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EMA Crossover Pro MT4

EMA Crossover Pro MT4

(see EMA Crossover Pro for MT5 variant)

this EA uses two exponential moving average crossover, a slow ema, and a fast ema on which it takes buy/sell decision.

A default ema configuration is 12 and 35 where 12 is the value of slow ema, and 35 is the value of fast ema.

Expert advisor parameters:

stop loss (greater than 40, but some brokers accept stop loss under 40)

take profit (greater than 40, but some brokers accept stop loss under 40)

trailing_stop (set it as 0 for disabling trailing stop)

slow ema (21 by default)

fast ema (55 by default)

reverse_swing (by default set as 0, set it as 1 for specific volatile market condition. activating this will enable a buy decision when fast ema crosses under slow ema; respectively sell decision when fast ema crosses over the slower ema)

Important to know:

  • This EA is envisioned for clients that want fully automated trading. the EA is designed to start it and let it trade.
  • The EA will open one trade at a time. if you already have a trade manually opened, the EA will open a new trade only after the manually opened trade is closed.
  • If you want to use the EA, and also manually trade, let me know via chat message if such feature would help you.
  • reverse_swing  will reverse the behavior of the EA. Buy order on downtrend crossover and sell order on uptrend crossover. the reason for that is to profit from the fake breakthrough and fake trend reversals

For similar EA but with three EMA's, check TrixEA at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46175

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    Versão 2.0 2020.07.22
    trailing stop update
    added a new parameter named "timeframe"
    chose it from the MQL4 predefined list (1 minute -> 1 month) and current. This was added to safeguard the EA from manual timeframe switching