ACTIONS news, forecasts, expectations 2022 - page 177

Vitalii Ananev
Dmitriy Skub #:
And most importantly, no account is taken of the greediness of the sellers. Which, as a rule, is off the charts.)

Yes, they can sell handmade Persian carpets for the price of a rug :)

Valeriy Yastremskiy
Yuriy Zaytsev #:
Good afternoon Vladimir ,
It's a difficult question, I can't look into the heads of those who decide.
It seems to me that someone just knows clearly what course is needed.

There have always been discrepancies in the exchange rates of commodities and currencies, but they do not allow earning on this divergence in the market))). Now this earning is obvious, but it is forbidden on one side, besides logistics can really give any kind of rise in price of any goods when demand exceeds supply and the recovery of arrival routes is not clear.