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Institucional Color Candle

Idea extracted from the books by Anna Coulling and Gavin Holmes using Volume and Spread Analysis (VSA) techniques coupled with Al Brooks' expertise with Price Action these candles are magical, identify the exact moment
  of the performance of the big players are acting in the market represented by the colors:

1) Red Candles we have an Ultra High activity,
2) Candles Orange we have a Very High Activity
3) Candles Yellow we have one High Activity
4) White Candles represent normal activity in the market
5) Blue Candles, market activity is very low without interest in the continuation of the movement here I fear we usually have the end of the wave of a pullbacks

Download <SmoothAlgorithms.mqh> and include in the include folders of your metatrader
Paulo Moraes
Paulo Moraes 2019.03.05 04:27 

Indico a todos que queiram comprar esta ferramenta, vale apena...eu diria que funciona igual ou melhor que o Satos Bar que tantos falam no famoso curso da internet.