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Tipu RSI

Tipu RSI Features

  • 28 symbols, multi-time frame powerful Dashboard for the full market view
  • Customizable Buy/Sell alerts, push alerts, email alerts, and visual on-screen alerts.
  • Marked overbought and oversold levels.
  • Three colors RSI that marks the normal, oversold and overbought levels.

The relative strength index (RSI) is an oscillator devised by J. Welles Wilder in his famous book New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems in 1978.1 He also introduced Parabolic SAR (see Tipu Parabollic SAR Panel), Average True Range and the Directional Movement Concept (ADX).

About Tipu Panel Series

Tipu Panel series is set of indicators created to consolidate indicators in form of a panel. As a trader, indicators can easily create a cluster on the chart and distract you from the bigger picture. It can also be overwhelming and visually exhausting. Tipu Panel simplifies this by displaying each indicator in a beautifully boxed panel. You can customize the panel to display indicator signals for multiple time frames and also to quickly switch time frames. There are two types of indicators that make up the Tipu Panel series, the master indicator, and the add-in indicators. The master indicator (Tipu Panel indicator) plots a beautifully designed panel, and the add-in indicators feed the data to this master indicator panel. These two types of indicators work together for a faster, and efficient performance on the chart.

How to Use Tipu RSI

  • Uptrend/Downtrends - RSI may be used to detect trending markets. For example, the RSI may stay above the mid line 50 in an uptrend (or between 40 and 80).2 You may use RSI as a compliment to the Tipu Trend indicator.
  • Top and Buttoms - RSI may help in identifying the tops around the overbought readings (usually above 70), and the bottoms around the oversold area (usually below 30).
  • Divergence - divergence occurs when RSI directional movement is not confirmed by the price action. For example, a bullish divergence occurs when EURUSD makes lower low but RSI makes higher low. This means that EURUSD is losing momentum and a bullish correction is possible.
  • Other uses - Failure Swing, Support and Resistance levels, Chart Formation
  • Full description of RSI is available here.


RSI = 100-(100/(1+U/D))
  • U — average number of positive price changes.
  • D — average number of negative price changes.


  • Section#1 - RSI Settings
    • RSI Period - settings for RSI.
    • Applied Price - settings for RSI.
    • Overbought - settings for RSI.
    • Oversold - settings for RSI.
    • Mark Buy/Sell Signals - choose Arrow or Vertical Lines or nothing.
    • Arrow offset (pips) - (works only if mark the buy/sell signals = Arrow) select value to offset Arrows from high (if sell), and low (if buy). Increasing Arrow Offset (pips) move arrows away from the high/lows.
    • Buy/Sell Colors - Colors for the marks.
  • Section#2 - Dashboard Settings
    • Enable Dashboard? - select true/false.
    • Colors Settings, Sell Trend Background Color, Sell Font Color, Buy Trend Background Color, Buy Font Color.
  • Section#3 - Tipu Panel Settings, you need Tipu panel Indicator added to the chart for these settings
    • Enable Tipu Panel - choose true/false.
    • Short name for Tipu Panel - this name will appear on Tipu Panel indicator.
    • Tipu Panel Display Mode - choose buy/sell signals or RSI plot value.
  • Section#4 - Buy/Sell Global Alert Settings - these settings only affect Tipu Panel and Tipu RSI plot. The alerts for Dashboard are controlled by the settings dialogue of the Dashboard.
    • Alert Entry OB/OS - alert when RSI enters overbought/oversold area.
    • Alert Exit OB/OS - alert when RSI exits overbought/oversold area.
    • Alert Shift - candle delay for the signal, enter 1 if you want the alert sent after one candle to be passed.
    • Alert Mobile - select true/false to get a push notification on your device, make sure the device settings are correct here.
    • Alert Onscreen - select true/false to get alerts on the terminal, this alert is shown in a separate window.
    • Alert Email - select true/false to get email alerts, make sure email settings are correct here.


1 Wilder, J. (1978). The Parabolic System. In New concepts in technical trading systems. Greensboro, N.C.: Trend Research.

2 Cardwell, A. (1999). Relative Strength Index: Forecasting and Trading Strategies. John Wiley & Sons Canada, Limited.

mik2805 2020.02.16 22:39 

Отличный индикатор. Информативный и прибыльный.

Roman Agafonkin
Roman Agafonkin 2019.10.31 13:04 

Good afternoon! Tell me how I can save the specified character set in the dashboard?

A great indicator! You could modify it to my needs for an additional fee? Minor amendments - I would be very much needed ..

Uwe Schubert
Uwe Schubert 2019.07.31 10:52 

Another nice product from Tipu. Simple, but powerful and: FREE. Thank you!

EllyMaus 2019.07.03 21:15 

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santa1567 2019.05.07 20:12   

Very good indicator!

Nam Phueng
Nam Phueng 2019.04.21 10:48 

Good indicator. Useful overview and nice design too.

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2019.03.11 05:11 

Very good and useful indicator!

ragazza1977 2018.12.28 22:42 

Very helpful, Thank you!

sunnychow 2018.11.05 18:28 

It is useful tool for trade, I recommend it.

PaulMello 2018.07.10 19:42 

PERFECT! Since the introduction of the arrows in this Tipu RSI, my personal Indi-Shaker got a huge boost in profitability!

Still in need to find a good shaker when an index is trending, but in case of ranging this indi is a major stone to get useful suggests.

indihome 2018.07.05 15:31 

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Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.30 13:22 

1 Star (20%) = Bad

2 Star (40%) = Undecided

3 Star (60%) = Acceptable

4 Star (80%) = Good

5 Star (100%) = Excellente!

Mauro Giuseppe Tondo
Mauro Giuseppe Tondo 2018.06.05 22:59 

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dayvian85 2018.04.17 08:58 

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P_ES 2018.04.09 19:47 

5 star indicator, the best RSI on the market.

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.17 05:20 

Nice indicator, with dashboard included.

pandiras 2018.02.06 12:05 

awesome.. esp in combination with the tipu macd.. only thing I'd wish for is to store customized settings.. recommended!

Isabel Kuprat
Isabel Kuprat 2018.01.19 17:53 

Ein wirklich nützliches Tool, welches zuverlässig Signale auf`s Handy sendet und das stundenlange Bildschirmkleben erspart.

Zusätzlich möchte ich noch die schnelle und kompetente Unterstützung des Entwicklers via Teamviewer bei technischen Schwierigkeiten erwähnen und gleichzeitig ein herzliches Danke sagen.

Sehr empfehlenswert!!

amfels07 2017.12.08 10:16 

Awesome tool........appreciate your efforts it's amazing when you find your desired setting!!

HozyainKuhni 2017.12.04 09:11 

Сам по себе никчемен. Можно использовать только вместе с другими индикаторами.

Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.29 04:54 

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Vyacheslav Korolev
Vyacheslav Korolev 2017.05.05 13:58 

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index itinet
index itinet 2017.03.22 19:22 

I will use it forever.

chpok_men_96 2017.02.25 18:29 

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Domenico De Sandro
Domenico De Sandro 2016.11.09 17:03 


redneedle 2016.09.06 17:44 

Хорошая версия от стандартного аналога ... еще бы возможность отображать MTF параллельно

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.30 11:55 

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antonio345 2016.06.01 21:20 

Very useful tool! Thank you!

Version 2.40 2018.06.19
Added option to plot arrow or vertical lines for buy/sell signals on the chart
Added more option for alerts, you may now choose to get alerts when RSI *enters* overbought/oversold area as well when RSI *exits* overbought/oversold areas
Fixed problem with the alerts not showing up for all symbols.
Version 2.30 2018.03.20
fixed problem with boxes highlights, sometimes overbought/oversold boxes were not coloring.
Version 2.20 2018.03.06
Added Update Interval on Dashboard - Choose from #1 Auto (M5 updated in 5 minutes, M15 in 15 minutes, etc), #2 Ontick, and #3 to #8 timeframes M1 to D1.
Changed the minimum RSI period to 2 on Dashboard.
Fixed incorrect alerts on Dashboards.
Version 2.10 2018.02.05
Fixed problem with the settings button click that was causing MetaTrader4 to crash
Fixed incorrect settings display
Fixed RSI duplicate alerts, if dashboard is enabled with a symbol of the same settings as the current chart, you will get alert only once
Changed the minimum period in the dashboard settings to 3 (used to be 5)
Version 2.0 2018.01.10
New in version 2.0
Introducing 28 symbols, all time frames dashboard, control settings from the dashboard
Compatible with Tipu Panel v2.0, added support for monthly time frame on tipu panel
Fixed alerts
Version 1.20 2016.06.06
Fixed issue with level colors. The colors were resetting to default on chart/period change.
Version 1.10 2016.05.31
Fixed issue with scrolling back. The indicator was breaking and giving false picture when scrolling to previous unloaded time.