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This indicator shows price changes for the same days in past years. D1 timeframe is required.

This is a predictor indicator that finds D1 bars for the same days in past 8 years and shows their relative price changes on the current chart.


  • LookForward - number of days (bars) to show "future" price changes; default is 5;
  • Offset - number of days (bars) to shift back in history; default is 0;
  • ShowAverage - mode switch; true - show mean value for all 8 years and deviation bounds; false - show 8 past years price changes themselves; default is true;
  • PriceType - price type to use; default is Open;
  • Color - base color for lines; recent years are shown in bright, old years are faded;

The indicator works bar by bar - no ticks processing.

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Versión 1.2 2015.10.21
The former limitation of supported timeframes has been made less restrictive: in addition to D1 (daily), one can use the indicator on W1 (weekly) and MN (monthly) timeframes now.
Versión 1.1 2015.04.22
- New parameter Type is added. It allows you to choose different periods for quotes comparison on history: yearly, quarterly, monthly; by default it is yearly, which is the same as in version 1.0; you may place 3 instances of the indicator on the same chart in order to see trends in different time scales;
- When yearly scale is chosen, lines' width is 3, for quarterly it is 2, and for mothly it is 1;
- Number of displayed buffers and historical time series for comparison is increased to 10;
- New parameter (Period) is added to smooth quotes; by default it is set to 1 (no smoothing), which is the same as in the version 1.0;
- LookForward parameter now has new default value of 10;
- A calculation error in case of missing old data is fixed.