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How do I put Din 3.0 onto Metaquotes? Anybody?

Extract the archive found on page 1 of this thread into your MT installation folder.

Read throughly the original thread



Hi ancoll,you're really genius..


Can I use all DIN ver 3 indicator to EA DIN V2.6?

Still confuse about the times

The EAV2.6 are FXDD server times. The default settings of 0-3 and 9-11.V2.6

If I don't mistake FDD server time is GMT+2

I use North FInance which is GMT+3 So the setting should i change to 0-3 and 10-12. Is that right?


Is this a profitable working system - DIN v3 indicator with EA DIN v2.6?


Looks like the EA is trading in the wrong areas. See pic.

Traded in the Neutral zone

wrong_din.jpg 228 kb


Ancoll or others. I like Din v3 and will start testing it this week. But I like to see the fibos and when I set the show_fib_lines to true they don't show up. I do see %s from 0 to 150% but they don't look like fibos.

What am I missing?

Thank you

hello everybody. is there a version of din 3 which give buy/sell signals automatically with stop loss and take profit values and sound alert enabled . if it exist can anyone post it here ..thanks

Erkan the version I downloaded shows buy and sell signals in the upper left. I assumed these were signals that should be taken and that you can use some of the other graphs for confirmation of the signal. The version I downloaded was the one Ancoll posted



i was into making indicators so i couldnt wait to share here before is finished and this system, the bm indicators are made out of lsma ema wait for them to be the same color closed .and you also see the D1 jma lines they must also say the same signal and now we have lsma clored line on price this also must say the same when you have all this look at advance adx when its good strog hight level same color you can have enteries but man im developing this technic i brought this technic from my successful big brother long term cracy ,as i dont have enough money to tolerate price violate for long term trading i started makking it for shorter like H4 now i build some good things that he (mybrother ) also liked it and i made new thread in indicators for metatrader 4 and im going to share the indis over there what i want to do is get rid graph becasue like that everyone can doubt about the signal but if you got simple histograms out of those indicators plus some modification then every one will have the same signal with no doubt about it .

Baba so in this system are the rules for a signal:

For each last bar:

If the MTF_ADX is red, Waddah is red, BM2 is red and the last indicator on screen (i can't read label) is red then that's the sell signal?

And reverse for buy?

I like the look. Very clean.

Thank you


How is this Program loaded to MT4

Update 08 May 07

In the previous version, DIN with TF 30 is not too reliable for choopy market and news release, and not so many traders are trading intra day,

then I modified DIN indicator to version 3.0 which is using TF 1 hour

Take a look at the picture below (attachment)


1. Dolly ver 11 indicator + GMACD + Digistoch

Rule still apply for Dolly indicator, but instead of taking profit 20 pips, you may aim for bigger pips.

2. Isakas Kuskus + fisher

Rule still apply for Isakas, blue is signal for buy, red is signal for sell

3. Nina Indicator (step MA)

If the violet line above the blue line indicates buy, if the violet line below the blue line, indicates sell. For a better confirmation, wait for the violet crossing the blue line and make a blue/ red cross.

4. Bollinger squeeze

Red line means sell signal, blue line means buy signal, while green line means netral (may go long or short if you want)

5. Damiani Signal

Is an indicator to show the noise of the market

TRADE = means you can trade, NO TRADE = nuff said.

6. Waddah Altar Explosion

If the bar = red and above the line = sell signal

If the bar = green and above the line = buy signal

7. Flat trend MACD

Showing the current trend with MACD

Red = sell, blue = buy, yellow = neutral


For stop loss I am using 50 pips, or you may use stop loss according to support or resistance line (fibonanci percent) in dolly ver 11.

To exit, there are many choices:

1. Risk : Reward ratio, if 30 SL then 60TP, if 50 SL then 100 TP

2. You can use the fibonnanci percent or support/ resistance in the first window to take profit

3. Just put 50 pips profit and may use trailing stop 15 pips

4. No exit, leave it open, but use trailing stop 25 pips

5. if by any case, the buy signal alter to sell signal or vice versa then close the trade and take any pips profit.


(Thanks for all who really help until this point)


How is this Program loaded to MT4 from Winrar?

Thank you for your assistance!


Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Download Winrar, install it and unrar (unzip) the rar archive.

WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

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