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MT4 Drawer

Free demo version available here: MT4 Drawer Demo.

MT5 version available here: MT5 Drawer.

This tool allows you to draw on the chart using keyboard shortcuts. It also provides some custom drawing tools for your convenience.

You can configure 3 variants for each tool (6 for advanced patterns), which you will be able to choose from dashboard. There is also, a possibility to define up to 30 quick access keys that skips the dashboard step and goes straight to drawing.

Here are the list of supported tools:

  • Advanced Pattern - draws two triangles
  • Risk Reward - draws two rectangles and displays risk to reward ratio
  • Impulse move - draws colored line according to impulse move strength
  • Elliott Wave - draws multiple lines
  • Arrow
  • Triangle
  • Line
  • Ray
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Fibonacci Extension
  • Label - typable
  • Text - typable
  • Vertical Line
  • Horizontal Line
  • Channel
  • Trend By Angle
  • Linear Regression
  • Standard Deviation
  • Gann Line
  • Gann Fan
  • Gann Grid
  • Fibonacci Time Zones
  • Fibonacci Fan
  • Fibonacci Arcs
  • Fibonacci Channel
  • Andrews Pitchfork
  • Cycle Lines


MT4 drawer

  • Default snapping sensitivity (pixels) (default: 10) - If chart object point distance from high / low does not exceed this value, it snaps the point to that high / low. Each tool can have it's own sensitivity. If tool sensitivity is set to 0 - it uses this value.


  • Show dashboard key (default: D) - Keyboard key to show dashboard.
  • Dashboard driver (default: Label dashboard driver) - Dashboard driver to be used: comment or label.

Dashboard - Label driver

  • Title color (default: DarkSlateGray) - Dashboard title color
  • Text color (default: DimGray) - Dashboard text (tool name) color
  • Key text color (default: Red) - Dashboard text (binded key) color

Other parameters are used to define quick access keys, variant choosing keys, tool choosing keys and all available configuration (3 variants each) for each tool.

Additional notes

  • To cancel drawing press Escape key.
  • You can type on Label and Text tools before clicking on chart to save their position.
    • To toggle letter case (a/A), just click Shift key once (it acts as a caps lock).
    • To type a space use Ctrl (as Space key triggers MT4 search input).
    • You don't need to delete "Type text..." text. Just start typing.
  • When you choose a variant to draw, it will only appear on chart when mouse is first moved (due to MT4 limitations).
  • To clean up your dashboard, disable tool you don't use (set their key to "Disabled").

If you encounter any bugs or have a feature request, leave a comment.

Michael Tamilio
Michael Tamilio 2019.05.24 02:41 

This is how MT4 should have been made in the first place. Ernestas is a genius! Thank you for this fantastic drawing tool!

SpeedBug 2018.10.10 11:20 

This does everything you expect and more including a choice of mocca, perculated, instant, Milo, hot chocolate, Irish coffee, brown, white or carrot sugar, skim, full cream or goat's milk... your imagination is the limit. No need to search further, this is THE drawing tool for MT4. Exceptional, especially considering the cost.

4example 2018.02.10 23:31 

REALLY, REALLY amazing. Ernesto, you reinvented the way MT4 looks and behaves. These tools are a must for any trader. A big selection of tools with a developer that is more than interested to improve a work already exceptional.Not just 5 stars, a big portion of the sky!

4xhumble 2018.01.23 18:10   

New version more compatible for all traders, harmonics is never get easy before!

Oluseyi Elemosho
Oluseyi Elemosho 2018.01.04 18:29 

This has made my analysis on MT4 easy. I can now post trade setups easily adding pro features without stress. Thanks a lot for this Ernestas.

Versão 1.5 2018.12.12

* Remove chart objects on symbol change
Versão 1.4 2018.01.31

* Letters, ratios and connecting lines for Advanced Pattern tool
* Elliott Wave tool
* Extra fields to define Fibonacci levels (if one field is not enough)
* 10 extra quick access keys
Versão 1.3 2018.01.23

* Ability to dynamically set Fibonacci retracement and extension levels. Use , for separating levels and / if you want to give them a custom name.
* Ability to choose line style and size for these tools: advanced pattern, rectangle, risk reward, ellipse, triangle.


* Issues with setting different styles for Fibonacci retracement and extension levels.
Versão 1.2 2018.01.10

* Ability to setup up to 6 advanced patterns
* More levels for Fibonacci retracement
* 10 additional quick access keys
* Show pips for risk reward tool
Versão 1.1 2017.03.14
Added Impuls Move tool