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Can not use Freelance Service last 2 days. - page 3

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Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  
Alain Verleyen:
Do not post decompiled code or you will be banned.
Sorry it was only for illustration purposes
Iulian Sadovei
Iulian Sadovei  

They are continuing to ban developers accounts as if they wouldn't need them to make money and cash in commissions.

It's getting ridiculous.

My account got banned because I placed a bid on a job where the customer asked for some code modification.

The job description didn't mentioned if the customer had the source code or not.

To the job it wasn't attached any code at all.

In private no code was sent by the customer.

Assuming he has the source code and wants it modified, I applied in good faith with the intent to help if the job would NOT go against site's policies.

Despite all that, the admins saw my application as enough proof that I would engage in illegal practices or activities forbidden on this platform.

To highlight the absurdity of the situation, I reiterate:

1. the customer did not specify he had source code or not 

2. the job description had no code attached

3. no code was sent in private

This is an excerpt of what they looked at and decided on.

Apparently "unlock" is the key word and they don't care much of the context.

As if "unlock" can only mean decompile, even in cases when the customer has the source code and doesn't know how to modify it himself.

At this point, I was literally punished for intent under the assumption that the job WILL involve decompiled code, despite the fact that no code was attached YET.

Did you get that?

Punished for something I have not done yet for something that may never happen, under an assumption based on lack of proof.

The fact that no code was attached is misconstrued somehow in a meta-logic of their own as enough proof that some decompiled code will be somehow involved.

That's an over reach and an overstretch, even for them.

It seems that the "Minority Report" days  have come.

Now we're getting punished for thing we haven't done yet, under the assumption we will do them as they anticipate, without having any actual proof the policy was infringed yet.

That's utterly absurd.

Coders beware - you can get in deep trouble even if you have no intention of engaging in unsanctioned activities.

The ignorance of newcomers will put you in harms way and the admins are not concerned a bit with your well being.

Minimal if any efforts are made in order to protect your interests, or so it seems.

My repeated pleas fell on deaf ears.

Got nothing back from Service Desk in the way of at least acknowledging the fact that my argument is valid or not.

They make a decision and they stick with it even if it's absurd and illogical.

Don't bid on ambiguous job descriptions.

Don't bid on job that involve code modification and you can't see the code.

Don't bid on jobs posted by newcomers.

Ignorance will hurt you, even if you have no fault of your own.

This is what may happen if you rely too much on making money in somebody else's backyard.

They can kick you out whenever they please for any reason they deem valid, and you can do nothing about it.

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

Yes well... 'Need to unlock it for unlimited use' is pretty clear to me.

What else did you have in mind?

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