting lines and a wide selection of parameters. It helps determine a probable change in the trend or a correction virtually near the very beginning of the movement. The toggled intersection arrows are fixed and appear at the opening of a new bar, but, with enough experience, it is possible to look for entry opportunities as soon as the indicator lines intersect at the unfinished bar. The signal appearance li
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Alexander Nikolaev
The Expert Advisor opens deals analyzing the last candle on several timeframes, as well as its volume and readings of many other indicators to ensure an accurate market entry. All indicators are customizable. Inputs Lots - lot size; Slippage - maximum allowable price deviation in points; Magic - unique identifier, use different magic numbers if multiple Expert Advisors run in your terminal; Max take profit - order closing price at a certain profit target; Mininum take profit - minimum profitab
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