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Automatic MIDAS positioning, the indicator allows the placement of two MIDAS, each one have 3 lines that can be calculated using Open/High/Low/Close/Median/Typical or Weighted prices, you can attach each MIDAS to the Open/High/Low or Close bars of any day, including the current day, once attached, if the price of this bar changes or you change the time frame, the indicator will do the repositioning and recalculation.

You can also do a manual repositioning of the two MIDAS by moving its start label.

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Версия 2.0 2020.06.07
New features:

1) The indicator now has 4 calculation modes, the higher numbered modes draw the lines closest to the price, Mode 1 is the traditional MIDAS, the closest modes are used to enter strong trends with short pullbacks, Mode 4 in particular, it usually anticipates a reversal when the price breaks it completely and starts to go the other way.

2) Now there are two external lines for each MIDAS that can be adjusted to be aligned with that bottom or top that broke the MIDAS but returned to it, that is, a false breakout.
Версия 1.22 2019.08.27
Fixed issue of lines disappearing randomly.
Версия 1.21 2019.08.21
Fixed issue with not repositioning lines when moving their label.
Версия 1.2 2019.08.20
1. Now the period can be Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month and Year, so you can plot from the maximum of the last two days, or two weeks for example, just specify Merge periods = 2 and can join up to 30 periods.
2. No longer need to enter values in the fields, all are in lists to avoid typos.
3. Resolved conflict between objects when more than one MIDAS was placed on the same chart.
4. Line colors can now be changed using the Label color in the parameter window, this was necessary to allow to save line colors in the .set configuration file.
Версия 1.1 2019.07.26
Fixed conflict between labels when more than 1 Auto MIDAS were placed on the same chart.
Parameter names changed from Arrow to Label.