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Weis Waves

The original author is David Weis, an expert in the Wyckoff Method. The Weis Wave is a modern adaptation of the 1930's Wyckoff Method, another expert in Tape Reading techniques and Chart Analysis. Weis Waves takes market volume and stacks it into waves according to price conditions giving the trader valuable insights about the market conditions.

If you want to learn more about this subject you can find tons of videos in YouTube. Just look for "The Wickoff Method", "Weis Wave" and "Volume Spread Analysis".

There is also the book David Weis wrote himself called "Trades About to Happen" (Wiley Trading Series).


  • Volume Waves stacked according to a threshold (*in TICKS*) adjusted by the user for each Symbol, so you can exactly grab the market swings.
  • You can set the number of bars you need to load in your study, so you can limit the load and usage of MT resources and gaining speed of processing.
  • You can change the color and style of the waves.
  • You can Unstack the volume into a simple histogram if desired.
  • You can use Real Volume or Ticks Volume.
  • You will have Up Waves and Down Waves, and the new and yet unknown wave being formed will have a white (user-changeable) color.
  • Sometimes MT5 cache of data gets delayed or not renewed, so some bars can momentarily disappear. The indicator will detect and correct the missing bars in a timed interval if needed.
  • If for some reason the terminal is closed during a session, you may encounter during the restart some bars mixed at the current wave. This is normal, give the indicator a time for recomposing itself to the current state of the market...

A mighthy companion will be the Waves Sizer, which is shown inside the chart and measures the distance Price traveled along the swings...
Get yours here:


    If you like this indicator, all I am asking is a little Review (not a Comment, but a REVIEW!)...   

    This will mean A LOT to me... And this way I can continue to give away Cool Stuff for Free...

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    Live Long and Prosper!

    robertmiller83 2020.05.24 23:47 

    Terrible. Many bugs.

    fernandomaroto 2020.05.15 02:34 

    Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

    CLAUDIO FRANCA DE OLIVEIRA 2020.04.04 13:12 

    Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

    FernandoLC 2020.03.03 06:34   

    Nao estou conseguindo plota o indicador no grafico, apresenta o seguinte erro (past bar volume data not received from the server yet) error:0

    há algo que possa fazer para eliminar esse erro??

    oliveira.leandro1981 2019.09.08 02:59 

    Muito bom.

    Emil Neumann
    Emil Neumann 2019.06.26 22:06 

    Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

    Maurício Ferrari
    Maurício Ferrari 2019.06.22 02:44 

    Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

    Samuel White
    Samuel White 2019.06.20 00:10 

    Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

    speron 2019.06.13 19:52   

    Boa tarde, instalei e ficou excelente. Parabéns pelos indicadores, show de bola! Gostaria de saber mais sobre os minions se possível.

    Thiago Costa
    Thiago Costa 2019.03.07 19:43 

    Ainda estando mas indicador muito bom...

    Seria possível incluir uma configuração para o parâmetro de reversão da onda ser o preço de fechamento e não apenas as máximas e mínimas?

    Paulo Moraes
    Paulo Moraes 2019.03.03 18:00 

    Ainda estou testando, mas me parece ser um bom indicador.

    Versão 1.4 2020.06.06
    :: Recompiled (obligatory by Metaquotes as of June,05,2020) to the new MT5 version 2485. Please let me know if anything weird happens...
    Versão 1.3 2020.05.15
    :: ADDED the ability to "break the wave" for tick Symbols less than 1 (decimals).