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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.01.14 17:52 

New article Create Your Own Expert Advisor in MQL5 Wizard is published:

The knowledge of programming languages is no longer a prerequisite for creating trading robots. Earlier lack of programming skills was an impassable obstacle to the implementation of one's own trading strategies, but with the emergence of the MQL5 Wizard, the situation radically changed. Novice traders can stop worrying because of the lack of programming experience - with the new Wizard, which allows you to generate Expert Advisor code, it is not necessary.
Author: MetaQuotes
muller 2011.01.14 18:51  

the shortest article never seen !!! welcome to the pavlov syndrom.
TRADIRIDIRA 2011.02.05 21:09  

Hey, Bulat,

Very good stuff you tell us, programming like this, in modules, is fine to me because at this moment

I`am learning MT5 stuff so it`s takes a while to code. Now within three minutes Iam into the game!


thank Rob. 

gizbar_g 2011.06.25 01:28  

The article is a very significant instruction on the way how to develop more advanced experts with ease.

However, I'm having trouble replacing built-in signalindicators with my custom indicator.

The generator recognizes my indicator but the expert refuses to work.

Is there an article/post on how to do it properly?

Step on New Rails: Custom Indicators in MQL5
  • 2009.11.23
  • Андрей
I will not list all of the new possibilities and features of the new terminal and language. They are numerous, and some novelties are worth the discussion in a separate article. Also there is no code here, written with object-oriented programming, it is a too serous topic to be simply mentioned in a context as additional advantages for developers. In this article we will consider the indicators, their structure, drawing, types and their programming details, as compared to MQL4. I hope that this article will be useful both for beginners and experienced developers, maybe some of them will find something new.
hemmanuel 2016.03.20 23:28  
Does this even work ? I have tried several tutorials for MQL5 Wizards and none of them places any trades in strategy tester ?
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