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This is a very powerful indicator that provides a mix of three running totals of linear weighted returns. Each one is similar to a specific mode of ReturnAutoScale indicator.

The result is a scaled superposition of three integrated and difference-stationary time series, each for different trading strategy. Indicator displays three lines:

  • yellow - slow market returns, corresponds to mode 0 in ReturnAutoScale;
  • blue - medium market returns, corresponds to mode 1 in ReturnAutoScale;
  • red - fast market returns, corresponds to mode 2 in ReturnAutoScale; 

Two trading strategies are possible:

  1. conservative - buy when medium-term line is over long-term line, sell when medium-term is below long-term line;
  2. risky - buy when short-term line is over medium-term line, sell when short-term is below medium-term (make sure there is no global trend).


  • period - number of bars to use for linear weighted calculation; default value - 96;
  • smoothing - period for EMA; default value - 5;
  • price - price type to use; default value - open.
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