How can i get buffer values from 2 signals and create an indicator to display single symbol

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Romen Perera
Romen Perera  

Hi everyone

Im very new to this.

Im just wondering, i have two signals currently in my charts. I call or put only if i get an exact signal from both indicators.

Is it possible to create a new indicator which will show a symbol if both previous said buffer values are on.

Ex ==============================

Indicator1 : Call = 0 and Put = 1

Indicator2 : Call = 0 and Put = 1

If indicator1 buffer = 0 and indicator2 buffer = 0 then display and UP arrow (Buffer = 0)

If indicator1 buffer = 1 and indicator2 buffer = 1 then display and DOWN arrow (Buffer = 1)


So this way, the new indicator will check both buffers from pre made indicators and show a new symbol (give a buffer value) accordingly. This way, there is no need to check both previous buffers/symbols. Just the new indicator signal will do the job.

Hope you get what im talking about. Please let me know if you have any ideas.


Romen Perera: Please let me know if you have any ideas.
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