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CEF Spread Currencies Strength


The indicator measures a currency’s relative strength, on different timeframes, through certain percentile spread analysis. This allows to compare which are the strongest currency pairs, against the weakest pairs.

These spreads are based on comparisons against USD.


How is "CEF Spread Currencies Strength" useful to you?

This indicator determines a currency’s strength for different timeframes, based on its spread historical record.

  • This indicator identifies possible overbought or oversold patterns, by looking at excessive spread strength.
  • This will allow you to have higher trading operation success, while you trade currencies with high spread analysis strength Vs low ones.
  • This will allow you to have higher trading operation success, by avoiding continuation trades with currencies with neutral or close to zero spread analysis strength.

How can you use   "CEF Spread Currencies Strength" indicator?

The low scores indicates large negative than usual spread of this currencies against others and the high scores indicates large positive than usual spread of this currencies against others. 

  • It indicates a strong bearish trend if the score is less than -3.
  • It may indicate oversold signal if is less than -5.5.
  • It indicates a strong bullish trend if the score is greater than 3.
  • It may indicate overbought signal if is greater than 5.5.


  • Table with descending values for relative spread strength.
  • A currency’s row is highlighted in green color if its strength is higher than 3. On the other hand, if the strength’s value is lower than -3 then the row is highlighted with red color.

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