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Hi. I just cancelled my MT4 vps. The reasons are:1) it continued to operate even though I discontinued or stop the hosting temporary from the MT4 trading account platform .

2) I used Demo account for the last few days, however, the hosting site still treated it as though I was using live account and continued trading.

3) Due to above, I suffered losses, which only realised when I reactivated my hosting and live account this morning 1st Nov 2017.

4) All these were recorded and confirmed by IG.

5) This is very serious, as subscriber of the MT4 hosting had no idea that the account is still trading when it was actually disconnected or switched off.

6) I have a small credit balance in my MT account. Now I wanted to withdraw so as to prevent hosting to automatically renewed, but unsuccessful.

    So I need instructions as how to get back (withdraw) whatever fund remains in my MT deposit account


customer fisherman8

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

If you are talking about MQL5 VPS for MT4/MT5 - this is the nature of VPS - your account is traded/connected (autotrading is always on) untill you make a synchronization to send a new information to VPS about your account.
And because of that - youy can switch off your PC in case you are using VPS.

How to synchronize?
read this thread -

And MQL5 VPS is per account (not per metatrader).


About withdraw so write to the service desk (I think - they can do it if your case is written in the Rules for example).

How to update/adjust EAs that are hosted on a VPS?
How to update/adjust EAs that are hosted on a VPS?
  • 2017.07.18
Dear All, I just rented my first VPS from MQL5 via my MT4 platform today...
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