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VR Alert MT5

The VR Alert indicator warns the trader about the price or any other indicator reaching a specified level.

The indicator has been developed as an assistant when you wait for a breakout of an important price level, which can take hours or even days.

With this indicator, you do not need to constantly monitor your terminal. The indicator alerts of a level breakdown or of the specified time using the selected method.

Monitoring charts for a prolonged time causes most traders to have "Blurred eyes".

This makes them miss really good signals while looking at their trading strategies, and, conversely, see their signals where there is nothing to see.

Advantages of the VR Alert indicator

  • Ability to monitor the breakout of both horizontal and inclined trend lines
  • Works with the price any other indicators, whether it is an indicator from the Market or from the Internet (the indicator should be written in accordance with the documentation and without errors)
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Levels can be dragged along the chart using the mouse
  • Highly customizable parameters and color scheme, presets are available
  • Any trading instruments and timeframes
  • It is possible to limit the indicator signals in time

The indicator has four notification systems in case the price or an indicator reaches the set values:

  • Color notification - the terminal chart will change its background color
  • Sound notification - the terminal will play a short melody attracting the attention of the trader
  • Notification to a mobile device - the indicator sends a push notification to the trader, specifying the name of the indicator and the instrument
  • Е-Mail message - the indicator sends an email to the trader, specifying the name of the indicator and the instrument


  1. Drag the indicator from the Market folder in the Navigator window to the chart.
  2. Set your indicators according to your trading system. VR Alert automatically detects new indicators and adds a control panel to them.
  3. To set a level for the upward breakout, press the up arrow key: a numeric input box will appear. The default value is 0, pick a buffer number to select a specific line. Depending on the way an indicator is written, the lines and arrows it draws can have different numbers (usually 0, but there are exceptions). There are indicators with several lines (for example, Bands). To select a specific line in the input box of the up arrow, enter the numbers 0, 1, 2 in turn. When entering each number, a line will automatically appear next to one of the three lines of the indicator. By selecting the desired line, you can stretch the signal level according to your rules.
  4. After setting all the lines, you can select the notification methods: audio file, blinking background, Push message, Email. Sound and blinking work until they are turned off, Push and Email are sent only once. (To send Push and Email messages, the terminal should be correctly configured)

Solved problems

Have you ever had a situation where you could not leave the terminal waiting a signal, while waiting for a signal from the indicators or a price level breakout took hours?

Perhaps you already have an excellent indicator that generates accurate signals, but you spend hours in from of the monitor waiting for them?

Maybe you have already tried to find ways to tie notifications to your indicators?

All these problems are solved by the VR Alert indicator, see the screenshots and video recorded by the author of the program.

Program Settings

  • Type Line - line type (simple horizontal line or a trend line)
  • Standard alert + message box - standard alert + message box - overrides the default melody.
  • Font Size - font size
  • X Position - X position of the menu
  • Y Position - Y position of the menu
  • Skins - color scheme
  • The background color of the button - button background color
  • Border color of the button - button frame color
  • The color of the button text - button text color
  • The color of the pressed button - pressed button color
  • The upper line color - upper line color
  • The color of the bottom line - lower line color
  • The color of the line time - time line color
  • Graph blinking color - chart blinking color
  • X - X coordinate of the "About" button
  • Y - Y coordinate of the "About" button

Other versions of the program

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5

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Versão 18.30 2018.03.08
Dragging lines. Previously, the lines could remain unmoved.
Versão 18.21 2018.03.02
The "Standard alert + message box" parameter enables the standard terminal alerts (displays the instrument, period and text).
The "X-axis position" parameter sets the position of the indicator buttons along the X axis.
The "Y-axis position" parameter sets the position of the indicator buttons along the Y axis.
Versão 18.11 2018.02.05
Fixing grammar mistake in the description.
Versão 18.10 2018.01.26
The program has been completely rewritten from scratch, read the new description.
Versão 17.70 2017.07.21
Fixed errors

Added two modes:
Trend By Angle - the line's angle relative to the first point remains intact.
Trend Line - the line's coordinates (price and time in both points) always remain intact.

When using Trend By Angle, the line always retains its preset angle when changing a period or a scale. In this case, the second end of the line always changes its price.

When using the second mode, a trader does not see the line angle. The line always retains its coordinates regardless of a scale or a period.

Added ability to extend the ray to the right (Ray Right = true).
Versão 17.60 2017.06.22
Changed - the size of buttons has been reduced.
Added - three buttons for turning lines on and off.
Added - font size setting.
Fixed behavior in case of change of settings. Now lines preserve their initial position.