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please help me find it!!!!!

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martin d
martin d 2015.09.06 09:58 

i used to find free indicators to try out here in the past but now i am not able to locate the free indicator or EA sections anymore. is it just me? also i cannot locate an indicator i know the name of here for MT4.

there seem to be loads of indicators here but they are not in alphabetical order. that is a real significant problem which needs to be fixed. does anyone agree?  also i see no search box whatsoever to put the name of the indicator into to do a simple search.

 where is a search box to find anything to buy or free? i remember one in the past but cant find it now.  i am frustrated by this to say the least. where is it? i do not have a million hours to manually search through 40 pages of indicators for just one that should take a

second to find. this is totally driving me nuts. there should be a free indicator and free EA section which i cant locate. there should be all alphabetical listing of all databases listed here which i dont see anywhere.

there should at least be a dummy search box which i dont see anywhere.  I cant find anything i want as a result.. am I overlooking anything here? is anyone else extremely annoyed by this total lack of database organization and search function?? 

how can anyone buy anything they want if they cant find it??? how can anyone find any data they need without any search functions or alphabetical organization? lets organize this website alphabetically for

those who want to look through everything and add search functions for everyone else so atleast someone can find something they might need or want here. 

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden 2015.09.06 10:46  

how about that 

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.09.06 21:47  

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies Search - Quick, Easy and Convenient!

MetaQuotes Software Corp., 2010.04.29 12:00 has gained yet another useful service - now you can search information in all sections at one time. Type few keywords describing desired information, press Enter (or click Search button) - and you will see results page.

Results are conveniently divided into various sections: in each section first go the most relevant results, further - less relevant in descending order.

Consider an obvious example. If you need general information about indicators, then simply enter the "indicator" word in the search bar. But sometimes you want to find more specific information, when search terms of it consist of more than one word. For example, if you want to learn more about indicators of trading sessions, it is recommended to enter "Indicator session" instead of searching for each word separately. More detailed "trade session indicator" query will display more relevant results. 

Searching at is performed according to morphology rules and is insensitive to case of letters. By default, our search engine shows pages, that contain all words from a search query. You don't need to enter AND operator between words in query. Please note, that the order of words affects search results. To make search results more relevant, you should enter additional search criteria.

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