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Incredible that we dont have an MT4 for mac osx that works post High Sierra.

I just had delivery of a £7K iMac pro 3 screens all for trading to discover that MT4 is not supported because its a 32 bit application.

Apple Business assure me that this is the 3rd party developers issue, they had 2 years to get in line with the new 64 bit architecture

and High Sierra and below are the only versions that work.They have had time. If they didnt follow suit we will not wait for them. Thats the official line from Apple, and given they gave them 2 years seems fair enough!

I spoke to all 3 of my brokers today here in the UK. These are guys who provide a mac friendly solution, nice app download and all works perfectly.

They have said that they too have asked metaquotes to sort this out given the amount of mac users now trading but it is out of their control.

Come on Guys pull your finger out and get a working 64 bit platform for Mac users!


Incompatibility with current MacOS version is a serious / timely issue that needs to be resolved asap somehow. Perhaps there needs to be a new article written, even if it's more technical.

I am not clear on what exactly would need to change in order for this to be working.

Arya Issac
Arya Issac  

Hello All,

I just installed PlayonMac on my Mac, I am running the Catalina 10.15.6 on Macbook Pro, the way to install this file:

after you download PlayonMac, you need to go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Go to General Tab / on the bottom of the screen there will be an option to allow PlayonMac to be allowed.

Once you say ALLOW, than it will start working.


networker911 khaled
networker911 khaled  

This is really getting very frustrating all the available solution aren't profissional or suitable specially it keep crashes and i don't know how come this problem has been thiere for years and most of forex traders prefer to use MAC for security reasons and stability so how come MQL are not developing a proper 64 bit mac supported version is that means its the end of meta traders for apple users its really weird 

I really ask MQL to step up and develop a proper working version or it will be the end of MT5 or MT4 for apple users