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Momentum divergence

Hi all! Does anybode has indicator wich shows momentum divergence with arrows and alerts?



does anybody know this indicator???

i want to know about it



Question: How Do you Trade for Re-Entries

I always have an issue as to when to get back into a trade after I took my profits. If I wait until the system give another signal, it could be many, many PIPs later have gone by or I would even wait until the next day.

I am curious as to how people know when to get back into another position. If one waited for price to touch a moving average, there is no guarantee that it will not break it and go in the opposite direction, so how can you tell?



you should follow your rules or your signal, took your profits only when reversal signal appears then took another position (reversal), if you have buy position , took your profits when reversal signal appears then enter your sell position , yes this is hard situation because you have to wait reversal signal and it could be many pips have gone but that's forex system just follow it , in the end of month calculate your system performance .and if you feel unsatisfied tweak it


Forex Indicators Collection

does anybody know if there is an indicator that detects divergence on fisher?

or macd divergence does the same job?? please advise....

also regarding rsi divergence, it seems that a bearish divergence occurs on a bullish trend and opposite. maybe some people will disagree with this....

MACD divergence indicator is just for MACD

A new one is needed to Fisher being careful with the lot of non working versions posted.


CCI divergence


Where can i find an indicator for cci divergence?