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Trend Envelopes of Averages - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.06.14 13:55

Trend Envelopes with an option to chose smoothed/filtered price in calculation instead of using "raw" prices.

The usage of filtered prices lessens the number of signals and, depending on your trading style, can be used to filter out undesired signals. To have unfiltered/non-smoothing values, simply set the the smoothing period to less than or equal to 1 and then, regardless of the smoothing type, there will be no smoothing/filtering.

LSMA Trend LSMA Trend

Indicator based on LSMA (Least Squares Moving Average). It shows the trend of the used average and displays it as a sort of an oscillator.

Quadratic Regression MA Quadratic Regression MA

Quadratic Regression MA is a sort of a linear regression value variation, but faster in response to market changes.

Historical Volatility - Parkinson Historical Volatility - Parkinson

An important use of the Parkinson's number is the assessment of the distribution prices during the day as well as a better understanding of the market dynamics. Comparing the Parkinson's number and periodically sampled volatility helps traders understand the tendency towards mean reversion in the market as well as the distribution of stop-losses.

Historical Volatility Bands - Parkinson Historical Volatility Bands - Parkinson

Historical Volatility Bands that are constructed using average as the middle line, and upper and lower bands using the Parkinson's historical volatility (instead of "regular" Historical Volatility) for bands calculation.