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The main idea of this indicator is rates analysis and prediction by Fourier transform. Indicator decomposes exchange rates into main harmonics and calculates their product in future.

You may use the indicator as a standalone product, but for better prediction accuracy there is another related indicator - FreqoMaster - which uses FreqoMeterForecast as a backend engine and combines several instances of FreqoMeterForecast for different frequency bands.


  • iPeriod - number of bars in the main period of analysis; it's used for other 7 harmonics calculations - overall, 8 frequencies will fit given timeseries; by default - 30;
  • iStartFrom - number of bar, where analysis starts (to the left, on the history) and where prediction starts (to the right); by-default - 0;
  • iWindowSize - number of bars that form a window to show frequency decomposition; by default - 200;
  • iForecast - number of bars to forecast; by default - 100; if it's larger than iPeriod, then iPeriod is used instead;
  • ShowSum - enable/disable output of harmonics sum; by default - true; if enabled, red bold line is used for the sum;
  • ShowTrend - enable/disable trend correction; by default - true;
  • EMAPeriod - period for smoothing; by default - 5;
  • PriceType - price type to use; by default - 0 (close);

The indicator works bar by bar, no ticks processing. It will redraw on every new bar, this is by design.

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Versión 1.1 2015.12.01
The error "array out of range" has been fixed.