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Virtual Hosting: xxxxx automated trading disabled after migration! Help!

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Opengates 2015.07.03 15:23 

Hi everyone in the house,

Please I need your help especially somebody who had gone through this before and how he solved it. I subscribed for a virtual hosting, precisely UK server and immediately I migrated my expert to the server, it start and then disable my expert after migration is successful with the message: "Virtual Hosting: xxxxx automated trading disabled after migration" in the terminal. How do I solve this problem? Do I cancel the server and will my money be refunded after canceling it? Or is there anywhere I have missed it and I didn't know?

Please someone in the house should help me out. I need a solution procured answer please, probably from someone who has the experience from what I am going through and how to solve it.

Thanks a lot.

JD4 2015.07.03 17:32  
Based on information I found out recently, MQ is trying to force people over more to the MT5 platform and the MQL5 site.  You might try asking on that forum as well.
honest_knave 2015.07.03 17:37  

I strongly recommend you contact the Service Desk - this forum is mainly comprised of users (not MetaQuotes employees). 

JD4 2015.07.03 17:39  
And the odd knave or two. ( :P )
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