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CAP Zone Recovery EA PRO

CAP Zone Recovery EA is your tool to turn losing trades into winning trades by using a smart "back-and-forth" hedging mechanism. I call it the "Never Lose Again Strategy". Let the price move to anywhere it likes - the awesome CAP Zone Recovery EA will make profits out of the situation. Guaranteed! The secret behind this amazing EA is a famous trading algorithm known as "Zone recovery algorithm" or "The Surefire Forex Hedging Strategy".

CAP Zone Recovery EA is extremely easy to use. You just open a trade in a trending market - no matter which direction. You just enter a Take Profit level, no Stop Loss! Again: You will never again lose money because your trade hits the Stop Loss! Instead, this EA uses a smart hedging technology turning even losses into wins. In case the market moves in the unfavorable direction, the Zone Recovery Algorithm starts hedging your trade by placing an opposite order, but with multiple lot size. If market should turn again, the same procedure starts again. The result is a "trading channel" with an upper TP and a lower TP and an alternating series of buy and sell trades at specific levels and with different lot sizes within this channel. Once one of the TP levels is hit - and we all know it is absolutely sure that either the higher TP or the lower TP is reached - all open trades will close with a combined profit.

Let's say you just entered the market with a "buy market" position with 0.01 lots and your RecoveryGAP=200 points and TakeProfit=300 points. CAP Zone Recovery EA places a pending "stop sell" order to hedge your position instead of a Stop Loss in a predefined distance. What can we predict for sure? The market will move - either up or down. It can take some time, but it will move because it simply has to!

At this point, two scenarios are possible:

  • Scenario 1: Market moves up (without reaching your Recovery activation level in the meantime) and hits your Take Profit. The trade is closed and your profit is fixed.
  • Scenario 2: Market moves down and reaches Recovery activation level. A trade to the opposite direction is opened with different lot size. Again, for this order a pending order is placed hedging the new position. A new Take Profit is determined for all trades. This procedure is repeated with any change in market direction unless the Take Profit is hit and all trades are closed with combined profit.

Key Features

  1. Easy to set up and supervise.
  2. Build in Automatic trading strategy. EA can manage your manual but also you can set full automatic. EA come with more then 16+ automatic trading strategy to open your initial trade.
  3. Break Event and Trailing. Break event or Trailing can be work both initial trade and hedge trade.
  4. Two-stage recovery region. Change the recovery zone region used after a given number of trades. The purpose to avoid ranging market.This option when enabled will changed the recovery zone region used after a given number of trades. The purpose of this is to force a recovery to finish by reducing the region or increase the region to decrease the lots risk in the event recovery was not achieved yet.
  5. Customization capabilities for future. A unique customization code will be assigned that will perform the relevant customization functions once the code is entered. Options will be controlled by an external file.

Download the user guide

To understand the concepts behind this EA and learn to use it, kindly read the user guide.

Input Parameters

For a complete description of the input parameters of the EA, kindly read the user guide.

Things to keep in mind

  • The EA is not NFA/FIFO Compliant. Do not trade with an US Broker.
  • The EA needs just one initial trade: buy or sell. Don't buy and sell at the same time.
  • You can use pending orders to enter the market. Once the first is executed, the EA will remove all others from the chart.
  • Never start trading with a dangerous risk profile. Adjust your settings first.
  • Do not add trades manually to the deal or close them, let the EA do its job.
  • The EA will manage all trades on the chart and interfere with other EAs you are running. Be careful.
  • Open trades without stop loss or take profit. The EA will manage the trade.


Mohammad Ali, technical analyst and speculator, software engineer and founder of Capilta Business Solutions.‌

Pim 2019.07.15 11:16 

Great EA with many possibilities! The devoloper Mohammad is very helpfull with questions or improvements about the EA. Keep doing the good work!

Denis Pansonato
Denis Pansonato 2019.07.11 17:19 

I must say this robot is amazing so as the developer. The latest version (5.4) were developed to help me, mainly, because of my broker. Mohammad Ali gave me a great support and attention. Thank you very much Mohammad Ali and Capilta members! It´s a powerfull tool for trades but user need some skill to configure and test it several times before using it, once trading under same pair hedge strategy is not for anyone because of the potential of huge losses.

Huthayfah 2019.06.19 13:41 

very amazing and strong EA.

Samer Gowid
Samer Gowid 2019.06.18 19:15 

The EA is very good, customizable and flexible. You can easily optimize it to suit your trading style. It makes a good and a stable profit. The author is corporative and responds to all requests. Thank you Mohamed for the effort and time you put it to continuously improve the performance of the EA.

Yobsa 2019.06.07 07:55 

Software Engineer Mohammed Ali can be said to have a Ph.D. in both software engineering and trading the financial market. Wow!!!

Эдуард 2019.05.13 13:57   

Подскажите пожалуйста где можно посмотреть руководство пользователя на русском языке?

Mars Montero
Mars Montero 2019.05.04 12:56 

CAP Zone Recovery EA Pro Version 4.30 was good, the new version 5.0 (released on 1-May-2019) is a bad upgrade turning a good EA to bad. With the new version 5, user interface becomes more complicated and confusing even for experience users who have used the previous version. Additionally new version 5 have bugs that it won't open trades, tried to many hours of tweaking settings and I can't get it to work. This upgrade is a total waste of time.

Hani Hamdan
Hani Hamdan 2019.04.26 23:55 

Absolutely amazing EA, you have to know how it works first. Start with the recovery zone only, once you are not losing, then start to manipulate other settings and enhance the quality of the trades, you can use the EA alone without the need for any manual trading or other EA, I didn't test it on real account yet, but I have been testing EAs and making my own for more than 4 years now, and I can say that this is really a good work from the developer. Thank you I appreciate it, you deserve more that 5 stars.

ehssan58 2019.04.03 05:33 

A very good EA as long as you are familiar with the strategy. It always gives you positive results. Highly recommended.

jackywong8712 2019.03.30 07:19 

Great product

beinvoked 2019.02.05 17:38 

Good EA. Highly recommended. This EA will give you good result that you expected.

Alex Eliason
Alex Eliason 2019.02.01 16:12 

Good EA with a valid alternative to a stop loss.

Helder Gomes
Helder Gomes 2019.01.30 02:15 

It Works very well. Use Small Lot and Earn Daily Profit. It also retrieves drawdowns from other EAs. Great job

jeanpablojp 2019.01.21 02:34 

Great EA, i recommend, working really good.

Shunta Usukura
Shunta Usukura 2019.01.18 05:45 

Great EA. highly recommended.

Go on with the good work!

Geraldo Mesquita
Geraldo Mesquita 2018.12.18 13:00 

I have been studying and setting this EA for months. It has several options for setting according to your profile. today I use in real account in three charts with different setting with daily profits. The only thing I miss is the tools to detect news to avoid dangerous operations. 4 stars for lack of break for news. Pause for breaking news please.

Chun To Gordon Chan
Chun To Gordon Chan 2018.11.24 15:01 

Great product with lots of features. It will be good if there is a quick reference guide...

Pankom Sriboonlue
Pankom Sriboonlue 2018.10.23 17:24 

Good EA with lots of functions,

still trying to optimize the setting, Five star will be given when optimized.

Vytautas Paliokas
Vytautas Paliokas 2018.10.17 09:30 

I lost everything in 2 days. In my account was $3000(cent account) pair EUR/JPY. Settings : recovery gap 220, TP 100. Initial lot 0.01.

cossack31 2018.10.09 05:03 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

ziad60 2018.10.08 21:25   

I bought this EA and it was a very bad decision to do as I discovered its completely Fake Ea and will never work, I advice all to avoid this EA and the source who published، its completely cheating and lose of money.

اشتريت هذا EA و قد كان قرارا سيئا للغاية حيث اكتشفت انه وهمي وغير شغال ، وأنا انصح الجميع بتجنب شراء هذا EA والمصدر الذي نشره لان الموضوع عبارة عن نصب وضياع للمال.

Rizwan Iqbal
Rizwan Iqbal 2018.09.30 03:10   

Does anyone have Manual, Auther isn't replying any message

amir ahmad
amir ahmad 2018.09.16 10:53   

من این ربات رو خریدم توی طلا تست کردم با حجم 0.01 وبدون استراتژی های ذیفالت ربات فقط محدوده گپ 200 گذاشتم و سود 50 تنظیم کردم ومحدودیت هج رو هم برداشتمالبته توی تستر تست کردم بد نبوده برای تست شش ماهه

دوستان اگر کسی سوال یا تجربه ای داره لطفا با من در تلگرام تماس بگیرید


andrew4789 2018.09.09 00:21 

The concept behind this EA is fantastic.

But you do need a trading strategy first; you can't blindly make a trade and then expect CAP to turn it into a profit.

To be honest, I didn't understand how to apply some of the options, so I've just left the settings as is, but set the INITIAL TRADE type to External Manual Trade, meaning I just place the trades myself.

I've run CAP on a demo account the last week, and all my losing trades were saved by CAP; turning them into break even trades, and the winning ones of course were banked. So, in the last week I can argue I had a 100% winning record.

If not for CAP, my win record would have been around 60%.

What would be good is a separate forum to discuss how to use the different options. That way, us beginners learn about some of the more advanced options.

Zhi Hu
Zhi Hu 2018.09.02 09:53 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Bhavesh Shah
Bhavesh Shah 2018.08.14 13:59 

Great EA. i invested 200 usd in an ecn broker and made 272 in a month with only 13 trades.

can you send .set files of all other major pairs like usdjpy,gbpusd,and also more with also btcusd,

Mark Us
Mark Us 2018.08.01 21:24 

Its more a tool for me than an EA. You must study & configurate it. after 9 week the ea has recovered more than 100 Trades. 30 Trades manual. rest EA trades.

Yu Wai Lau
Yu Wai Lau 2018.07.15 19:16 

Good EA, very stable and profitable, highly recommended.

asaens15 2018.07.04 04:10 

Be forewarned... poor customer support

MarcoPoggioli 2018.06.09 15:02 

Amazing product, with a great amount of tweaks to better suits your strategy, the only feature I'd like to have would be an automatic adjustable zone range (in pips) based of a certain percentage of the last xx period ATR, it would make this system even more solid, because sometimes when the volatility of the bigger timeframes grows, your recovery zone with default pips can became too tight.

luiguiluigui 2018.06.07 03:33   

Hello to every one here I wanted to ask a favor to anybody can share your optimized set files for this EA please.

Mauro Giuseppe Tondo
Mauro Giuseppe Tondo 2018.06.05 20:35 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

sadeth06 2018.06.05 12:36 

I had soo many lose trades in the past. I bought this yesterday and deposited 200USD so far this ea made me 12USD profit with 0.01 lot size.

i have attach this Ea to 12 pairs in auto trading with cross MA. i will test this about a month and give you guys full report. Thanks Author Mohammad Ali. peace be with you ( تصحبك السلامة )

boand74 2018.06.02 19:49 

There is an error in non-hedge mode that burns your account. Reported to the author but no answer!

Meykell Sato
Meykell Sato 2018.05.24 18:56 

Great, has many functions is not very expensive!

Ron David Klassen
Ron David Klassen 2018.05.19 14:51 

I have noticed that the EA slows down my VPS very drasticly.

And there is one question I have: What is the premium code?

wilsonlow513 2018.05.16 10:34 

Great EA. definitely 5 stars. With Correct distance, it will be able to help you recover any losing trades

earth256 2018.05.07 15:44 



hunghaoyu 2018.04.15 16:14 

Excellent EA

80620274 2018.03.20 09:16 

Great product. Very good communication & after sales support from seller !

karan wadhwani
karan wadhwani 2018.03.17 06:41 

Good EA , very easy to manage , brings a lot of confidence in trading .

Sanjoy Banerjee
Sanjoy Banerjee 2018.02.23 02:28 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

Derar Jmmal
Derar Jmmal 2018.01.30 12:05 

bad ea just loss full mrg

matzepang 2018.01.28 14:41 

Very Good EA

Jean 2018.01.17 23:31 

Perfect EA - impeccable support.

I strongly recommend this trader tool which is quite profitable with the right settings !!

Charles Herman Voukeng Ngueguim
Charles Herman Voukeng Ngueguim 2017.12.20 21:15 


I bougth this EA after having spent Money on many other EAs so I have some... bitter at least... EA experience... Only if I could have found this one earlier... I actually came accros recovery algorithms after suffering some losses in FX and a lot of researches not on how to make winning trades, but mostly on how to manage loosing trades which it is the most important thing to worry about in leveraged markets... this is theoritically the closest it is possible to get to the FX holy grail...

On default settings, I have left this EA on accounts with two different brokers with 1000$ each and it does just great... One position at the time and it has opened at max the 6th hedging, meaning no threath to the margin.

Thumbs up.

Clearer manual needed from seller and pleaaaaase people, share your optimized set files so that we can all turn this tool into a Money making machine... it has gotten that potential...


There might be some truth in what ccou said, but not easy to verify that the communication with brokers is automatically for malicious purposes... I still hope that there are some good brokers out there who would let lone worlves make some buck with such an EA without tricking the game.

For my own, since the beginig of this month, i raised up a 5000$ to 5345$ meaning 345$ profit in 20 days, just amazing. I hope it continues and I will update this post at least every month to share my fortunes and missfortunes with this EA.

Went through some stressy times but went out by it's own self. This is a great tool. I just hope ccou was not right...

I both made and lost Money with this EA. when on an account of 5000$ it makes a 500$ profit in a month easily, it can loose more than 1000$ or 2 in a single deal gone wrong. Right settings are the golden key to have and this EA becomes the holy grail.

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2017.11.30 09:20 

Great one if you know what you are doing. So far constant profits every week. Thank you!

Andrey Nelepov
Andrey Nelepov 2017.11.30 05:53 

For 5 years of profitable but inconsistent trading, I finally found the best EA that allows to manage trades and do it almost stress-free if you apply proper money management, thoughtful entrance points and let the EA do the job without interference. This Expert Advisor is not a holy grail and needs time for testing, finding the best approaches in different trading conditions, compromises and so on. But if you find those best practices for yourself it will definitely pay you off with consistent and profitable account growth. Apart from that, Mahhamed always provides very good support and answers all needed questions which is very helpful during your trial and error period. Definitely worth its money and am sure that everyone can find the best usage of this EA for any trading strategy in order to make good money month to month.

mohamad asadi
mohamad asadi 2017.11.22 13:05   

سلام من این اکسپرت را خریدم ولی متاسفانه تنظیمات درستی ندارد والبته یک مدیرت سرمایه خوب اگر تنظیماتش درست نباشد می تواند به راحتی حساب شما را کال مارجین کند

jonininini 2017.10.22 19:51 

Good job, responds to messages very fast, this is a perfect tool.

xXGambitXx 2017.10.18 13:18 

Toller EA, sauber programmiert und vor allem wird der EA ständig verbessert und weiter entwickelt was man leider nicht von allen Programmen hier behaupten kann.

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2017.10.14 17:33 

I like this EA.

Miko Wibisono
Miko Wibisono 2017.10.09 11:30 

Yes, I've been warned. But I still buy the product. Why, because IF the broker wants to mess with your trade they don't need someone to notify them. They just look at any account and cheat on them. They simply look at aggregate stops and hunt them. Simple as that. The point is, if you choose bad broker any EA or any strategy will be useless. And if the author gets money from the broker through comments as identifier, let it be. As long as they don't take money from my account. As long as they don't raise commission per trade, or widening my spreads. As simple as that! Brokers share their commission through rebate scheme, not by widening spread. If you suspect irregular widening spread, at least you give proof spread are widen everytime price move close to stoploss. Other than that you only base on assumption. Even if the allegation is true, that means the author must have agreement with a whole lot of brokers. Which is quite impossible.

I'm not on the author side, just a logical thinking.

This EA works best in trending market. Avoid ranging market, identify trend and you will do just fine.

1017842 2017.10.04 10:51 

Why do you not respond to the remarks made about your EA by ccou ??????

Even Ron David Klassen has a problem with your EA slowing his VPS .

Why not answer ??

I was scammed many times by Programmers and by Brokers.

Please respond ..........

CCOU = Correct, you can save everything in a file and retrieve all the information of all the trades and history if you lose internet connection. Again ccou = correct !!

Did you fix this in the new version ???

DutchTreat 2017.09.28 11:46   

The bug appeared during a recover session and almost blew up my account....had to close all positions manually and lost a fortune. It shows the user that this EA is not stable and not properly build. I also do not understand certain recent reviews which apply 5 stars to this product and cheering about its functionality. This can not be considered serious. Author increases price to avoid that people are buying his product because of this bug.... professional behaviour looks different. Zero...no minus stars!

Tony Mcintosh
Tony Mcintosh 2017.09.14 08:51 

Recommended, five stars for sure. I am looking for long time this EA. The EA works very well with my manual trading. Seller is always fast with replies and offers good support.

About the EA: This is not full automatic trading EA, that can make money for you.This is trade management type of EA, you need to configure it with your exiting trading strategy. It works in volatile markets, but you should stay away from ranging markets. Before by this EA, you have make yourself familiar with this strategy and need to know well how zone recovery trading system work.

--------- Update Review -----------

I can't find any bugs and problem into EA. 4.0 version is great. I like trade plan and Max DD information on dashboard into version 4.0

I am using EA on pair Gold. and looking good result.

Daniel 2017.08.27 17:41 

I rent this EA for one Month. Lets see what happen at the end of September. I'm sure, this is a very good Product.

chaosqing 2017.08.23 01:36   

我在 Add Recovery GAP (+/-)设的-100但是没有效果。如果是100确有效果,我不知道问题出在哪里了。

Uzochukwu Chinedu Durugbo
Uzochukwu Chinedu Durugbo 2017.08.22 21:43 

this is the best and No 1 Recovery Zone Hedging tool in the Whole Forex Tools. this is a one bustop for anyone who needs a recovery zone EA, the EA is well programmed, very sharp and fast and the author Mr Mohammed is a so nice, attentive and understanding person. I this is a great tool at a very affordable price.

Aladdin A
Aladdin A 2017.07.21 05:54 

Perfect perfect perfect, remember all time enter initial trade following general trend so to avoid price range or stuck in a tunnel.

I'm using this EA for 10 days its running perfect, Author is supportive and cooperative all time.

Remember to have good and frequent internet connection to avoid the delay of taking profit when price hit the TP line , bad conection like mine will cause sever loss since the price move in a second many points.

Daniel Gustavsson
Daniel Gustavsson 2017.07.19 12:51 

Review of the CAP Zone Recovery EA PRO

A very powerful EA for taking care of your bad trades.

But it can do a lot more. Like being a regular EA or even

grid trader.Lot of functions like custom lot sizes for each

hedge etc.

The things that could been improved is the manual. As it

has a lot of systems and settings you may want more Info

on them. Like what is premium code? How does the break even

setting work etc.

But except that is a 5 star killer. That should be in

every traders arsenal who understand equity and money


Sestante 2017.07.14 10:19 

flexible ea. great support

Josephdelarosa 2017.07.05 19:49   

Hi Ali, I have bought GAB ZONE RECOVERY EA, where can I download the manual for this product?

Best regards


Alessio 2017.07.01 10:01 

Excellent EA. The Author, Mohammad helped me so much for improve my trading skills too. Good advices. Great work.

pmblatino 2017.06.20 15:08 

I bought this ea to help me with my trades, so far its been good with the default settings, it has so many extra stuff that u can leave it autotrading, but remember the market is always changing, ill keep updating. developer is quick to answer and give solutions, thanks for the manual trade button on the backtest, would be waiting for it.

update 5-15-2017, op deliver with a great update thanks!

update 6-20-2017, Good ea all around, help recover a losing trade on my live account, still tuning it for better results

Hilel Baroud
Hilel Baroud 2017.06.07 14:34 

5 stars EA! Backtested and bought it confident of results. Support is great for initial set up of EA

Hennie pelgrim
Hennie pelgrim 2017.05.11 04:55   

Not a good EA, at the end it blow up you account!

JohnBa 2017.05.09 11:31 

Excellent EA, good features and accurate coding. Best buy I've made.

Cassiano Augusto Cavalcanti
Cassiano Augusto Cavalcanti 2017.04.08 16:52 

The best EA that I have. I do grids and recovery automated to recover from loss. Many options well explained in the manual. This EA is part of all my strategis.

I am using this EA more than one year already!!!!

Support is great! :)

Lixin Jia
Lixin Jia 2017.04.02 09:23 

good EA

Markus Fettelschoss
Markus Fettelschoss 2017.03.28 11:20 

Very good EA with great benefits compared to old Version!

Go on with the good work

JustUncleL 2017.03.24 11:56 

This is a great implementation of the now famous Zone/Surefire recovery system. I have been using this EA for a few weeks now and whenever there is a trend or big swings running the Zone recovery method will always give you a positive result. If the zone gets caught in Price range, using the 2nd stage recovery Gap will get you out of the range. There is also the 10 steps safety net, to prevent your account be blown away by the martingale trades. Also this PRO version has a few more good options that the original version does not have like handy Break Even, Trailing Stop options so that when you have a good running trade your profits can have some protection. Recommended.

Version 5.50 2019.07.15
Bugs Fixed
--> "Max Recovery Trade" was not work properly when you set Non-Hedge Mode=true, this version we fixed this bugs, now Max Recovery Trade also work when you set Non-Hedge Mode =true.

--> We fixed some problem in "Custom PlugIn". Now you can develop own initial strategy. How to create custom Plugin please our new blog post - https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/727292
Version 5.40 2019.07.08
-->Bugs Fixed
--->Some Broker change trade comment so cap zone recovery can't work properly. This version try to fixed this issue. but still recommend use broker those will not change comment.
--->Grid multiple lots will work properly if you open trade manually.
Version 5.30 2019.06.16
--> Bugs Fix - Ichimoku Strategy not working properly, fixed this version.
Version 5.20 2019.05.06
-->Instant trade add in "INITIAL TRADE TYPE". Why you want instant buy or Sell use Initial Trade Type = Instant.
Version 5.10 2019.05.06
-->Instant trade add in "INITIAL TRADE TYPE". Why you want instant buy or Sell use Initial Trade Type = Instant.
Version 5.0 2019.05.01
--> Major change comes into this version. Before update please check EA inputs again. Some function deleted and some new function add.
--> Please read new manual version (5) before update your product.


--> In new version you can add individual different TP level for each Recovery Trade.
--> Fix Distance TP also add for Recovery Trade.
--> Max Daily trade add for initial trade.
--> Automatic strategies are now work like strategy builder. You can combination each strategy with others strategy. Example when you active Bollinger = On and MA = On that mean EA now open trade when both signals come same. Old version can work with one strategy at once.


1. Don't update your product if you have existing trade. Update version can't work with your existing trade that opened with old version.
2. Old setting file can't work with new version because some input name changed.
3. New version should be work with demo account before go live.
Version 4.30 2017.10.04
-->Major update - 4.20 version has serious coding error, we fixed that error. Please update you product immediately.
Version 4.20 2017.09.20
-->As per client request, I restore NonHedgeMode again.
Version 4.10 2017.09.11
-->Bugs Fix - Add Lots doesn't work properly in version 4.0. We fixed it in this version.

-->Remove Input 'Non-Hedge Mode'- Non-Hedge Mode are not match with this EA. and calculation was wrong. So we remove this function from this version.

-->For some client requested, we add two new input 'HedgeTradeComment' and 'GridTradeComment' to change default hedge comment. But you can't set NULL value. Both input required value. Please keep in mind EA track hedge trade with comment. So Please don't change this value, if you have exiting trade.
Version 4.0 2017.08.30
Added the new input----
--> On the dashboard, the EA will show maximum margin need for per cycle and also show max drawdown per cycle.
--> Improved code logic.

Added the new inputs----
--> Stop Open Initial Trade (Initial Trade Setting) - if True, the EA stops opening new initial trade, but still manages existing trades.
--> Show Trade Plan (Display Info) - if True, the EA will show a trade plan based on a max hedge order.

Bugs Fixed----
--> The previous version of MaxHedgeOrder was calculated using an initial trade. The new version is calculated individually. For example, MaxHedgeOrder=4. You open 1 initial trade, then the EA opens 4 hedge trades and stops.

Please Note----
--> Never update your product, if you have existing trades.
--> Do not use old setting file (*.set) because sometimes we change the names of input parameters. So, the old setting file may not work properly.
Version 3.0 2017.06.19
Add New Function----
--> Added New 6 Automatic Trading Strategies (such as Inside Bars Breakout, Ichimoku Breakout, 4 New BBand Strategies).
--> New Input 'Show Back Test Report'. If true, it will show Advanced Backtest Statistics report on chart. Only works in Visual mode.
--> Improved code logic.

Bugs Fixed----
--> There was a bug, due to which the Hedge lots couldn't work properly when user enables Grid. We fixed that problem in this version.

Please Note----
--> Never update your product, if you have existing trades.
--> Don't use old setting file (*.set). Because sometimes we change the names of input parameters. So, old setting file may not work properly.
Version 2.0 2017.05.15
Add New Function----
--> Non-Hedge Mode: EA delete previous order before open any hedge order. EA keep always signal order only.
--> Two different TakeProfit type both initial and hedge trade.
--> Break Event and Trailing also work on both initial and hedge mode.
--> New version you can select your zone GAP by dynamic base on number of candle high/low.
--> New version can handle your initial trade by external EA more flexible then old version.

Please Note- Never update your product, if you have existing trade.