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rex zhang  

Here is EURUSD BrainTrading (1 hour & 15 min) signal before NFP

Excellent signal before NFP!

Look at the 15 minutes chart

The 6:45 clock(GMT) bar got BT1sig, and then the 7:00 clock got BT2sig, at the same time 1 hour chart, the 7 clock bar got BT1sig & BT2sig , also Stoch start down trend.


So the order sell at close of 7 clock bar 1.2075, stop loss at recent high 1.2115.


when the Stoch(1 hour) start cross at 14:00 GMT at 1.1982,

Total trading time 7 hours, Pips: 93.

I am waiting other signal!!!!!!

Thanks NewDigital.



hi, is everyone know how to use "RAVI FX fisher"?

thx advance!

Sergey Golubev  

If you are trading on M30 tf so we have two rules for that:

In both rules we have exit on Parabolic SAR. Read the link I posted.

One rule is less of risk. It was some good signal (two signals) on 17th of February on USDJPY according to this rule. And this signal at 8:00 is ok as well. But we should enter on the closed bar so we are taking buy at 8:30. And exit on Parabolic SAR (opened bar). It means the price is touching the Parabolic SAR. So it was right entrance and the order should not be closed yet. Still opened.

An other rule is more profitable but more risky. We have much more trades using this second rules.

And please note that Braintrading system is the signal system. It means that we are using the same indicators and rules for the all the pairs. Practically it is ok because it is normal practics. But in the theory ... You know. It is Metatrader software.

Besides, there are "good" market and "bad" market according to this system. It means that sometimes we do not have good correlation between the price and all the market. So it is important to read the news as well and understand the price. During my estimation of this system we had good correlation for USDCHF, EURUSD and GBPUSD. And bad correlation for USDJPY. Seems this bad correlation exists up to now (it may be changed of course).

What does it mean "understand the price"?

Read the Nina's thread and you will understand what I mean. Nina understands the price.

And one main rule for all the signal systems: if you are not firmly convinced about the entrance - do not trade. Trade the signals which you are convinced in.

I opened the order for USDJPY as well (real, not demo) and having the minus now. Hoping it will be closed in profit.

The trading on M30 timeframe is more risky than H1 tf irrespective of the rules and signals. But we are having an other rules for H1 tf.

And I am not suggesting to trade all 4 main pairs simultaniously. Choose one pair, backtest it, do forward test, try to "understand the price" for this pair and be an expert for your pair.

I think it should be the main subject: to select your pair and your broker.

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Thanky You

Thank You, newdigital!

Unfortunately, I was aware of the "ExitOnSar" rule and therefore it was my fault taking the loss. As for now...looking at the charts, the SAR is still heading below the price, so I hope, that You at least get some pips to Your basket.

I will reread the whole topic, but the main target for the next week: discipline and stick to the system.

Thank You for Your reply.


Sergey Golubev  

And I know why.

It is because of BrainTrend2sig indicator.

Remove this indicator from the chart and insert it once again.

Sergey Golubev  

But I want to remind that the rules for M30 and the rule for H1 tileframe are completely different.

M30 does not need confirmation on the different timeframe.