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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 224

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
The pair precedes a bearish trend and then enters in a sideways direction so that we have the buying psychology   The pair is up to the upper limit of the Bollinger Binary Index, which is attempting to appear after the strength of the sell.   The price reverts back down to the middle of the Bollinger Bands as a test of the strength of the seller and buyer within the market.   When the bounce from the average Bollinger to above this is evidence of the control of purchasing power on the mar
150 USD
TS Multigrid 12 pair  - торговая система, торгующая одновременно на 12 инструментах. Внимание!!!  Тестирование в тестере стратегий терминала будет проходить только на одной паре, проверить как будет торговать в тестере сразу по всем парам невозможно, поскольку принцип построен на мультивалютной торговле, то есть робот открывает сразу    несколько позиций по разным инструментам , в то время как тестер способен это делать только на одной паре! Для наглядности торговли можно посмотреть мониторинг т
40 USD
WanaScalper MT4
Isaac Wanasolo
1 (1)
A scalping indicator based on mathematical patterns, which on average gives signals with relatively small SL, and also occasionally helps to catch big moves in the markets (more information in the video) This indicator has three main types of notifications: The first type warns of a possible/upcoming signal on the next bar The second type indicates the presence of a ready signal to enter the market/open a position The third type is for SL and TP levels - you will be notified every time price r
1 350 USD
TS Multigrid 18 pair  - торговая система, торгующая одновременно на 18 инструментах. Внимание!!!  Тестирование в тестере стратегий терминала будет проходить только на одной паре, проверить как будет торговать в тестере сразу по всем парам невозможно, поскольку принцип построен на мультивалютной торговле, то есть робот открывает сразу  несколько позиций по разным инструментам , в то время как тестер способен это делать только на одной паре! Для наглядности торговли можно посмотреть мониторинг тор
50 USD
Money Up
Adel Haouam
This expert is designed to catch up the last events in an hour time frame and compare it to previous hours and then make decisions, this hedging experts starts  from  0.10 , 0.50 and 1.50 depending on conditions  it moves from one level to the other  This expert have proven his effeciency through currency pairs and metals  as well it is adviced to use it with at least 10 pairs or different trades and the reason to get your investment back  within few days i suggest to start with 500 EUR or USD  
50 USD
TS Multigrid 24 pair
Evgeniy Kuzevanov
4.5 (2)
TS Multigrid 24 pair  - торговая система, торгующая одновременно на 24 инструментах. Внимание!!!  Тестирование в тестере стратегий терминала будет проходить только на одной паре, проверить как будет торговать в тестере сразу по всем парам невозможно, поскольку принцип построен на мультивалютной торговле, то есть робот открывает сразу  несколько позиций по разным инструментам , в то время как тестер способен это делать только на одной паре! Для наглядности торговли можно посмотреть мониторинг: 
60 USD
Catcher trend exp
Mikhail Nazarenko
A robot that consistently shows a profitable result on history since 2000 with a spread of up to 30pips. Does not require ECN accounts. Fully automated, optimized and ready to go. It trades only pending orders, in the direction of a strong price impulse. It uses its own unique exponential entry algorithm and stop loss and take profit calculation. Catcher Trends from version 2.9 and Catcher Trends Exp work on the same algorithm, since the exponential algorithm showed the best test results! Featur
250 USD
Signal indicator for scalping on any time frame and on any instrument All arrows remain in place and after closing the candle does not disappear. Can send notifications to your phone or email Works on any currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrency Suitable for working with binary options Distinctive features Does not redraw; Defines trend changes; Sends signals to a smartphone or email; Advanced settings for fine tuning; Works on all timeframes and on all symbols; Suitable for trading currencies,
39 USD
This EA loads Support & Resistance Trend Lines and trade purely based on price action of Trend Reversal strategies. No effect with manual entry. It is possible to use this Expert Advisor as indicator. It also featuring both safe virtual Hedging as recovery method as well MANUAL entry by using control panel.   Auto Strategy: Swing Reversal Patterns with trailing TP & Stop. Manual Strategy: BUY/SELL using Control Panel on chart with trailing TP & Stop. Operating Procedure Use 15 Minutes time frame
30 USD
The   Signal Strength Meter Lite   is an which calculates the strength of buy and sell signals across many indicators, price action, and candlestick patterns, and displays a score for each symbol on a display board. Key Features: Analyses the signals from   more than a dozen   classic indicators Identifies Price Action and   Candlestick patterns   which are used in the calculation of the signals Returns a score of the Overall Signal Strength Ability to Change Smoothing Period to filter out small
30 USD
change the chart background color to white when you test! because the arrows are in black color! ADVICE: 1,timeframe:I prefer H1,H4,D1. 2,profitable points: for the purpose of scalper ,less than 20 pipes for each trade is better. 3,currency:i prefer EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD 4,how to place orders: up arrows means to go long and down arrows means to go short. one trade each time .close the trades in 120 hours if the trades hasn't been executed . 5,lots amount:0.0001 of your total capital.  for exampl
50 USD
Averaging Master
Paranchai Tensit
The mechanism of this system is a technique to reduce unwanted risks by opening other positions in the same direction at different price levels. That is to reduce the average risk of more than one position that opens at different price levels. In the event that the order is opened, if the market changes in the opposite direction causing loss. In this scenario, the system will prevent the risk by using Averaging technique to minimize the risk by opening orders in the same direction. And if the ti
30 USD
Gvs Trend Signal System is an indicator that generates trade arrows. It generates trade arrows with its own algorithm. These arrows give buying and selling signals. The indicator certainly does not repaint. Can be used in all pairs. Sends a signal to the user with the alert feature. Trade rules Enter the signal when the buy signal arrives. In order to exit from the transaction, an opposite signal must be received. It is absolutely necessary to close the operation when an opposite signal is rec
50 USD
Alexander Lasygin
This utility gives a signal when the price crosses the graphical object. Also shows the distance to the object from the Bid price. It is possible to use not only with built by hand but also with those that draw other indicators. Use the filters by type and name. Works with most of the available constructions Trend Line, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, Rectangle, Channel, Fibo Channel, Fibo, Expansion, Andrews Pitchfork, Gann Line, Trend By Angle, StdDev Channel, Regression Channel. It is possibl
50 USD
Curiosity 4 Trend Colors  It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor, which allows you to presize the trade according to the preferences of the trader. Curiosity 4 have more than 260 customization options for your trade. Different options for different styles of trade.  Curiosity 4 Trend Colors is a Trend system of trade with different algorithm of trade mode.  This EA using signals to place orders.  Is a revolution in the  customization of the trading. The algori
30 USD
trading is not a game. trading is business. and the main thing to consider in business is to limit losses. Stop Loss is the lowest price limit set to limit losses. When price movements touch this value, the system will automatically close the order or position. For most traders, the decision to put this stop loss is an uncomfortable choice. Why? because that means they have received the loss. However, every trader has the right to decide for himself which trading model is the most suitable for
500 USD
Konstantin Perebatov
Hello dear friend!  Here's my story. I'm fast. After many attempts to trade manually, I decided to use expert. I started writing my robot. But testing took a lot of time! In parallel, I tried other people's robots. And again I spent a lot of time testing. Night scalpers, news scalpers, intraday scalpers, and many other classes... you needed to know exactly when the robot was trading, when it was making a profit, and when it Was losing. Some robots have time-based trading features that are not
39 USD
Markets Heat
Viktor Yatsyshyn
Markets Heat indicator can help you determine correct course of action at current market situation, by calculating market's "heat level". What is market's "heat level"? Well, it's my own way of simplifying complex market conditions to ease decision-making process. How does it work? Most of time market is moving in some narrow range and can't "decide" where to go -> flat market -> cold market. Other times, price goes Up or Down -> making trend movements -> heating the market. More powerful trends
60 USD
이 제품은 한국에서 개발되었습니다. 대한민국에서 개발 된 서비스 제공 제품입니다. 제품의 개요 기능을 설명합니다. 매수 포지션 올 청산 매도 포지션 올 청산 실시간 TP,SL 설정 실시간 추적손절매 핍 설정 추적손절매 기능 통화 손익 전체 화면 모니터링 기능 제품 사용 환경 메타트레이더 4 입력변수 설정 Language : English,Korean BUYRiskPercent : 기본 2%  (증거금에 대한 계약수 메니지먼트 설정, 입력값 1 ~ 100 정수로만 입력) SELLRiskPercent : 기본 2% (증거금에 대한 계약수 메니지먼트 설정, 입력값 1 ~ 100 정수로만 입력) HandBuyLot : 기본 셋팅 계약수 설정 매수 0.01 lot(로딩시 기본으로 설정할 계약수를 입력) HandSellLot : 기본 셋팅 계약수 설정 매도 0.01 lot TakeprofitPIP : 기본 셋팅 익절 값 PIP단위로 입력 StopLossPIP : 기본 셋팅 손절 값
120 USD
Che Jeib Che Said
STOCH and RSI EA  This EA has been developed from the STOCH and RSI ALERT indicator (  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/32916  ). Please click the link to get a free download. It is a good tool many like to use it. Hence, with this EA, users will be able to put their strategy for automation.  Input:  Magic No: EA unique trade number. Trade Comment: custom order comment. Use Auto Lot: set to true -to use auto lot size. Auto Lot Size Percent(%): percent from balance to calculate money to ris
99 USD
MegaBestPanel - is a panel that displays signal data on the three main timeframes. To display the results used a lot of currency pairs. This indicator is based on the MegaBest indicator. Now you can see a comprehensive picture of the market in one window! The indicator tracks the market trend with unsurpassed reliability, ignoring sharp market fluctuations and noises around the average price. The indicator does not redraw and is not late. The probability of a successful trend is 90%.
39 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
A fractal is a set that has the property of self-similarity (an object that exactly or approximately coincides with a part of itself, that is, the whole has the same shape as one or more parts). Advisor works on the basis of the theory of self-similarity. The advisor algorithm determines similar fractal patterns on three timeframes at the same time (lower, current and upper). In the case of coincidences found, the adviser begins to work in the direction of the price following the fractal model
950 USD
This indicator is adding two sets of Bollinger Bands.  The "Double Bollinger Bands" trading strategy can help the trader find out and validate trend-based opportunities in especially volatile market conditions, explains Kathy Lien.  More information, please get more explained by Kathy Lien in her Youtube.  Double Bollinger Bands is one of the best method of following a trend. Settings Bands Period: 20 Bands Deviations 1: // Bollinger Bands as BB1 Bands Deviations 2: // Bollinger Bands as BB2 P
50 USD
Goldust XAUUSD
Raphael Schwietering
Introducing GOLDUST, the ultimate trading solution for GOLD(XAUUSD) with an intelligent automated Expert Advisor. But wait, it's not just limited to GOLD. GOLDUST has different powerful strategies that work on different pairs, making it an all-in-one EA for your trading needs. With its own complex algorithm combined with indicators and AI (Artificial Intelligence), GOLDUST can identify entry and exit opportunities with ease. The entry and exit logic of this EA operates on Bar Close only, filter
499 USD
The Coach
5 (1)
Especially developed for users of signal providers in telegram groups and other, This utility allows you to manage your multiple signals safety. Indeed, the stoploss are automatically moved to maximize your profits and limit your losses in case of reversal. This utility is also suitable for signals based on multiple take profit Manual Open the graph of the currency pair on which you wish to place your order Drag the utility on the graph Click on the "inputs" tab Fill in the levels rep
30 USD
Signal Aggregator
Algoritmic Capital, Ltd.
4.87 (15)
Optimized set files for 23 currency pairs - H1 SET FILES  , for 17 currency pairs - M15 SET FILES  , for 18 currency pairs - H4 SET FILES . You can read detail manual for learn how trade - MANUAL   . For clients we have ready GIFT -  UTILITY SIGNAL AGGREGATOR . Contact us to private message with purchase number. But only clients with Lifetime version of SIGNAL AGGREGATOR. Utility will manage to you open positions base on Indicator rules. SIGNAL AGGREGATOR - is not just an indicator which most p
98 USD
Euro TEMA (EURUSD M15) This EA has been developed for EURUSD M15, e verything is tested and ready for immediate use on real account.  Strategy is based on breakout of the TEMA (Triple Exponential Moving Average) indicator after some time of consolidation. It uses Stop pending orders with ATR Stop Loss and FIXED Take Profit . It also uses   PROFIT TRAILING   to catch from the moves as much as possible. For every candle the pending orders are modified to adapt the market behavior. Everything is al
99 USD
Andrei Gerasimenko
Индикатор  Profiter   относится к стрелочному типу.  Это значит, что торговые сигналы подаются в виде стрелочек . Голубая– вверх, на покупку, красная – вниз, на продажу.  С помощью индикатора  Profiter  достаточно просто определять локальные пики и впадины цены, а также направление текущей тенденции. Дополняет определение high/low по тиковым объемам. Дополнительно в индикаторе реализованы звуковые и текстовые алерты, а также отправка оповещений на электронную почту.  Входные параметры Calculati
30 USD
The Netsrac Correlation Trade Indicator (NCTI) was created to trade correlations between different assets. NCTI offers five different strategies to do this. Five different correlation trading strategies with two or three assets Fast access your assets with one click via asset buttons Your profit/loss at a glance Configurable alerts via screen or mobile You can use the indicator with every timeframe. Higher timeframes give fewer but better signals. If you have some questions or suggestions - ple
40 USD
Индикатор "Buy Sell zones x2" основан на принципе "остановка/разворот после сильного движения". Поэтому, как только обнаруживается сильное безоткатное движение, сразу после остановки - рисуется зона покупок/продаж. Зоны отрабатывают красиво. Или цена ретестит зону и улетает в космос, или пробивает зону насквозь и зона отрабатывается с другой стороны так же красиво.  Работает на всех таймфреймах. Лучше всего выглядит и отрабатывает на Н1.    Может использоваться как: индикатор зон, где лучше
99 USD
This EA is the result of our long work. The robot works strictly from the Low of the previous candle, exposing 2 virtual levels from this point at a distance that the robot calculates automatically. The EA does not use martingale, does not need a high speed of order execution! Not news! You just need to install it on the currency pair and it will immediately begin its work. We recommend GBPUSD, leverage 1:100, minimum spread and M5-M15 timeframe. EA settings Auto Lot - auto lot (enter the sum
125 USD
The indicator calculates volume profiles dynamically and displays the result as VAL, VAH and POC curves. Indicator features The indicator uses the historical data of the lower (relative to the current) timeframes for calculations: M1 - for timeframes up to H1, M5 - for timeframe H1, M15 - for timeframe H4, H1 - for timeframe D1, H4 - for timeframe W1, D1 - for timeframe MN. The color of the DPOC curve sections is determined by comparing the volume of the POC levels of all profiles that make up
30 USD
Forex News Alert   Forex News Alert is an Expert Advisor that shows calendar news on the current chart and lets you set an Alarm individually for each news and choose how many seconds before the alarm is activated. It downloads calendar news from Forex Factory. Thanks to Forex Factory Inc. for this! You can set alarm individually for each news! Attention!   Set WebRequest function for the EA operation. Open MetaTrader 4, in Menu select Tools -> Options, go to the Expert Advisor tab and activate
50 USD
Telegram MT4 Bot
Andrea Monni
1 (1)
Telegram MT4 Bot This EA is used to CONNECT Telegram BOT to MT4 and use Telegram in various mode for control MT4, This EA can be used in 3 different mode: As PERSONAL SERVER: use for your personal usage only, see your account, make order, check order...  As SERVER: send message of order you make in your MT4 to a Chat in Telegram As CLIENT: copy order that receive from a Chat in Telegram with one or more of this EA as Server in your MT4 PERSONAL SERVER This mode let you use this EA with a graphi
150 USD
I speak in Hungarian. Magyarul beszélek benne. Első felvétel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2id5O1KPrI Második felvétel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp2i7QN-IMc (Első felvétel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7UbTWiM-Lw Második felvétel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y54q4Rasf2A&t=1s Harmadik felvétel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13zYjsoe6ZQ Negyedik felvétel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGiB1AnxxfU ) Nice Day Signalos! If the Muving Average closes the candle over the candle.
2 700 USD
Niubility RSI and Fibo  The RSI will send an alert when the RSI value of the price gets to the level specified in the settings. The input of the indicator can allow for change of RSI period, overbought and oversold. The RSI will work for multi timeframe. The RSI will scan different pairs.  This Fibo is designed to draw a Fibonacci retracement, using as a basis the ZigZag indicator. Description: 'up' word means up trend. 'down' word means down trend. ' -- ' word means no trend
30 USD
MG Panel  The smart trader panel is very convenient to help users  trading,it has a lot of features。 Introduction The smart trader panel allow user to select difference symbol. The smart trader panel has Buy button and Sell button.  The smart trader panel has Stoploss button and Takeprofit button. The smart trader panel has Close Orders buttons, Close Current button can close current symbol order, Close All button will close all orders. The smart trader panel can send BuyStop order and BuyLi
30 USD
Niubility Moving Average  Niubility Moving Average. Alternative usual Moving Average. Draws exponential Moving average with the specified period marking various colors movement upwards and downwards.This is a small tool to help visualize the difference between long and short period averages. I hope you enjoy! Parameters TimeFrame1: Show the first timeframes. TimeFrame2: Show the second timeframes. TimeFrame3: Show the third timeframes. TimeFrame4: Show the fourth timeframes. period: Averaging
30 USD
The Advanced Bands indicator is a custom indicator based on the classic Bollinger Bands as created by John Bollinger. Generally, Bollinger Bands are created by adding/subtracting a number of standard deviations from the price. Advanced Bands also creates bands the same way and adds more features to be more useful for traders.   FEATURES Three levels of bands (inside, outside, extreme) and a moving average can be plotted. Area between bands can be filled and highlighted. Number of deviations for
100 USD
Trended Digital Oscillator
Jean Francois Le Bas
4 (1)
Oscillators are, by nature, exemple of any trend information. This indicator is "trended", meaning is it reacting to trend as well: if the oscillator is in the UPPER part of the window, then trade only BUYs. if the oscillator is in the LOWER part of the window, then trade only SELLs; You can also choose to start trading when the trend begins (see Alerts) Parameter description: lookbackOsc : Period of the yellow line (the digital oscillator). (default = 14) DSFast :  Fast Period of the oscillat
67 USD
The Sextet Scalper Pro  is an MT4 indicator that gives signals when new waves are starting in a trend. The trends are calculated using the original " The Sextet " indicator method. You get a free EA to trade with The Sextet Scalper Pro: Free EA . Default settings were optimized on GBPUSD H1 from 2017. EA could be tested on free demo version of The Sextet Scalper Pro, before purchase. Key Features: Uses The Sextet Trend Detection Method which is already a good strategy in itself for detecting l
30 USD
[ZhiBi Dragon] is based on the principle of oscillation, which can predict the horizontal arrangement and trend form of the market, and then give the order signal according to the market form, and also the probability of the signal and the quality of the trend! Green, red and water-green, the three thin lines upward through the yellow line is the upward trend, the three thin lines downward through the yellow line is the downward trend. The probability of the signal is divided into three levels:
99 USD
Mars 4 TREND COLORS: is a Tren indicator. I s a powerful indicator of  TREND  for any par and any timeframe. It doesn't requires any additional indicators for the trading setup.The indicator gives clear signals about opening and closing trades,  PAINTING THE CANDLES OF COLOR IN FUNCTION OF THE SENSE OF TREND  .This Indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool. Perfect For New Traders And Expert Traders Low risk entries. For MT4 Only Great For Scalping Great For Swing Tradin
30 USD
Pip Predator
1.Pip Predator adviser is Purely Trend Based,not uses martingale,grid,hedge or reversal method. 2.It is developed by analyzed four types moving averages cross over to find clear trend in the market for both long and short. 3.It uses always only a single order with fixed lot size. 4.10% Risk is best recommended. 5.It has been designed for only Pound-Dollar and Euro-Dollar pairs.  6.H1 timeframe must be used for profitable results. 7.It can be run 00 to 23 hours. 8.No hazard of any news,Time filt
80 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The strategy of the adviser determines the direction, the strength of the trend and the behavior of prices in the zone of "round" price levels. If several factors coincide, the adviser starts working in the direction of the most likely price movement. The Expert Advisor uses a unique algorithm for tracking open positions. Each position advisor has a stop loss and take profit. Dangerous trading methods are NOT used. Recommended trading instruments (TF 5m): GBPUSD, EURUSD. For 24/7 advisor o
440 USD
* Who were the Turtle Traders? The Turtle Trader legend began with a bet between American multi-millionaire commodities trader, Richard Dennis and his business partner, William Eckhardt. Dennis believed that traders could be taught to be great; Eckhardt disagreed asserting that genetics were the determining factor and that skilled traders were born with an innate sense of timing and a gift for reading market trends. What transpired in 1983-1984 became one of the most famous experiments in tradin
40 USD
Shl v1
Michail Papaioannou
SHL V1  The SHL V1 expert advisor is a scalping ea.  For maximum results, we suggest using it only in a RAW Spread account. TRADING TYPE:  Market Trends Order Type: Pending & Market Time frame: Daily Risk Management: Yes Product: EURUSD Pending SL : Yes VPS : Proposed Fix Lot Size: Yes Platforms: MT4 Trailing Stop Loss: Yes Max Spread: 7 Max Open Orders: 1 Account Type : RAW/ECN Pending TP:  Yes Max Stop Level: 15 STOP LOSS: VARIABLE
500 USD
This Scanner scans moving average(MA) line across multi-currency pairs and multi-time frames and shows all the result in  the dashboard. 1. Current bar is about to cross up the MA line - designated as "Xup". 2. Current bar is about to cross down the MA line - designated as "Xdn". 3. Previous bar that has just crossed up and closed the MA line - designated as "UP". 4. Previous bar that has just crossed down  and closed the MA line - designated as "DN". Input parameters can be changed: MA, dashboa
50 USD
Ultimate Simple
Narek Avetisyan
5 (1)
Ultimate Simple - полностью автоматизированная торговая система. Торговый робот работает на любых валютных парах и на любом таймфрейме. Работа робота основана на принципе дивергенции(против основного тренда). Объем входа в рынок и риски жестко контролируются на основе алгоритмов. Количество сделок ограничено уровнем свободной маржи в процентах, которое по умолчанию равно 1500% (во входных параметрах level = 1500.00). Объем входа в рынок зависит от количества свободных средств на счету, а если
399 USD
Niubility Trend  Niubility Trend displays the trend direction for all time frames in real time. You'll see at a glance at which direction the trends are running, how long they last and how powerful they are. All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders. Features Easy to trade Customizable colors and sizes It is non-repainting and non-backpainting It is fantastic as a trailing stop method It implements alerts of all kinds
30 USD
Simple trend
Mikhail Nazarenko
5 (1)
Simple trend   is a professional version of the trend indicator and entry points. It uses Price action and a unique filtering algorithm to determine the trend. Shows the change in the direction of price movement on any currency pairs, without redrawing the result. Suitable for determining entry points for scalping and swing, as well as for intraday, medium-term trading. Features Marks trend reversal locations and directions. Suitable for all types of trading, in any markets. Allows you to enter
34 USD
This Expert Advisor will change how you manage your risk forever. The EA automatically calculates your position size by either looking at your balance or equity. You need simply type in how much risk you want to have on that particular trade, move your TP line and SL line and it does the rest. Click buy or sell and it enters the position and places your TP/SL for you.  It does the same thing for pending buy limits or sell stops.  Feel confident knowing your risk before entering your trade! Mo
30 USD
100 USD
Aleksandr Ionov
Blockbuster  – автоматическая торговая система, разработанная для торговли на валютной паре GBPUSD. При появлении торгового сигнала робот открывает рыночный ордер и дополнительные лимитные ордера в количестве заданном в параметре OrderCount . Сетка ордеров не является торговой тактикой, но способствует значительному росту доходности. Торговля возможна и без дополнительных ордеров, для этого параметр  OrderCount нужно перевести в значение 0. Торговля ведется внутри дня. Все ордера закрываются к
150 USD
Analysis and management of a large number of open positions . Cumulative take, stop, trailing stop and many other closing scenarios. The Expert Advisor runs on any pair and sees all open positions on all pairs. Analyzing profit and other parameters can close all positions or selective ones following the settings. It can work with all open positions as well as take into account Magic, a trading pair or a direction - LONG or SHORT. DOES NOT OPEN POSITION himself, only in the strategy tes
270 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
The BstMACD expert system works using the MACD indicator and sharp tick movements. Works with a deposit of $ 100! The method of trading scalping trend. With an acceptable level of spread, the bot passes any historical period on any currency pair. There is no point in testing at opening prices, either checkpoints or all tics. It is possible to work on accounts with a floating spread; entry into the market will occur only when the spread is lower than the level specified in the settings. Setting
260 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
TrendSignal - projects one of the main market wisdom and says - "Trend is my friend." Using this indicator, you can develop a trading system in financial markets. Since the indicator is designed specifically to create a system for finding a market trend. Perhaps TrendSignal can be called the main one, since classic trading involves searching for trends. In principle, the indicator perfectly copes with its task. This indicator does not lag and show the trend in real time! TrendSignal - Allows y
76 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
MoveWave - Moving waves are very handy indicators for determining pivot levels. Most Forex traders make decisions based on technical analysis. This type of analysis determines patterns and trends in the market. With the help of complex mathematical equations that are combined and made out in the form of this indicator, the trader will be able to more accurately determine the price reversal levels. Wave theory mathematically represents various behavioral models of the market. It is used as the ba
64 USD
Heiken Ashi Bar Type based indicator: Enter Trades with the Confidence that higher timeframes agree. This tool will display the condition and direction bias all in one window, without need to look at the charts.  Professional Traders who do trend trading or scalping with the trend, this is a great tool to be alerted by when the asset is ready. Example: Choose any MT4 timeframe you want Daily timeframe H4 timeframe H1 timeframe Choosing your favourite moving average method: EMA 50/ EMA 100 / EMA
35 USD
Chaiwat Chumpoo
50 USD
Curiosity 3 Route 66  It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor, which allows you to presize the trade according to the preferences of the trader. Curiosity 3 have more than 260 customization options for your trade. Different options for different styles of trade.  Curiosity 3 route 66  is a break system of trade with different algorithm of trade mode.  This EA using signals to place orders.  Is a revolution in the  customization of the trading. The algorithms de
30 USD
Hello all The expert works on the ZigZag index Sign in to buy After breaking the Green Line Sign in to sell After breaking the red line The expert works multiples in a way that brings together the last deal Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity * the greater this percentage is the greater the lot size if auto lot is us
200 USD
Get the bars from higher time frame on your main chart. You can be trading on M15 and watch H1 and H4 bars at the same time. Use the advantages by watching a single chart and keep track of Japanese candlesticks patterns from a higher time frame. You can no scalp on M1 or M5 without loosing sights of how much is it left for the M30 or H1 candle to close and if it bullish or bearish.
30 USD
Hello all The expert works in a timely manner and enters the opposite direction If the upward trend enters a buy If the bearish trend enters a sell deal The expert works multiples  This is controlled by the settings you want to work with or not. Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity* the greater this percentage is the gr
200 USD
Hello all The expert works in a timely manner and enters the opposite direction If the upward trend enters a sell If the bearish trend enters a buy deal The expert works multiples at the loss This is controlled by the settings you want to work with or not. Parameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want use manual lot size. Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity* the greater this percentag
200 USD
Hajime Tsuro
Unveiling WILD CYCLE EA: A Strategy for Dynamic Market Trends Adaptive Trading in Motion Embarking on the trading landscape from June 2021, the WILD CYCLE EA presents an evolutionary approach to market-trend following. Pioneering a relentless pursuit of profit, this EA deftly adapts to shifting market dynamics. Navigating the Core Strategy At its heart lies a fundamental approach—initiating positions in the direction of positive SWAP, such as the EURUSD SHORT. These positions are meticulously c
60 USD
Vroom Vroom
Himma Youssef
Vroom Vroom is a Trading Robot with no use of Classic martingale. Schedule scalping Options. it uses some Indicators as a filter to maximize Correct entries, Smarter than Hamster Pro! *StopLoss and TakeProfits are automatically updated by the EA during trading. user Not allowed to modify them! Recommendations :  Lot = 0.01. ( if autolot enabled  Allow (initial Lot) per (xx)USD  = 100 ). Balance  = 300 USD. Pair = EURUSD. TimeFrame = 5Min. Broker = Trusted Brokers Inputs descriptions :  Initial
99 USD
Based on the trend of more empty line. At present is version 1.03, with new later. Appear more prompt, can open more than single Empty message, can open an empty list The discoloration of three counties, represent different levels of  The market at present there is an organization - the sea education, they are also more empty lines, but I more empty line is based on their changes, on the basis of identifying trend more accurately. Trad duokong line is an automatic identification of long-short
98 USD
Humberto Gomes
5 (2)
The GoldenCross EA will examine 26 Currency Pairs to select the best trade. WHEN BACK TESTING CHOOSE CONTROL POINTS TO GET AN IDEA OF THE OPERATIONS WITH A SINGLE CURRENCY . THE BACKTEST USES THE SAME MONEY MANAGEMENT AND TRADING LOGIC AS THE EA.   StartLots Can be fixed or a % of Equity. MagicNumber can be changed by the User. Close trading before midnight Friday if no positions open. The user should make sure their trading platform is providing tick data on all of the major currencies to maxi
90 USD
Let's look at the nature of price changes in the Forex market, not paying attention to the reasons why these changes occur. This approach will allow us to identify the main factors affecting the price movement. For example, let's take the opening prices of bars on the EUR-USD currency pair and the H1 timeframe. For these prices, we construct the Lameray diagram (Figure 1). In this diagram, it can be seen that the price movement basically occurs according to a linear equation. To determine the pa
30 USD

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