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Leo Fibonacci

The indicator is designed for determining Fibonacci levels.

  • Does not repaint/redraw
  • The blue level shows the zero Fibonacci value (it is also the Pivot level)
  • Red levels show calculated Fibonacci levels (used as a rollback or reversal point)
  • Automatic period detection (periods can be entered manually)
  • Adjustable display calculation method.


  • BarsHistory - the number of bars to be used to display the indicator.
  • Method - method of calculation.
  • AutoPeriod - automated period calculation (true or false)
  • period - manual period specification.

Note: the manual period specification is active if AutoPeriod mode is set to false!

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Versão 2.1 2017.12.12
Added selection of the indicator display method.
Versão 2.0 2017.11.29
Fixed the display of the indicator on quotes with 4-3-2 decimal places.