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Gold Eye

Gold Eye is one of advance profesional expert that use deep neural network to catch probability of true trend on XauUsd market,
this expert can be run on forex pairs also (Default setup is for XauUsd).
This expert can be set as trend grid follower, or can be set as like hedging system but with flat lot size (not using martingale).

Then unique setup for Money Profit/Loss management is the good things not like any others paid expert here on Mql5.



  • TF_SETUP  default is ## TIMEFRAME SETUP ##
  • TIME_FRAME_001  default is PERIOD_M15, Time Frame of Group 1, Neural data TF 1
  • TIME_FRAME_002  default is PERIOD_M30, Time Frame of Group 2, Neural data TF 2
  • TIME_FRAME_003  default is PERIOD_H1   Time Frame of Grouo 3, Neural data TF 3
  • TIME_FRAME_004  default is PERIOD_H4,    Highest Time Frame, Neural data TF 4
  • AUTO____CLOSING  default is  ## AUTO CLOSE ALL ##
  • __AUTO_CLOSING__  default is false, set to true if user want auto closing at opposite signal
  • MANUAL_BUTTON  default is  ## MANUAL BUTTON Trade Setting ##
  • Activate_Manual_Button  default is false, set to true to show manual buy/sell/close/closingall on chart button
  • Magic_Number  default is 1122, magic number of manual trade by manual button trade on chart
  • LOT_SIZE_   default is 0.01, lot size of manual trade
  • Trade_Set_AUTO  default is  ## AUTO Trade Setting ##
  • LOT_SIZE_AUTO_TRADE  default is 0.01, Lot size of auto trade
  • TP_SL_IN_MONEY  default is  ## TP SL IN MONEY ##
  • TAKE_PROFIT_NYA  default is 10.5, Take profit in account currency (not using pips or points), default is 10.5 mean TP is 10.5 dollers
  • STOP_LOSS_NYA   default is 0.0, Stop loss in account currency, i.e for SL 10 dollars, just type -10 from default (0.0)
  • ACTIVATE_GROUP_1  default is true, Activate 1st order group (TF group 1)
  • ACTIVATE_GROUP_2  default is false, Activate 2nd order group (TF group 2)
  • ACTIVATE_GROUP_3  default is false, Activate 3rd order group (TF group 3)
  • Closing_Management  default is  ## Closing Setting ##
  • Activate_Equity_Target  default is true, activate equity target is a must set to "true"
  • Account_Starting_Balance  default is 500000, account starting balance
  • Equity_Target  default is 10.5, Multiplication equity target, default 10.5 mean equity target incrase every 10.5 (10.5/21.0/31.5 ...)
  • DAILY_Target   default is 10.5, fixed Daily Target to closing all, default 10.5 mean each day have daily target 10.5 dollers
  • Forced_Closing  default is  ## Emergency Closing All ##
  • Closing_ALL___Now  default is false, set to true if user need to closing all opened order any time
  • Auto_Distance  default is  ## AUTO DISTANCE ##
  • Max_Min_Distance  default is 100.0, maximum or minimum opened order distancing, default is 100 points (10 pips). for xauusd set to 1000

#Basic Neural Network :
artificial neural network, usually called neural network is a mathematical model or computational model that is inspired by the structure and functional aspects of biological neural networks. A neural network consists of an interconnected group of artificial neurons and it processes information using a connectionist approach to computation. In most cases an artificial neural network is an adaptive system that changes its structure based on external or internal information that flows through the network during the learning phase. In an artificial neural network, simple artificial nodes, variously called neurons are connected together to form a network of nodes mimicking the biological neural network, hence the term “artificial neural network”. Neural networks, with their remarkable ability to drive meaning from complicated or imprecise data, can be used to extract patterns and detect trends that are too complex to be noticed by either humans or other computer techniques. An artificial neural network is a system that receives an input, process the data and provides an output.
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