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Discussion of article "The "All or Nothing" Forex Strategy"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.02.16 05:47 

New article The "All or Nothing" Forex Strategy is published:

The purpose of this article is to create the most simple trading strategy that implements the "All or Nothing" gaming principle. We don't want to create a profitable Expert Advisor - the goal is to increase the initial deposit several times with the highest possible probability. Is it possible to hit the jackpot on ForEx or lose everything without knowing anything about technical analysis and without using any indicators?

Figure 7. Probability of winning the lottery, depending on the time T. The abscissa axis - trivial strategy timeout, i.e. time of one trade. The ordinate axis - probability of winning with such time T.

Author: Гребенев Вячеслав

Heinz Traub
Heinz Traub 2012.07.29 21:43  
This article is very interesting to me. Thanks for writting it, translating it and provide the implementation.
Achmad Hidayat
Achmad Hidayat 2013.04.21 10:40  

Very interesting article.

Can open our perspective in achieving what we really want in trading on forex market.

Kourosh Davallou
Kourosh Davallou 2013.04.21 13:19  

This very interesting article.

Jose 2013.10.03 09:45  

It is actually a different approach to most seen around, where the objective is always to obtain a positive expectation. It would be interesting to analyze how the probability of winning in this lottery is modified as technical analysis kicks in (or, in other words, how we can become an "informed" lottery player, which knows, for instance, that some balls have different weighs and so their probability is not exactly the same)

Diogo Seca
Diogo Seca 2016.03.26 05:16  
Brilliant article.
Roberto Jacobs
Roberto Jacobs 2016.03.26 05:30  
Thanks a lot for interesting article
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