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Hi guys I love this indicator and it has been working really well in my testing phase, I just realized that it's throwing some error maybe someone can help me out.

The error is

2019.06.29 13:30:13.866 pos_size EURNZD,Daily: Error: can't create label! code #4200

Thank You!

Hi there. I love the idea. I find it very useful.

I was wondering, if there is a way to space out the text from each other so it is easier to read? :)


I notice that ExCRate always return 1. This is catastrophic because $ 1 AUD isn't 1 JPY. 

The problem lies at 

ExCRate= MarketInfo(ExC,MODE_ASK);  

MT4's MarketInfo function returns 0 for all currencies and this problem was discusses in .

I added a print function after and found that it only return 1 for every currency i tested. 

    ExCRate= MarketInfo(ExC,MODE_ASK);                          //Get the correct FX rate for the Account to Counter conversion
if(ExCRate ==0) ExCRate=1.0;

Print(ExC + " is: " + ExCRate);

I manage to fix this by using iClose function.

ExCRate = iClose(ExC, 0, 0);
// ExCRate= MarketInfo(ExC,MODE_ASK);

Images: . Thanks

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