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Attention!!! Do not try to test an Indicator in Tester, this is very difficult and mathematical calculation will consume all your Memory of computer. Test can be provide only on high performance computers. In Forward trading Indicator run without any problems. Better is rent product and test this calculation.

After buy this indicator - BOILERMAKER, we will give for FREE our another indicator - Keltner MTF , contact us - after buy. PLEASE ONLY BUY LIFETIME LICENSE NO RENT!!!

We add on MQL market - Boilermaker UTILITY, for assist with your trades.... after open. https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38827#!tab=tab_p_overview

Watch VIDEO how it works: https://youtu.be/zAzdS0X7m34

BOILERMAKER is a unique authoring system that includes in its code:

- Several author indicators (CYCLE & POWER Detector and Keltner Channel)

- Visual arrows that indicate the direction in which deals must be made.

- PUSH and e-mail notifications that will inform you in time about the emergence of new trading opportunities.

All this is combined in one indicator code on the basis of a ready-made trading system and can become your reliable tool for effective trading.


How it works?

Block CYCLE & POWER Detector - analyzes market cycles and market power as an oscillator line in a separate window. This indicator block shows us the beginning and end of the price movement waves in the form of arrows of the corresponding directivity.

Block Keltner Channel - reveals the boundaries of the price channel, local overbought / oversold zones and moments of trend reversal. This block acts as a filter that helps weed out the unprofitable oscillator signals of the CYCLE & POWER Detector. Also, the Keltner Channel defines the main trading objectives: where to install Take Profit and Stop Loss.


BOILERMAKER will very accurately identify the moment of the beginning of the price reversal, show you in the form of an arrow the moment when it is best to open and close the deals and send a PUSH or e-mail notification about the occurrence of trading opportunities to your smartphone.

IMPORTANT: BOILERMAKER works on any timeframe and any asset. You can use this indicator for intraday scalping in the Forex market or for medium-term speculation in the stock market. With the indicator BOILERMAKER you get very ample opportunities for trading in any market!

For more information about how to use the indicator, you can find on this link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eBGgqiNoJIavjkwI0OtXGxKqO31NJm07/view?usp=sharing

Pavel Khan
Pavel Khan 2019.06.05 13:26 

Just got boilermaker and free keltner. Instant support, indicator looks very promising and easy to use. Hope it will help me to earn couple extra pips. Thank you!

bosse48 2019.06.04 23:32 

Simple and elegant. Easy to spot good trading setups. Fast and thorough support.

rizzi d.
rizzi d. 2019.05.31 22:37 

At the Moment 5 Stars for the fast and very nice support . I will update it in few weeks.

Anton Garbar
Anton Garbar 2019.05.31 19:33 

5 stars for the support of the author and a free indicator, I’ll update my review in a couple of weeks considering its profitability



Five deals, all at a loss, I'm out

Saowanee Kawee
Saowanee Kawee 2019.05.27 17:15 

Great indicator and support, today I already got profit!

Jian Peng
Jian Peng 2019.05.24 03:50 

Very helpful indicator!It's accuracy is awful.I have had 2 successful trades this week.

Uwe Schubert
Uwe Schubert 2019.05.23 22:23 

I bought the indicator and asked for the free Keltner Channel. I received an answer, assistance, photos to explain and the indicator within less than 2 minutes - excellent! Hope the indicator will deliver the same trading results than the support does. Good job!

Scott Penner
Scott Penner 2019.05.23 15:07 

Excellent support. I am looking forward to using this tool to augment my trading

Alex Chua
Alex Chua 2019.05.23 14:38 

5 stars review for now due to the author really as promised give me the bonus indicator Kaltner MTF :)

I'll test it out the performance now :)

update review 24/05/2019

still giving 5 stars due to super fast response from author and he is super helpful!such a greater support!!will update the performance for this stuff after test for one week :)

update review 28/05/2019 :

Really good indicator! awesome ! i tested it on demo account and just set it for 10pips TP and get best result!

i'm prepare for VPS and going to try on my live account soon!

Tim Rijnbeek
Tim Rijnbeek 2019.05.23 08:35 

For now this Indicator made me some money allready!

Very helpfull and responding author !

Ill rate some more after more trading and testing

For now 5/5 stars because of it looks promising and support

Vaithianathan Sreeram
Vaithianathan Sreeram 2019.05.21 14:34 

One of the best tools before entering a trde, testing in indian markets, sounds very good...

Dr Waleed Mahdy
Dr Waleed Mahdy 2019.05.17 20:50 

i see there is cool one

get notification in good situation


i added my exper. about this indicator

you must know what about your entery

better to work with reverse signal only not working eith over bought and over solid

and all time frame is good

but the best is 1h and 4h

other you must added sell limit and buy limit

is better to get good profit with sl 60pip

i waiting the update but till now i see there is cool indicator if you catch what he is doing

thanks for all and have a nice game...

kwglin 2019.05.17 08:19 


Paulus Nangoy
Paulus Nangoy 2019.05.16 14:45 

Great indicator and support from the author! thank you very much!

mxp1 2019.05.15 23:57 

Professional tool

Gdamjb 2019.05.15 16:46 

Good and helpful tools by Algoritmic Capital.

Ted NO FX 2019.05.15 11:34 

Very Bad indicator and its repaint.. not making profits with it..