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CAP Zone Recovery EA Pro MT5

This is an MT5 version of CAP Zone Recovery EA PRO



  • Hedge Order Type: Order type for a hedge order. You can select a pending or an instant order.
  • Magic: A unique identification code to be used for all trades opened by this robot.
  • TP_Type: Select your take profit type:
    1. In Points: Take profit always has a fixed distance from the latest trade
    2. In Currency: Take profit in currency.
  • TakeProfit For Initial (Points/Currency): Take profit for an initial trade.
  • TakeProfit For Hedge (Points/Currency): Take profit for a hedge trade.
  • RecoveryGAP: Distance for recovery level in points.
  • MaxHedgeOrder: Max. number of trades to be opened using the zone recovery algorithm.
  • LotType: Lots type for a hedge order
    1. Multiple: Lots size will be multiple from previous order.
    2. Custom: Lots size will be custom, defined by a user.
    3. AddLots: Lots size will be added.
    4. Aggressive: Pre-define lots management for an aggressive user.
    5. Patient: Pre-define lots management for a patient user.
  • MultipleLots: Multiple lot sizing (compared to a last opened trade).
  • AddLots: Value of added lots. Example: the EA wants to open a sell hedge order then lots calculation will be (Total Buys Lots - Total Sell Lots = Result Lots+Add Lots).
  • CustomLots: Set custom lots size for every hedge trade. Lots size will be separated by “;”.


  • Initial Trade Type: Decide your first initial trade type.
    1. External Manual Trade: Initial trade gets opened manually. Open the trade (buy/sell/pending order) manually directly through the MT4 or MT4 mobile.
    2. External EA Trade: Initial trade gets open by another EA. Ensure that both EAs are using the same magic number.
    3. Auto Trading: EA opens an initial trade automatically based on the internal trading strategy.
    4. Custom PlugIn: EA opens an initial trade based on the custom plugin. If anyone wants its own custom trading logic for initial trade, then they can develop a plugin for this EA.
    5. Instant Order: EA opens an initial trade by instant (BUY/SELL/PENDING ORDER). In case you want to place more than one manual trade on the same instrument, you can place a trade with this method.
    6. Trade Panel: You can open an initial trade via the mini trade panel.
  • Auto Trading: Applied trading strategy.
  • Instant Trade Type: Instant trade type.
  • Continuous Trade: If TRUE, continuously open an initial trade after closing any trade (only works when an initial trade type is Instant Order).
  • Reverse Signals: if TRUE, reverse all signals for auto trading (only works when an initial trade type is Auto Trading).


Change the recovery zone region used after a given number of trades to avoid a ranging market.

  • Add Recovery GAP (+/-): Set the value of points that want to add/minus from your original recovery gap to make a new recovery gap.
  • Number Of Order: Number of trades, after recovery gap is changed.
  • Max/Min. Recovery GAP: Maximum/minimum recovery gap.


  • Loss Traking Policy: Select any of loss taking policy - what the EA does when MaxHedgeOrder is reached.
    1. NONE: EA will not close any trade by loss.
    2. Place Stoploss When MaxHedgeOrder Reach: If True, the EA sets a fixed stop loss if MaxHedgeOrder is reached.
    3. Close Trade By Trade: If True, the EA closes the latest order step by step. Example: you set MaxHedgeOrder=8. If total trades reach 8, then the EA will not open any hedge trade. In this situation, if your latest trade is in a loss, the EA closes the latest trade.
  • SetSLForError: If the EA is unable to open a hedge trade due to any error, set a stop loss from an opposite trade.
  • StopLoss: Stop loss in a gap (points).


Apply grid strategy before the recovery begins or use with an EA that has opened multiple trades in the same direction.

  • Number Of Grids Trade: Set number of grid orders, 0 - no grid.
  • Grid GAP: Grid gap size in points.
  • Grid Lots Multiplier: Grid lots multiplier.

6) TRAILING MANAGEMENT: Trailing only works when there is no hedge trade active (only for an initial trade).

7) BREAK EVENT MANAGEMENT: breakeven only works when there is no hedge trade active (only for initial trade).


  • Trade Asian: (True/False).
  • Trade Europe: (True/False).
  • Trade America: (True/False).


Capilta Business Solutions

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Version 3.0 - 2017.06.22
Add New Function----
--> Added New 6 Automatic Trading Strategies (such as Inside Bars Breakout, Ichimoku Breakout, 4 New BBand Strategies).
--> New Input 'Show Back Test Report'. If true, it will show Advanced Backtest Statistics report on chart. Only works in Visual mode.
--> Improved code logic.

Bugs Fixed----
--> There was a bug, due to which the Hedge lots couldn't work properly when user enables Grid. We fixed that problem in this version.

Please Note----
--> Never update your product, if you have existing trades.
--> Don't use old setting file (*.set). Because sometimes we change the names of input parameters. So, old setting file may not work properly.
Version 2.0 - 2017.05.15
Add New Function----
--> Non-Hedge Mode: EA delete previous order before open any hedge order. EA keep always signal order only.
--> Two different TakeProfit type both initial and hedge trade.
--> Break Event and Trailing also work on both initial and hedge mode.
--> New version you can select your zone GAP by dynamic base on number of candle high/low.
--> New version can handle your initial trade by external EA more flexible then old version.

Please Note- Never update your product, if you have existing trade.