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MT5 platform.

Famous traders / Interviews.


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Trading and The Laws of Abundance - Video about trading psychology

How to Control Your Emotions When Trading. Part 1

How to Control Your Emotions When Trading. Part 2

What the forex is ?

Simple example about entry and exit method for swing traders (D1 timeframe).

Why 80% fail at using a trend following technique to trade the forex.

How to trade support resistance levels (s/r), and different kinds of s/r.

2 ways of analysis:  fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Trading Strategy - Day Trading Confirmation Entry.

Ichimoku vs Moving Average Trade Analysis.

High Frequency Trading Explained

Boris Schlossberg about Futures vs. Spot ForexHigh frequency trading in action. CNN's Maggie Lake gets a rare look inside the super-fast trading industry.

High Frequency Trading Explained (HFT)

Day Trading Methods So Easy Anyone Can Use

Financial Crisis in Euro Cyprus doesn't always mean short - sell when using price action.

Gold, Crude, Russell with price action trading by John Paul.

Market conditions -- where will the price move ?

Technical Analysis for Idiots - My Market Theory.

Technical Analysis Course - Module 1: Technical Analysis and  the Dow Theory

Technical Analysis Course - Module 2: Charting Basics

Technical Analysis Course - Module 3: Trend Concepts

Technical Analysis Course - Module 4: Reversal and Continuation Patterns

Technical Analysis Course - Module 5: Volume and Open Interest

Technical Analysis Course - Module 6: Moving Averages

Technical Analysis Course - Module 7: Oscillators and Sentiment Indicators

Technical Analysis Course - Module 8: Further Charting

Technical Analysis Course - Module 9: Elliott Waves and Cycles of Time

Technical Analysis Course - Module 10: Cloud Charts: the Ichimoku Technique

Technical Analysis Course - Module 11: Money Management and Computers 

Technical Analysis Course - Module 12: How to Build a Trading Systems 

Technical Analysis Course - Module 13: The Stock Market

Technical Analysis Course - Module 14: Futures

Technical Analysis Course - Module 15: Options

Technical Analysis Course - Module 16: Forex Trading

Technical Analysis Course - Module 17: Strategies and Trading Principle

Best Forex Indicator To Use

Effective Forex Exit Strategy For Traders

Trading the Dow Jones: Wall Street Index 

Trading the FTSE: UK 100

Trading the Natural Gas Price

Trading the Nikkei

Data Announcements: Non-Farm Payrolls, GDP Figures and Central Bank Interventions

Most Popular Indices: FTSE vs Dax vs Dow

Trading the USD/JPY Currency Pair

Forex Trading and Leverage

Range Bound or Trending | The Best Way Traders Can Determine Market Conditions

Technical Analysis vs Fundamentals: How Reliable are Technicals ? 

Trading the Oil Price

Trading lesson #1 ADX Indicator

Trading lesson #2 CCI Indicator

Trading the Silver Price

EUR/USD - Most Popular Currency with Traders

The Importance of Exit Strategy, part 1

The Importance of Exit Strategy, part 2

The Importance of Exit Strategy, part 3

The Importance of Exit Strategy, part 4 - guidance of great traders

Moving Averages

Something Interesting in Financial Video June 2013

Something Interesting in Financial Video July 2013

Something Interesting in Financial Video August 2013

Something Interesting in Financial Video September 2013

Something Interesting in Financial Video October 2013

Something Interesting in Financial Video November 2013

This is a very good collection of training videos.

Thank you.


This is a very good collection of training videos.

Thank you.

I will complete when I have time. Anyway, it's a great job done by newdigital, to gather these videos.


I thank also to newdigital for this !

More video here: How does a broker work?
How does a broker work?
How does a broker work?
  • 2017.11.04
Please suggest me a good book in these areas: ECN/STP, A Book/B Book, Bridge, Interbank / Intermarket, Trading managment system and How does a brok...

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies

How to Start with Metatrader 5

Sergey Golubev, 2022.05.24 07:04

10 video lessons about how to create EA for Metatrader 5


Video: Simple automated trading – How to create a simple Expert Advisor with MQL5

A so-called Expert Advisor is what we are looking at right now.  An Expert Advisor is an automated application that can operate within MetaTrader and can open and close positions on its own.
In this video, we will learn how to create an Expert Advisor in its most basic form.


Best YouTube Machine Learning Channels -

  • Sentdex - post
  • Data School - post
  • Artificial Intelligence – All in One - post
  • - post
  • Machine Learning with Phil - post
  • Jeremy Howard - post
  • Two Minute Papers - post
  • Lex Fridman Podcast - post
  • Kaggle - post
  • Arxiv Insights - post
  • DeepLearning.TV - post
  • Springboard - post
  • The TWIML AI Podcast with Sam Charrington - post
Something Interesting in Financial Video
Something Interesting in Financial Video
  • 2023.02.20
Trading and training video (from youtube for example) about forex and financial market in general...

Learning ONNX for trading - the video:

  1. ONNX Runtime - post  #60
  2. Converting Models to #ONNX Format - post  #61
  3. ONNX – open format for machine learning models​ - post #62
  4. (Deep) Machine Learned Model Deployment with ONNX - post  #63
  5. Recurrent Neural Networks | LSTM Price Movement Predictions For Trading Algorithms- post 
  6. Artificial Intelligence Full Course | Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for Beginners | Edureka - post  #230
  7. Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX):
    7.1. Introduction to ONNX - Tutorial 1 - post
    7.2. Challenges in Deep Learning - Tutorial 2 - post
    7.3. All about ONNX - Tutorial 3 - post
    7.4. Design principles - Tutorial 4 - post
    7.5. ONNX file format - Tutorial 5 - post
    7.6. ONNX Data Type - Tutorial 6 - post
    7.7. Machine Learning Example - Tutorial 7 - post
    7.8. ONNX Runtime - Tutorial 8 - post
    7.9. ONNX Model Zoo - Tutorial 9 - post
    7.10. ONNX Model Zoo Demo - Tutorial 10 - post
    7.11. PyTorch to Tensorflow Demo - Tutorial 11 - post
  8. MIT Introduction to Deep Learning:
    8.1. Introduction to Deep Learning - Lecture 1 - post #231
    8.2. Recurrent Neural Networks and Transformers -  Lecture 2 - post #232
    8.3. Convolutional Neural Networks - Lecture 3 - post  #233
    8.4. Deep Generative Modeling -  Lecture 4 - post #234
    8.5. Reinforcement Learning -  Lecture 5 - post #235
    8.6. Deep Learning New Frontiers -  Lecture 6 - post #236
    8.7. LiDAR for Autonomous Driving -  Lecture 7 - post #237
    8.8. Automatic Speech Recognition -  Lecture 8 - post #238
    8.9. AI for Science -  Lecture 9 - post #239
    8.10. Uncertainty in Deep Learning -  Lecture 10 - post
Learning ONNX for trading
Learning ONNX for trading
  • 2023.03.31
We have added support for ONNX models in MQL5 since we believe this is the future...