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Pivot levels

Pivot levels is indicator showing 7 pivot levels. It is adjusted for major use, including:

  • all standard time frames
  • choice of periods to show
  • three popular calculation formulas (typical, median, weighted)
  • 9 level Camarilla pivot
  • pivot day shift
  • choice of properties for lines and labels
  • choice of showing alerts when crossing pivot lines


----------Main parameters-----------

  • Timeframe - time frame for pivot levels
  • Number of periods to show - displays pivot levels for number of periods
  • Formula for calculation - four calculation formulas (typical, median, weighted and Camarilla) can be chosen
  • Pivot day shift - offset from GMT time

----------Lines and labels-----------

  • Show labels? - if true labels are shown, if false labels are hidden
  • Font size for labels - enter font size for labels
  • Bar offset for labels - enter number of bars to shift the position of labels (+ to the right)
  • Pivot line color - choose the line color
  • Pivot line style - choose the line style


  • Show alerts? - if true alert when price crosses pivot level is shown, if false non alerts are displayed

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Версия 1.1 2019.04.30
4 level Camarilla pivot added