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Only $10 for the best VPS

How fast will it pay off due to better execution?

MetaTrader VPS has no service plan limitations. For $10, you get up to 16 GB of RAM and all server cores. Besides, our solution provides forex traders with the minimum ping with no hidden delays. Considering all the mentioned commercial offer parameters, $10 is a very low price. Thanks to the better execution, the virtual server subscription pays off completely.

Minimum delays (up to 1 ms and less) during a trade execution bring real benefits on any volatile markets. Suppose that you want to buy 1 lot of EURUSD at 1.11111. But due to various stray delays, the trading order has reached the broker server only in 300 milliseconds. By that time, the symbol price has changed to 1.11114 and the order has been executed.

Conventional VPS server's resource distribution by tasks

This is what usually happens when you trade from your home PC. You have to put up with this seemingly inevitable nuisance and receive less profit or greater loss per each operation. It is like a payment you make per each trade but no one ever receives.

3 pips on EURUSD with a volume of 1 lot are equivalent to 3 US dollars. This means that each trade may potentially yield a few dollars less. At each trade, you may lose several pips twice — when entering and exiting the market. If your trades were executed with no delays (for example, via MetaTrader VPS), you would not bear these unnecessary costs and your trading results would be better.

Trade execution delays

Even with moderate trading (only a few small-volume trades per month on traditional major symbols), MetaTrader VPS is a profitable investment. By saving a few pips per each trade, you will pay off the subscription cost of $10 over and above. In fact, you will return your investment in better performance in just a few trades. All subsequent savings will go straight to your profits.

MetaTrader VPS allows you to save a few pips per trade and pay off the subscription cost easily

In case of frequent trades, large traded volumes or volatile markets (like cryptocurrencies), MetaTrader VPS is even more beneficial. The pay-off period of the virtual hosting subscription may reduce to one day or even one trade. Also, if we keep in mind some other benefits of a virtual forex server and discounts, the service cost turns out to be really low.

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