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Netsrac Correlation Trader

Netsrac Correlation Trader (NCT) is a very powerful tool to trade positive and negative correlated currency pairs with hedged orders. 

1) It looks for positive and negative correlated pairs
2) It shows you a signal, if the correlated pairs are not in balance
3) It can "autotrade" some or all correlated pairs with your setting of time frames and signal-values (handle with care)
4) It can set the correct lot size to have pip value and daily range based optimal hedge trades
5) It can be your single tool to support your discretionary trading of correlations

You can use any time frame for the signal of the EA. Small time frames require more manual intervention than larger ones. The time frames from M30 are more suitable for automatic trading. I will gradually add more features that support both manual and automatic trading. You can use the " Netsrac Correlation Trade Indicator" to perfectly calibrate the EA.

If you have some questions or suggestions - please feel free to contact me. Read my blog entry to understand the settings in this EA!

Please note. This EA can not be backtested and the !DEMO IS USELESS! because it trades in a minimum of two assets at the same time (hedged orders).

If you don't know, If this expert is right for you - take advantage of the cheap testmonth. You will not regret. Alternatively, use the free DEMO, which can be found here (https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/38843).

Watch Video#1 (first start)
Watch Video#2 (how to operate the dashboard)
Watch Video#3 (trade handling)
Watch Video#4 (how the signal is generated)
Watch Video#5 (the scoring system)
Watch Video#6 (new in version 3)

A short explanation of basic concepts of this EA can be found herehttps://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/726798
A short explanation of the settings and setfiles can be found  herehttps://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/726866

Attention: If you do not know what a correlation is, you should not use the EA. This is a tool, not a holy grail! 

Paulus Nangoy
Paulus Nangoy 2020.05.22 11:35 

Great EA and superb support from author.

Cyberdude 2020.05.13 15:44 

For me an EA is good or bad and should therefore receive 5 star or 1 star. There is no half-good EA. Therefore, after trying this EA for a month, I find it actually useless and therefore only worth 1 star.

There are a number of reasons for this. To start, this EA as its developer repeats over and over, should not be used fully automatically. I tried that because someone commented that he had been very successful. My experience was quite the opposite. On automatic mode, several times the lot size was miscalculated. Sometimes tens of times bigger than it should be. Sometimes orders were created with 3 full lotsize instead of 0.02. I also discussed this with the developer. But actually no clear explanation for this. His response was that it shouldn't happen, but if it does, "clear" this or do that. But it happened again afterwards. In short, automatic trading with this is absolutely wrong and this EA is certainly not suitable for being used automatically. Don't even dare! To be honest, the developer himself says that several times.

Then it should only be used as a tool. That comes down to the trader's judgment to open or close a trade (=Discretionary trading). I tried that too, the funny thing was that it didn't matter at all whether I followed the advice of the EA or not. It was randomly right and wrong. In other words, even if you are not going to use it automatically, it will not help you. It is like an extra indicator on your chart. And of course just as helpful as a regular indicator.

Another reason (as many have already mentioned here) is that the panel occupies the entire chart and worse, it is too big for the chart with no possibility to shrink the panel. Developer's advice was to do positive and negative correlation separately. I did that too, but it remained unworkable. Then he said it is due to current market conditions! In any case, I find it very mediocre in terms of user experience.

These were the main reasons for my 1 star rating. There were also some bad user experience reasons, but I will leave that here.

For the record:

I used it every day for almost a whole month.

I have used different demo accounts with different settings, all of which can be found here and on the developers blog.

After a while I had to put the EA on 4 different charts and filter the correlations for that chart, otherwise I wouldn't be able to see the bottom half of the panel. But I kept an eye on all charts.

That's why I find this EA to be of no use. It shows some correlation numbers. So what? There are so many indicators (no EA) that show it much better. It randomly calculates wrong. You cannot put it on a chart. Ultimately, it's result/advice is nothing but flipping a coin.

Lucy 2020.05.07 12:30   

Still evaluating

Wichai Chomvijit
Wichai Chomvijit 2020.03.23 06:00 


Youtthana Thongma
Youtthana Thongma 2020.03.15 10:36 

Good system, easy to use.

With layouts that are easy to understand And good support

When start making profits, therefore ensuring Thanks to the development team

Sanjoy Banerjee
Sanjoy Banerjee 2020.02.20 16:41 

I would start by saying that if you know what is correlation trading, this EA is probably you would be looking for. It is so much feature rich, that you would be surprised that these things are even possible at the first place. I have been looking for this EA for quite some time, and had been trading manually. It was very tedious as this form of trading is statically driven, it requires lot of calculation on the fly and here this EA comes handy. The entry and exit is so much amazing as you can place one pair trade on one click. Finally as Carsten also mentioned in the description, if you know what is strategy behind you can go ahead with this.

I also want to give 5 stars to Carsten who has been a fantastic support to me when I was not able to make this EA work for some software issues on my computer.

Peiro Rahbari
Peiro Rahbari 2019.08.21 17:10 

I AM VERY HAPPY to find a power expert and fabulous and best author

Georgios B.
Georgios B. 2019.08.10 11:58 

Seems nice product. Author is great and supportive. Will re-evaluate later if needed.

Andrea Connelly
Andrea Connelly 2019.07.05 08:16 

Thank-you Carsten, will be renewing the EA next week 🙏

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2019.05.29 01:58 

I really like correlation trading, and this EA is a great tool. The interface is well thought out and easy to use, and Carsten is quick to respond to questions and rectify problems. So far, positive results on my live account.

バージョン 4.0 2020.06.24
- Fixed: load configuration function
- Added: new strategy "2leg correlation trading"
- Added: trailing stop with PSR/ATR
- Added: enter prefix/suffix
- Added: "fuzzy logic" - let trades open only when the signal turns in the right direction
- Added: Additional filters for trade entries - Stochastics, Stochastics Zones, ADX, EMA(50)
- Added: Maximum lot size to better control lot size calculations
- Added: function to close at opposite filter signal

This is the last major feature update for the MT4 version. I will now work more intensively on the MT5 version to enable valid backtests for automatic trading. Until then, the Correlation Trader remains a tool for the experienced trader - it's not an "I work a few weeks, but cost thousands of $" EA - like so many here in the market. Please keep this in mind BEFORE you give a rating.
バージョン 3.20 2020.01.22
* it is possible to enter the pairs yourself. So you can trade any combination you like.
* some approvements (e.g. tooltip with profit per side and count of trades)
* some additional features, wished by users (old set files are still valid)
バージョン 3.10 2019.12.18
- the EA now can save and load a file to prevent loss of trades after restarting
- two new strategies let the EA become a complete trading system
- a lot of improvements in money management and GUI
- much more ...
バージョン 3.0 2019.11.20
- Many new features. Please watch the video for version 3 and the blogs for the EA.
バージョン 2.0 2019.08.23
Main work was on the money-management functions. Thanks to all users/customers, who gave useful tips to improve this section. Please read the updated blog entry.

- set an individual sl/tp in pips for every single trade
- option to prevent trading the same asset again
- Trade management „Averaging“ added (positions in the same direction of the bad pair can be added in defined steps)
- Trade management „Reappraisal“ added (positions in the opposite direction of the bad pair can be added in defined steps)
- Options for money management can now be set in pips too
バージョン 1.50 2019.07.09
- automatic recalculation possible at a defined time
- the scoring system is now ready for public release. The calculation method is still under development! Your feedback is very appreciated!
- two trading modes with the scoring system added. "trade only the strongest pair" or "trade both pairs only, if both are strong". use these modes only in demo at the moment!
- for all users, who have huge display modes i have added a new "UHD layout"
- some performance optimizations
バージョン 1.40 2019.06.24
- added virtual stop loss and take profit for correlated pairs
- virtual stop loss and take profit can be entered in equity or percent of equity
- first version of a "trade-score"
- lock profit at a specific level (never again make a winner a loser)
バージョン 1.30 2019.06.11
- You can now specify a maximum value for the correlation.
- Fixed: Calculation of the active and inactive time overnight now works as expected.
バージョン 1.20 2019.06.04
- Fix: Position of Charts now persistent after MT4 is restarted
- Fix: Alerts generated now only in (active time)
- Button added to enable/disable "auto trade" on all correlated pairs with one click
- Improvements in Signal-Algorithm to better support full "auto trade"
バージョン 1.10 2019.05.28
- Button for Autotrade can have a different color
- Fix: Number of found correlations can be limited
- Fix: Recalculate only possible if no more trades are open
- Fix: Font size on buttons now customizable