Performance implications of multiple chart object updating indicators on a chart


I'm new to MQL5/programming so forgive me in advance: In the process of modifying a clock indicator that gets updated in OnTimer() I found that I needed to do a ChartRedraw() in order to make sure it visually updated the label chart object in a timely manner.

This got me to thinking... if there's a chart with many indicators that each are constantly updating chart object properties, such as labels, is it possible that a lot of CPU resources are wasted having many indicators invoking chart redraws at close to the same time, rather than funneling all those redraw requests through a single timer/event? Or does MT5 already have some kind of gating mechanism?

Additionally, if the chart has hundreds of different objects visible, and even just 1 object is being modified, will ChartRedraw() end up using an equivalent amount of CPU as if all the objects were modified?

Yashar Seyyedin  
ible that a lot of CPU re

OnTimer only works for EAs not indicators.