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Symbol Auto Changer PRO MT5

SymbolAutoChanger PRO MT5


There is also version for MetaTreader4

This tool allows you to automatically change the chart symbols in a row.



You need only to set up interval in seconds between auto switch.

Also, you can choose whether to switch between all symbols provided by your broker or only between symbols available in the Market Watch window.

PRO version  has following featuters:

Next button

Previous button

Pause/Continue botton

With this extra functionallity you can switch between symbols not only automatically but also manually. 


Now you can FILTER symbols. Let's say you want see only those charts where in pairs is EUR.  For that just enter into input parameters "eur". After that SymbolAutoChanger will do the job. EURUSD -> EURJPY -> EURGBP -> BTCEUR

Input parameters

  • TimeInterval - value in seconds when next symbol appears on chart.
  • UseAllSymbols - choice to show all symbols that you have from broker or only show symbols in Market Watch window (true - show all symbols provided by you broker).
  • AddPauseButton - true to add "pause" button or false to remove button.
  • AddPrevButton - true to add "previous" button or false to remove button.
  • AddNextButton - true to add "next" button or false to remove button.
  • SymbolNameFilter - any text by which you want to filter symbols
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