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Which one is the best right now with this stratagy? Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum ?

Muhamad Umar Annur Bin Abd Halim  

CALLING ALL CODERS. Please help me.

Could anyone make an EA base on this trade system. For free please.


The Blue Line is Hi-Lo Zigzag.

I just want to ask a favor. If anyone could make an EA base on my strategy. It's quite simple.

BUY or SELL directly when the Hi-Lo Zigzag barn 300, length 3 has formed at any lots. It's usually formed after 3 to 5 candles just like I've circled in the image.

Then, T/P 5 pips and S/L 5 pips. From my observation, TF 5 MIN is the best to use. However, it would be great if I can change the LOT SIZE, TF, and ANY VARIABLES that could make it better in case I want to do some experiment to improve the trade.


Could anyone please code an EA for my second system too.



Directly enter when 3 DT LAUER dot has formed. If dotted red, sell. Dotted green, buy.

T/P 150

S/L 50

TimeFrame; Any

And it would be great too, if I can change the EA variable such as lot size, T/P, S/L and etc that could benefits the system.

It will not just benefits me, it will benefits other traders too if someone is willing to code these two system.

To NEWDIGITAL or other MOD. Please do not redirect my topic if you ever think to. Could you please just show me the link to the post that you want to redirect this topic. I really need a favor for this. I've tested lots of strategies but end in exhausted condition just to alert for any changes in my system. EA is the solution, however I'm just a trader than a coder.

If anyone can make it, I will be very grate and thankful.

Specially for NEWDIGITAL, as your forum member, I put major hope on you as admin to code these systems into EAs. Please....

[ATTACH]Hi-Low Zigzag Default please change to barn 300, length 3[/ATTACH]


Sergey Golubev  

Idea should be elaborated.

I am not a coder. But if some coder is having ... let' say 1 hour free time so he can code if idea is profitable. It should be more posts, or statement or any ...

I moved your post to zigzag EAs thread with many EAs based on zigzag. The authors of those ideas developed it for the long time before they invited the coder to code.

Muhamad Umar Annur Bin Abd Halim  

Well, as your members I very hurt for what you've said. I really am hope for admin to comply with far better answers. Maybe I rarely post, but I'm a reader, and a loyal reader for your forum. You've just hurted one of your reader. Forum is a place where idea should comply, learn and to ask for help. I'm not asking for someone to do those coding forcely, but by willingly.. Good admin like you I would expect answers that will help. I'm not a coder, and a very slow learner.. The only way I can expand my ideas is trough others.. Not just for myself, but to benefits all traders..

Well, who am I.. Just a little newbie who's seek help from a forum and ironically seems to be hurt for admin who's judge me in open post..

Sergey Golubev  

Please tell me what to do.

Your idea is profitable?

Did you test it on demo account for few days?

Sergey Golubev  

I just said about my experience:

the coders are coding for free if it is interesting for them, or if it is interesting for many members of this forum.

I am not a coder.

If you post the statements for few days trading and few more chart as examples so the coders will look at it an understand that it is profitable and they will code.

Otherwise what can I do?

I am not admin of coders. They are independent people.

And you do not want to test your system for at least few days ...

I just told you my personal experience with the coders if I want to code something for example.