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20 pips / trade setting

Can anyone give me the settings to make 20 pips / trade in 5 minutes timeframe ??


Anybody trading with this method?

Anybody trading with this method? 1min or 5min? What results?



what setting is best?

Aleksey Antonov
Aleksey Antonov  
hi what setting is best?

i think it's powerfull system i use standart settings


This is a very inactive thread. Anyone care to post any results?



Please tell us about results of this system. Thank you.


This strategy is still working as posted earlier in the thread. I am using it with the original settings plus XO score update. I am looking to improve signals. I am also using Inzider's excellent template which is supposed to filter out bad signals. At the moment, it is filtering out too many of the signals. You have all the tools you need on this thread to build a profitable trading strategy. Stood the test of time 2 and a half years +.

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Kevin P
Kevin P  

Hello everyone,

this is my first post but it is a request post

suk1000k, can you please post the indicators and template for your last post, please???



OK, heres the scoop on this,

I like it,

need some changes made tho, so if you know how to code, here is the things that it needs.


1 gap



As you know, there are 4 lanes

the top 3 lanes are confirmation lanes,

The bottom lane is the trade trigger,

When the 4th ( bottom ) Lane turns Blue, AND the top 3 lanes are Blue, then you go Long. This means, The tendancy for the pair to drop is reduced to just dumb luck, as wee allllllll know.

Now, feel free to go short if the 4th lanes turn Red, just be ready to take profit, but its most likelu going to go up, because the top 3 lanes are Blue.

Now, dont open another trade till the 4th lanes turns Blue again, and that would mean, ALL 4 lanes are Blue.


When all 4 lanes are red, take profit when the 4th lane turns Blue, or 20 TP and 5 TS.. Then, re-enter when the 4th lane turns red again, and ALL 4 lanes are still red.

For the EA,

Open Buy-- All 4 lanes Blue, Take profit on 4th lane change to Red.

Re-enter when All 4 lanes are blue again.

Close Buy--Lane 4 is Red,

Open Sell-- All 4 lanes are Red, Take profit on 4th lane change to Blue

Re-enter when All 4 lanes are Red again.

Close Sell--Lane 4 is Blue,

Also, if you want, add in progression of lot size by one ( 1 or .01 ) per 100 pips in profit.

I have watched this all day, and it looks pretty darm good..

also, 1 trade per new signal, that way, there isnt back to back buys that go no-where.

So, say everything is Blue, so you buy, then the 4th lane turns red, so you take profit, or TP from the trailing stop. Then, no trade is opened again till all a same color again..

Its very simple


Im working on Building a EA, but I need a builder. Tryed the Gen that is listed here, but cant get the code without subscribing.

I usually use SUFX.core but I need to upload Freedom and another indi, but cant there.. Well, can, but they need installed into the program by the dude running the builder, and he isnt nowhere to be found i guess.

I have a plan of using the Freedom bars for constant trend, triggered by a ZigZag Pointer indi I found..

the Pointer is like goldminer1, and would work perfect for this.

Only opening trade WITH the trend.

So, if Freedom indicates a SHort trend, it will open Short trade, when Pointer turns red, then take profit when pointer turns green. Alot of these trades will bag great pips.. Then, it will wait for the Red arrow again, and will open a short trade if the Freedom is Red.

Everything is reversed for Buys.

also, again, you should be able to set TP and SL, allll thought, there shouldnt be a need for SL because this is pretty dang on point.

Im working on this, let me see what I can do.

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